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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to National Drink Beer Day!

Today is for drinking beer! Beer making can be traced to about 6,000 years ago in ancient Sumeria. At that time, beer was cloudy because of lack of filtering, and it was drunk through a straw. By 2000 BCE, the Babylonians were brewing 20 types of beer. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans made beer, although wine became much more popular with the Romans—they considered beer to be the drink of the Barbarians and it was only popular on the edges of the Empire. Germanic groups were brewing beer by 800 BCE.

SU News

Shrader gets one more chance to slay Clemson: ‘Whatever it takes to win, you’ve got to’ (PS; Carlson)

When the Syracuse football team faced Clemson last season, the Orange ran 54 plays.

Garrett Shrader threw 26 passes and rushed 21 times. There were just seven plays where the do-it-all quarterback wasn’t the primary playmaker.

In the biggest game of the year, the Orange hoisted the game onto Shrader’s shoulders. Syracuse fell painfully short. The effort extracted a tremendous toll.

“I was really beat up and I was surprised I was still in there,” Shrader said. “If I could have ran, it would have definitely been a different story.”

Clemson’s physicality, however, had robbed Shrader of his ability to run, inflicting injuries that would hamper him as Syracuse went 1-6 over its final seven games.

Last year marked the second time a Shrader-led team had fallen one score short against the Tigers, leaving a box unchecked that could allow him to cement his place among the school’s all-time great quarterbacks.

The Tigers come to town again on Saturday, a weakened version of the program that has set the standard in the ACC for the past decade.

Still, a win would reverberate for years at a school like Syracuse, which is seeking to become just the fourth program to have beaten the Tigers twice since their first College Football Playoff appearance during the 2015 season. That list includes Alabama, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh.

“They’re still a championship-caliber team,” Syracuse football coach Dino Babers said. “They were six or 12 inches from winning last week. They beat [Florida State] in every statistical category. They beat Duke statistically in every category. This is what they are. They are a championship, big-time, football team.”

With 15 seconds left in a game Clemson would go on to win 27-21, Shrader’s final pass was intercepted at the 15-yard line. He wouldn’t recover physically the rest of the season.

What Swinney said about Syracuse: Shrader 'can create time' (PS; $; Leiker)

Syracuse football hosts Clemson at noon Saturday in the JMA Wireless Dome.

Orange coach Dino Babers said Monday during his press conference that SU has “exactly the right attitude” ahead of the game and also spoke briefly about Tigers quarterback Cade Klubnik and running back Will Shipley.

In previewing the matchup from his perspective Tuesday, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney talked primarily of one player: Syracuse QB Garrett Shrader.

“This kid is an exceptional player. Got a lot of respect for him,” Swinney said of Shrader. “Kind of everything goes through him.”

Swinney also briefly referenced “long guys out on the edge” Damien Alford and Umari Hatcher by their numbers during his opening statement.

Here’s what Swinney said about Syracuse. His Tuesday press conference can be viewed in its entirety here.

On QB Garrett Shrader

“He’s a big, strong kid, and he’s just got a great feel. He’s fast. He’s faster than he is quick, but yet he’s very elusive. He’s just kind of slippery in the pocket, even though he’s not a quick-twitch guy, but you let him get outside, he’s gone. I mean, he can really, really run. But he’s just got a good feel for stepping up, pushing out one way or another.”

ORANGE ZONE: Clemson at Syracuse Preview! (; podcast; Orange Zone)

Let the countdown to kickoff begin. Syracuse football is just days away from opening ACC play at home against Clemson and if there's one thing we know it's that this one means a little bit more to every Orange fan.

D.O. Sportscast: Will Syracuse defeat Clemson for the 1st time since 2017? (DO; podcast; Staff)

This episode of the D.O. Sportscast, hosted by Connor Smith, gives listeners a preview to Syracuse’s matchup against Clemson. Beat writers Anthony Alandt, Henry O’Brien and Wyatt Miller break down if the Orange can defeat the Tigers after losing their last two matchups by a combined nine points.

Connor Smith is the host and editorial director. Sean Jordan is the producer.

Tim Bourret "The 315" 9-27-23 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Clemson Radio Analyst Tim Bourret Joins Brian to talk the upcoming Syracuse-Clemson matchup, Joe Girard’s first time playing against ‘Cuse, The Ryder Cup and more.

Enrique Cruz "The 315" 9-27-23 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Syracuse R-So offensive lineman Enrique Cruz joined Brian for this week’s Two Minute Drill. Enrique talked about everything from his favorite Halloween costume to his favorite Babers saying.

KNOCKOUT CORNER: Tackling has always been Isaiah Johnson's top priority (DO; Miller)

Isaiah Johnson loves making big hits. To him, tackling is “the purest form of football.”

In his first start for Syracuse, he sought contact immediately. When Clemson’s Joseph Ngata caught a pass on a post route, Johnson looped around his backside. After Ngata slipped a few tackles, Johnson lifted the 6-foot-3, 215-lb receiver off his feet and slammed him to the ground.

Minutes earlier, Johnson combined with Caleb Okechukwu to stick running back Will Shipley short of the first down marker and bring up third down. Johnson thrusted his shoulder into the running back’s stomach to halt his progress. After two brutal open-field tackles, Clemson stopped running the ball his way.

“I like to say I’m a pure football player at the end of the day,” Johnson said. “(It’s) about being more physical, making sure I set the tone every time I get a chance to hit a person with the ball, making sure he feels that.”

Johnson finished with season-highs in solo tackles (six) and total tackles (nine) in the six-point loss to No. 5 Clemson. He only started that game because Garrett Williams went down the previous weekend. On Saturday, Johnson faces the Tigers again. But now, he’s Syracuse’s No. 1 cornerback.

Tackling has always been Johnson’s first priority. It’s a skill cornerbacks often take for granted, and Johnson said excelling as a tackler is a source of pride for him. Through four games in 2023, he has the 15th-best tackling grade in the nation for a cornerback (85.9), according to Pro Football Focus.

SMOOTH OPERATOR: Donovan Brown's lively, energetic presence translates into career year with Syracuse (DO; Alandt)

Donovan Brown is the last guy Makhi Walker wanted in front of a camera. He’s goofy, with an off-the-cuff sense of humor, and can’t help but say everything that comes to his mind. So, when a local reporter requested a postgame interview with a player at Quince Orchard (Md.) High School, Walker shook his head and laughed.

Quince Orchard entered its contest against Northwest, a team that starred many of Brown’s childhood friends, as underdogs. That summer, Brown said he and the Northwest players started talking back and forth about the upcoming matchup. Brown even posted a Madden score against one of his friends from Northwest on Instagram and said “I just beat one of my friends in Madden, and he’d never beat me in real life in football.”

Brown, a Syracuse commit by then, kickstarted the scoring against Northwest with a 41-yard rushing touchdown. He broke through the middle, shook one man, stiff-armed another and took off, looking at the crowd while yelling “we back.” Quince Orchard pulled off an unfathomably comfortable 31-0 victory. After the win, Brown snatched the microphone and leaned into the camera.

“Y’all forgot. It’s Q.O., stop trippin,” Brown said.

Syracuse’s second-year wide receiver is one of the most energetic players wherever he goes. At Quince Orchard, Brown helped lead the Cougars to a 14-0 season and a MPSSAA 4A State Championship. As a track athlete, his state championship junior season attracted recruiters, leading him to sign with Syracuse. His quick-wit and light-hearted approach to sports stood out among his teammates. Now, on an SU team scrambling for a standout receiver after losing Oronde Gadsden II, Brown is primed to take over.
... (SI; Crawford)

Noted hip-hop poet laureate Robert Williams starts off arguably his greatest track, the 2012 smash hit “Dreams and Nightmares,” with a simple, yet provocative inquiry.

“Ain’t this what they been waitin’ for?”

“You ready?”

Yes, Meek, this is, in fact, what we have been waiting for, and we are ready. Clemson, seemingly more vulnerable than any other iteration we’ve seen in the Dabo Swinney era, is set to take a swing at the Orange this Saturday. Goliath looks battered and bruised, and David has eaten his veggies with his slingshot locked and loaded. For the matchup on Saturday, I see a few key matchups determining the outcome of this game, and I am here to share those battles you need to have your eyes on. Just because I am a nice guy and I care about your football viewing experience.

Donovan Brown or Damein Alford vs. CB Jeadyn Lukas

This one is almost entirely determinant to the health of Clemson’s star CB, Nate Wiggins, who suffered a lower left leg injury in the last seconds of regulation in Clemson’s matchup with Florida State last week. Dabo Swinney gave somewhat hopeful news for Wiggins after he could not put any pressure on that left leg coming off the field, saying he’s considered day-to-day and seems to have avoided any ligament damage. Wiggins is a certifiable 1st round talent who allowed 0 catches on five targets, going against arguably the most talented WR duo in the country in Johnny Wilson and Keon Coleman. In short, if the 6’2 junior from Atlanta is out there, it’ll be a long day for Dame. Alford would have to maximize his huge frame and catch radius in ways we haven’t seen him consistently yet against a corner uniquely built to minimize those specific strengths. It would be vital for WR2 Donovan Brown to consistently win in the slot and on the outside against Sheridan Jones, Clemson’s other starting corner, and the backup Lukas, both decidedly less impressive than Wiggins, but can hold up in limited snaps.

Syracuse Football: Orange has feasible, reasonable path to 8 or 9 victories (itlh; Adler)

Unless things completely unravel, I feel pretty confident in stating that Syracuse football is going to make a bowl game this season, which would give the Orange back-to-back bowl appearances, an encouraging sign for the program.

The ‘Cuse sits at 4-0, with a brutal three-game stretch coming up. Over those three contests, as Syracuse football enters Atlantic Coast Conference competition, the Orange will host Clemson then go on the road to battle top-20 North Carolina and then top-five Florida State.

A stanza ago, the ‘Cuse raced out to a 6-0 start, only to falter a bit down the stretch. The team would finish at 7-6 overall in 2022, including a loss in its bowl game.

In the current term, I don’t necessarily think the Orange is going to get to 6-0, but based on the 2023 docket, I also don’t believe Syracuse football is going to go 1-6 over its final seven encounters.

In fact, and I always acknowledge my bias as a ‘Cuse alumnus, but I truly envision a reasonable path for the Orange to reach eight or even nine regular-season triumphs before a post-season contest.

Syracuse head coach Dino Babers believes Clemson is still a 'championship-caliber team' (usatoday; Turri)

As many know, it has been an underwhelming start to the 2023 college football season for Dabo Swinney and the Tigers.

Clemson (2-2, 0-2 ACC) has suffered two losses on the season, with both coming in the conference. In week 1, the Tigers fell 28-7 to Duke in a shocking upset, and in Week 4, the team failed to take advantage of a big opportunity, losing to Florida State 31-24 in overtime.

Two losses sting, but the way they lost both games makes it worse. Clemson dominated the box score against both teams, but it wasn’t enough for the Tigers to win either game.

Week 5 awaits a matchup against an undefeated Syracuse team, with head and Orange head coach Dino Babers thinking very highly of the Tigers. During his press conference earlier this week, Babers stated how he believes Clemson is still a championship-caliber team.

“I think they’re (Clemson) still a championship-caliber team,” said the Syracuse head coach. “They were six or twelve inches from winning their game this week (against FSU); beat them in every statistical category. They beat Duke in every statistical category… This is what they are. This is a championship, big-time football team coming in.”

I’ve always been a fan of Babers, and reasons like this are why I consider him one of the better coaches in college football. Reading many people’s work from the Duke and Florida State games, it felt like many people didn’t watch the games, but rather reacted to the score and spewed.

Babers can clearly identify how talented this team is and what they bring to the table when playing against them. When this Clemson team puts things together, they are as dangerous as they come.

Week 5 should be a good battle.

Syracuse football looks to take down Clemson (; video; Finneral)

247Sports' James Finneral previews the week five matchup between Clemson and Syracuse.

Clemson at Syracuse Week 5 2023 college Football Pick and Prediction | ALL Access Big Al (youtube; podcastl Big Al)

Clemson at Syracuse Week 5 2023 college Football Pick and Prediction | ALL Access Big Al

Advanced Outlook: Clemson-Syracuse projections (; Rink)

Clemson’s 2023 season has been a test in the correlation of successful stats to the most critical category in the end: the win-loss record.
Several numbers show the Tigers at 2-2 being a better team than this week’s opponent in the JMA Wireless Dome, 4-0 Syracuse (noon/ABC).
But there are certainly those that show why Clemson is no longer a Top 25 team anywhere.
Taking a closer look at how the teams compare:

Efficiency rankings: Offense | Defense | Special teams

CU SP+ ranks ($) (16 overall): 21 | 16 | 82

SU SP+ ranks (30): 34 | 26 | 24
CU FEI ranks (18): 33 | 6 | 120
SU FEI ranks (30): 28 | 36 | 95
CU FPI ranks (17): 73 | 7 | 130

SU FPI ranks (20): 18 | 14 | 99

Special teams continue to not be very special for the Tigers (111th on average among the metrics), but Clemson faces a Syracuse team that has its lower ratings there, too (No. 99 with FPI; No. 95 with FEI).
Not weighed down like stats such as scoring defense with extra factors, Clemson’s defenders are rated as high as No. 6 nationally, and it meets an Orange offense that’s a unanimous Top 35 unit and ranked as high as No. 18 (FPI). More on the player that makes that group go down further in this piece.
Outside of the outlier in ESPN’s FPI rank for Clemson’s offense (73), the teams are pretty even on the matchup, with Syracuse holding a mark as high as No. 14 defensively.

Three Syracuse players to watch

1. QB Garrett Shrader
Shrader’s ability to hurt you on the ground and through the air as a savvy vet has been on full display this season. In the running game, Shrader (6-4 225) has graded well (79.1 with PFF) with 8.1 yards per carry and six touchdowns. He had 111 yards after contact in the 35-20 win at Purdue. Against the blitz, Shrader grades at 92.2 (PFF) with a 64.3 completion rate and 10.5 yards per attempt. Under pressure, he’s averaging 12.9 yards per attempt, but that’s only been 26.7% of his dropbacks this season. “Kept clean,” Shrader has connected on 71% of his throws at 8.5 yards per attempt with four touchdowns to two interceptions. He had a near-identical ratio last season there, but he has improved against pressure, where he only averaged 5.7 yards per pass in that situation in 2022.

He posted his third-best offensive grade of last season versus Clemson (90.2), which was a dramatic improvement from his first try versus the Tigers in the Dome two years ago (43.5 grade).
2. CB Isaiah Johnson
In the 3-3-5 scheme, Johnson is the second-highest graded Orange defender (81.5), lauded for his ability not only in coverage (80 grade) but also against the run (82.3; second-best on Syracuse). He has allowed 10.4 yards per reception with eight catches on him in 14 targets. The Tigers found him for four receptions in four targets his way for 43 yards, grading sub-50 in coverage (49.3).
3. S Alijah Clark
Clark paces the Orange in coverage grade (83.4) with only 4.9 yards allowed per catch on him this season. He also leads Syracuse in tackling grade (86.2)

Misc. Clemson stat of the week

In Power 5 games last week, only Notre Dame (hosting Ohio State), Wake Forest (hosting Georgia Tech) and Michigan State (hosting Maryland) had better net success rates than their opponent (amount of successful plays on offense against successful plays allowed on defense) in defeat than Clemson in the 31-24 overtime loss to Top 5 Florida State. As you might expect, it's not typical to lose and have a better net success rate, with Clemson's result among 10 significant edges that way and one of five for Power 5 games.
Did We Really Get Beat that Bad?

Net Success Rates in Week 4

— parker fleming (@statsowar) September 25, 2023


Clemson -6.5; 53.5 over/under.

Metrics predictions

SP+ projection: Clemson 27-25 (55% Clemson projection)
ESPN FPI: 55.1% Syracuse projection
FEI: Clemson 23-21 (55.2% Clemson projection)


— parker fleming (@statsowar) September 26, 2023
Analysis: The trend in the metric picks is that this’ll be a close one, with ESPN’s FPI being in Syracuse’s camp and others picking the reigning ACC champs and winners of five-straight in the series and 9-of-10 since the Orange moved to the ACC. Clemson has had years where it hits its groove and does well on the road, and there have been seasons (2021, most prominently) where the road ACC slate was a struggle. Maybe the turnover luck turns in Clemson’s favor, and the offense keeps clicking. Maybe Syracuse harnesses the home-field advantage with some bright spots on both sides of the ball to really challenge for this one.

5 Things to Know: Syracuse vs. Clemson - Syracuse University Athletics (

Syracuse opens ACC play on Saturday in the JMA Dome when Clemson visits the Loud House. Here's five things to know about this weekend's marquee matchup.

Tickets are still available for the highly anticipated matchup – the last home game for over a month – at

Syracuse Athletics has dubbed Syracuse's game vs. the Tigers as an Orange Out, meaning all fans are encouraged to sport their orange apparel when visiting the Dome this weekend.

While Syracuse fans have plenty of orange in their wardrobe, there's always room for more. Syracuse Athletics held a fan design contest for official Orange Out t-shirts. Sarah F., a student in Syracuse University's School of Architecture, won this year's contest with the below design. The shirts are available for purchase online at and at the campus store, located in the Schine Student Center.

Congrats to our Orange Out T-Shirt Design Contest winner, Sarah F!

Get your official #OrangeOut shirt for the @CuseFootball game vs. Clemson on 9/30 at the SU Campus Store: 2023 Orange Out Tee
— Syracuse Athletics (@Cuse) September 21, 2023



Syracuse adds commitment from Buffalo-area DB/WR Ja'Meer Thomas (PS; $; Leiker)

Syracuse football added a multi-position athlete from the Buffalo, New York, area to its 2024 class last week.

Ja’Meer Thomas verbally committed to the Orange on Sept. 21, his head coach at Bennett High School confirmed via email. Thomas plays both defensive back and wide receiver.

The Buffalo News was the first to report the news. Thomas has not posted about his commitment on social media.

Syracuse offered Thomas on Sept. 19 shortly after he’d made a visit to campus. While visiting, he got to catch up with former teammate Rashard Perry, now a defensive lineman and fullback for the Orange, according to The Buffalo News.

Syracuse football: the Orange secondary has gotten off to a great start (TNIAAM; Wall)

Heading into the 2023 season, the Syracuse Orange secondary was viewed as an area of concern by many fans.

The departures of Garrett Williams, Deuce Chestnut and Ja’Had Carter left a lot of talent to fill and through four games, several players have stepped into those roles. According to the Pro Football Focus grades, Syracuse’s top starters on the defense are Isaiah Johnson (81.5), Alijah Clark (80.8), Jeremiah Wilson (78.8) and Justin Barron (76.5).

Johnson, Clark and Wilson all grade above 80 in coverage through the first quarter of the season and have allowed Rocky Long to deploy his 3-3-5 in some tighter coverages. With Johnson and Wilson playing a lot of man, the Orange safeties are able to focus on the middle of the field which has been a problem point in years past.

Syracuse Football: Clemson vs. Syracuse prediction, odds, spread and over/under for college football week 5 (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse football wrapped up its 2023 non-conference docket at 4-0 after storming back against Army on the Hill last weekend to win by 13 points, and now the Orange gets ready for Atlantic Coast Conference competition and a daunting three-game stretch lurking on the horizon.

This Saturday afternoon, hopefully before a large and loud JMA Wireless Dome crowd, the ‘Cuse will host Clemson in an ACC showdown.

This past Saturday, the Tigers fell at home to top-five Florida State, 31-24 in overtime. That outcome dropped Clemson to 2-2 so far in the 2023 season, and the Tigers are all but eliminated from College Football Playoff contention. In early September, Duke beat Clemson by 21 points in the season opener.

For the Orange, it found itself down by seven points this past Saturday afternoon in Central New York to an Army team that dominated the ‘Cuse in the game’s first 30 minutes. However, in the second half, Syracuse football made nice adjustments on both offense and defense, and the Orange came away with a 29-16 victory.

In the latest top-25 polls, the ‘Cuse is receiving more votes, and if it can defeat Clemson, that may propel the Orange into the top-25 rankings. But as I noted in a column on Monday, Syracuse football just needs to focus on the Tigers. The national ratings will come if the ‘Cuse takes care of business.

Clemson vs. Syracuse odds, spread and total

When I wrote this article, FanDuel had the Orange as a 6.5-point betting underdog at home versus the Tigers, with the over/under set at 52.5 points.

Clemson vs. Syracuse how to watch

Date: Saturday, Sept. 30
Game Time: 12 pm
Venue: JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse, N.Y.
TV/Streaming: ABC and fuboTV
Clemson’s record: 2-2
Syracuse’s record: 4-0
Syracuse’s full 2023 schedule: Click here
... (SI; Parks)

Coming off its second loss of the season, a close overtime battle against rival Florida State, now Clemson hits the road in another ACC conference clash against an undefeated Syracuse in college football's Week 5 action on Saturday.

Rankings: AP | Coaches | ESPN

What can we expect when things kick off? Let's check in on how the SP+ prediction model devised by ESPN analyst Bill Connelly projects the matchup, along with the latest betting information for the Week 5 game.

Clemson vs. Syracuse predictions

Clemson vs. Syracuse picks, predictions
USA Today Images
Score prediction: The models are sticking with Clemson to avoid falling under .500, projected to defeat Syracuse by a score of 27 to 25, by a close projected margin of 2.0 points, and with an overall win probability of 55 percent in the game.

Point spread: Clemson comes into Saturday's game as 6.5 point favorites against Syracuse, according to the lines at SI , which set the total at 53.5 points for the matchup. If you're using this projection to bet on the game, you should take Syracuse +6.5 and bet the under.

Syracuse football vs. Clemson tickets: Where to buy cheapest seats online for Homecoming football game (PS; Axelson)

The Syracuse Orange Football Team hosts the Clemson Tigers for the 2023 Homecoming game at the JMA Wireless Dome on Saturday, September 30 at 12 p.m. ET, and there are plenty of seats available online for fans who want to cheer on the Orange at the big game.

Last-minute tickets to Syracuse football vs. Clemson are still available online via resellers like StubHub, SeatGeek and VividSeats, and you might even find a better deal than you would if you buy standard admission tickets through Ticketmaster — the official ticketing partner of Syracuse athletics.

Here are the cheapest seats available for Syracuse vs. Clemson as of Wednesday, September 27:

  • StubHub: Tickets starting at $45
  • SeatGeek: Tickets starting at $45
  • VividSeats: Tickets starting at $50
  • Ticketmaster: Resale tickets starting $64.35, standard admission starting $72.85

Again. Syracuse football enters gauntlet. (; podcast; Lindsley)

Again. Syracuse football enters gauntlet.

ACC News

David Hale talks top and bottom of the league in ACC football, previews Notre Dame-Duke (; podcast; WLNI)

ESPN's ACC football reporter David Hale joins The Sportsline to talk about the latest college football headlines around the conference, including why Florida State must continue to improve to be true national championship contenders, on why despite being 0-2 in conference play, Clemson is still the second best team in the ACC, and what to expect when Notre Dame faces Duke this Saturday.

Sapakoff: Clemson's ACC departure may be 'sooner' as Gamecocks fret P&C; $; Sapakoff)

The Clemson football program is 3-5 in its last eight games against Power 5 conference foes or Notre Dame. That includes presently 0-2 in the ACC for the first time since 2010, and unranked with four other ACC teams ranked.
Could be worse: The Tigers are a few plays away from 3-7 in their last 10 games against major college teams (wins of 34-28 at Florida State and 27-21 over Syracuse last season).
It’s nothing a few key transfer-portal additions and a couple of coaching-staff changes won’t fix before Clemson muscles up for what should be a great 2024 season-opener against Georgia in Atlanta.

But Clemson fans likely won’t have to wait that long to soothe the sting of a relatively disappointing season with big-picture perspective.

School administrators indicate an announcement about a Clemson bolt from its growing financial disadvantage in the ACC relative to SEC and Big Ten schools is coming soon, probably along with Florida State and North Carolina and perhaps another ACC school or more — even as University of South Carolina officials try to block Clemson from the SEC.

How soon?

“Sooner than later,” a Clemson senior administrator said last week when asked about a timetable.

Sometime in 2023?

“Stay very tuned,” the administrator said.

It’s possible this is about pressuring the ACC into more incentive-based action.

But it’s certain Clemson officials believe the ACC’s grant of rights agreement that theoretically ties member schools to the conference through 2036 can be negotiated. Or as another Clemson official said, “there is strength in numbers if we’re not the only (departing ACC school) doing the negotiating.”

While most Clemson administrators and fans prefer a move to the SEC, the Big Ten is a possibility.

The process, perhaps unfolding, might go like this:

• The Big Ten gets serious about adding a Southern tier led by North Carolina — the top non-Notre Dame prize for both the Big Ten and SEC — and also including Clemson and Florida State, with perhaps Georgia Tech and/or Miami.

• The SEC counters, wanting North Carolina primarily, and seeking to block such a major Big Ten (or Big 12) move into its footprint.

While SEC officials this week again declined to talk about specific schools, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey was to the point in his annual SEC Media Days address while in Atlanta in July of 2022. Sankey said

Clemson Is Likely To Begin the Departure Process of the ACC as Soon as October | ACC Realignment (youtube; podcast; 365 Sports)

David Smoak, Paul Catalina, and Craig Smoak discuss their thoughts on Clemson's attempt to leave the ACC as soon as October of this year as conference realignment continues and more.; Beard)

Things to watch in the Atlantic Coast Conference in Week 5:


No. 11 Notre Dame at No. 17 Duke. The Fighting Irish (4-1) haven't lost a regular-season game to an Atlantic Coast Conference team in six years, winning 29 in a row. Now they're coming off a narrow loss to Ohio State as they visit the Blue Devils, who have already taken down preseason ACC favorite Clemson and can reach 5-0 for the first time since 1994 behind quarterback Riley Leonard.

There are multiple storylines here of note. There's Duke's rise in Year 2 under Mike Elko, which has lured ESPN's “College GameDay” for its first-ever appearance in Durham for a football game after multiple stops there for basketball. There's also former Wake Forest quarterback Sam Hartman returning to the state of North Carolina to face the Blue Devils for a third straight year after splitting the last two meetings.


Clemson at Syracuse. The Tigers rarely lost to any league teams during its recent run as the ACC's dominant power. One came in 2017 at Syracuse in the second season of Orange coach Dino Babers.

Six years later, they're meeting again at Syracuse (4-0), which is playing its first league game and boasts a defense ranked among the Bowl Subdivision leaders by allowing 10.8 points (seventh) and 274.2 yards per game (15th).

The Tigers (2-2, 0-2 ACC) are coming off a loss to Florida State and were blown out by Duke in their only previous road game.


Pittsburgh is a 2 1/2-point favorite at Virginia Tech according to FanDuel . The Hokies (1-3) haven't won since Week 1, have yet to reach 20 points in a game and haven't had starting quarterback Grant Wells the past two games due to injury.

Dabo Swinney Shares Concerning Injury Updates Ahead Of Clemson Football's Showdown Vs Syracuse (; de la Rosa)

Clemson football head coach Dabo Swinney remains unsure if cornerback Nate Wiggins and wideout Antonio Williams will suit up against Syracuse on Saturday. The latter sat out Clemson's 31-24 loss to Florida State this past weekend due to an ankle injury. On the other hand, Nate Wiggins suffered a bone bruise during the game against Florida State football, per's David Hood.

“He's getting better every day. They should know more Thursday. Same thing with Antonio, who is getting better every day and living in the training room. They both are,” Dabo Swinney said.

Clemson football badly needs Antonio Williams back in the lineup against Syracuse. They are already missing the services of redshirt freshman wide receiver Cole Turner. He suited up in Clemson football's first two games before suffering a season-ending abductor injury.

Clemson is seeking its first conference win of the season (0-2). To do so, they will have to knock off an undefeated Syracuse team.
The last time the Tigers started league play 0-2 was 2010, Clemson's only losing season under Dabo Swinney.
... (SI; Caudell)

As conference plays starts to heat up, the odds to win the ACC conference are going to be shifting in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure though and that is that everyone is going to have to try and catch Florida State, who is an even heavier favorite in the conference after a win against Clemson. Florida State is now 2-0 in the ACC and will be favored in every remaining game this season. FSU is off this week before returning to action against Virginia Tech. The question for the rest of the season in the ACC is who can challenge the Seminoles, if anyone.

Here are the updated odds to win the ACC courtesy of Caesars .

1. Florida State: -140

2. Miami- +550

3. North Carolina- +600

4. Duke- +750

5. Louisville- +850

6. Clemson- +2200

7. Syracuse- +2800

8. NC State- +2800

9. Pitt- +10000

10. Georgia Tech- +10000

11. Wake Forest- +12500

12. Virginia Tech- +20000

13. Virginia- +50000

14. Boston College- +100000


VIDEO: Jaylon King on ACC PM (; video)


ACC Factoids 2023 Sep 28 (RX; HM)

ACC Factoids 2023 Sep 28



Entering Week 5 of the 2023 season, the ACC has been lighting up the scoreboards offensively. The 14 ACC Football teams have combined to score 1,879 points over 56 games thus far this season, the second-most by a conference in all of the NCAA behind only the SEC with 1,989 points in 57 contests.
Four ACC teams in Syracuse, Miami, Florida State and Louisville rank in the top 10 in scoring this season. Syracuse ranks sixth nationally with an average of 44.2 points per game this season. Miami (43.8), Florida State (43.2) and Louisville (43.0) are seventh, eighth, and ninth, with all three schools averaging 43 points or more per game on the year.


On the other side of the field, the ACC has three teams ranked in the top 12 in the fewest points allowed this season in Duke, Syracuse and Miami. The Blue Devils have allowed just 35 points all season long, an average of 8.8 per game, which is fourth nationally. Syracuse ranks seventh nationally at 10.8 points per game allowed, while Miami is tied for 12th at 12.5 points surrendered per game.

2023 Campbell Trophy ACC-related Semifinalists (RX; HM)

2023 Campbell Trophy ACC-related Semifinalists

From the official ACC release of Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023...

ACC has 12 Semifinalists for the 2023 William V. Campbell Trophy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. ( – A total of 12 Atlantic Coast Conference student-athletes have been named semifinalists for the 2023 William V. Campbell Trophy®, announced Wednesday by the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame (NFF). The ACC tied for the second-most semifinalists among all conferences.
Celebrating its 34th year, the Campbell Trophy® recognizes an individual as the absolute best football scholar-athlete in the nation for his combined academic success, football performance and exemplary leadership.
Representing the ACC are:

  • Sheridan Jones, Clemson
  • DeWayne Carter, Duke
  • Preston Daniel, Florida State
  • Gavin Stewart, Georgia Tech
  • Bryan Hudson, Louisville
  • Jalen Rivers, Miami
  • Spencer Rolland, North Carolina
  • Timothy McKay, NC State
  • Shayne Simon, Pittsburgh
  • Garrett Shrader, Syracuse
  • Paul Akere, Virginia
  • Michael Jurgens, Wake Forest

ACC Greatness 2023 Sep 27 (RX; HM)

ACC Greatness 2023 Sep 27

"Bring Your A Game" is out as a slogan. Now it's "ACComplish Greatness!". How's that going?

Greatness is what we do
— ACC Football (@ACCFootball) September 27, 2023

To be honest, I'm not sure which five games they are referring to because by my count the ACC has been involved in eight of the top 10 games on ABC:
1Colorado at Oregon10.03
2Florida St vs LSU9.17
3Florida St at Clemson6.71
4Alabama at USF4.84
5Texas AM at Miami4.02
6Florida St at BC3.48
7N Carolina vs S Carolina3.4
8Notre Dame at NC State2.93
9Texas at Baylor2.63
10Virginia vs Tennessee2.46
11Pitt at W Virginia2.41
12Wisconsin at Wash. St.2.28
13Boise St at Washington1.97

Maybe they mean five ACC-conrolled games? Since there were two neutral site games, if we split those and credit the ACC with four home games (two of which were in-conference games) we get five...
What's more, they're not just playing to a big TV audience - they're winning!

TV, Radio, and Announcers 2023 Week 5 (RX; HM)

TV, Radio, and Announcers 2023 Week 5

From the official ACC release of Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2023...

Upcoming ACC Football Schedule

Friday, Sept. 29 Time, TV SiriusXM App/Web

Louisville at NC State 7 p.m., ESPN 81 or 85 81 or 85
Series: Louisville leads, 8-4; Last meeting: Louisville, 25-10 (2022)
ESPN: Anish Shroff (play-by-play), Andre Ware (analyst), Paul Carcaterra (sideline)

Saturday, Sept. 30 Time, TV

Clemson at Syracuse Noon, ABC

SiriusXM App/Web: 133, 136, 193 or 201 955 or 964
Series: Clemson leads series, 9-2; Last meeting: Clemson, 27-21 (2022)
ABC: Dave Pasch (play-by-play), Dusty Dvoracek (analyst), Tom Luginbill (sideline)

Virginia at Boston College 2 p.m., The CW

SiriusXM App/Web: 121, 191 or 386 956 or 976
Series: Boston College leads series, 6-1; Last meeting: Virginia, 43-32 (2020)
The CW Network: Tom Werme (play-by-play), James Bates (analyst), Tabitha Turner (sideline)

Week 5 preview: Big tests for some surprising unbeatens (ESPN; Staff)

Each of the Power 5 conferences enter Week 5 of the college football season with three or more unbeaten teams. There will be at least one less in the Big 12 after Saturday, when No. 24 Kansas travels to No. 3 Texas.

That's not to say the rest of the teams without a defeat will get out of the weekend unscathed. No. 8 USC is on the road at once-beaten Colorado, No. 17 Duke plays host to No. 11 Notre Dame and unranked but unbeaten Syracuse gets a test at home against Clemson.

Our reporters preview Week 5 with a look at teams that will give us a reality check, receivers to watch and some of the week's best quotes.


Reality check: Are these teams really that good?

Syracuse: There are six undefeated teams in the ACC but two remain unranked: Syracuse and Louisville. Considering that fact alone, it is fair to question whether both are for real. But let us focus on Syracuse for just a moment, since the Orange host Clemson on Saturday (noon ET, ABC).

Syracuse has given the Tigers fits over the past few years, with little to show for it. Last year, the Orange went into Clemson undefeated at 6-0 and led 21-10 heading into the fourth quarter. But they lost 27-21, then dropped their next four.

In 2021, Syracuse missed a game-tying field goal in the final seconds. Four of the previous six meetings were decided by fewer than seven points, but Syracuse won only one of them -- in 2017.

Going into the matchup this year, Syracuse is 4-0; Clemson is 2-2. Garrett Shrader has put up big numbers at quarterback, ranking No. 2 in the ACC in total offense behind Drake Maye at North Carolina, and he has done it without his top receiver in Oronde Gadsden II (out for the season).

But there is no going around the nonconference schedule Syracuse just played to start 4-0: One FCS win, two Group of 5 wins, one Power 5 win. The three FBS teams the Orange beat are a combined 4-8. None has a winning record.

Clemson is coming off a tough overtime loss to Florida State and is 0-2 for the first time in ACC play since 2010, so there is opportunity for Syracuse to show Saturday that it is, in fact, "for real." Especially with two more games after Clemson that will test their mettle -- at No. 14 North Carolina (4-0) and at No. 5 Florida State (4-0) -- Andrea Adelson



Rendering shows what a redevelopment of the shuttered ShoppingTown mall in DeWitt into a mixed-use mega-complex named District East might look like. (Dalpos Architects)

DeWitt to rezone ShoppingTown for dead mall’s $400 million redevelopment (PS; $; Moriarty)

DeWitt officials are moving to rezone the dead ShoppingTown Mall to clear the way for its $400 million transformation into a village-style residential, retail, office and entertainment center.

The DeWitt Town Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing Monday on the new zoning and could vote on it following the hearing, Deputy Supervisor Kerry Mannion said. The hearing will be held at a regular meeting of the board, scheduled for 6 p.m. at DeWitt Town Hall.

The town rezoned the mall years ago to allow a mix of uses, including residential, instead of solely retail development on the site. At the time, town officials were hoping to attract a buyer willing to redevelop the struggling center.

But Mannion said the zoning did not allow a development with the density and scale as the $400 million District East project proposed two years ago by a team of local developers.

So the town has been working for more than a year to create new zoning that, among other things, would allow for narrower roads and for buildings with minimal setbacks from roadways and between structures, permitting a center resembling a village, he said.

“The objective is to create a walkable community, with sidewalks and bike paths -- a pedestrian-friendly community,” said Mannion.

Though the new zoning was written with ShoppingTown in mind -- and specifically mentions the “adaptive reuse of aging commercial strip developments and malls” -- Mannion said it would apply to any mixed-use development of at least 25 acres.

Any development proposed under the new zoning would need to come before the town planning board for approval of its site plan.

A 10-page document detailing the new zoning took more than a year to create because the town wanted to make sure it permitted the kind of development contemplated at District East, Mannion said.

“It’s very complex,” he said.

Former Syracuse school gets financial help to be turned into apartments (PS; Boyer)

A project to convert a former school in the Eastwood neighborhood of Syracuse into apartments is among the big winners in a new round of housing grants announced this week by Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon.

The county executive came to the old Taft School building, which for many years has been home to the American Legion Post 1276, to announce grants under the $10 million Onondaga County Housing Initiative Program launched last winter. That included $140,000 for the Eastwood project called The Taft.

Developer Stephen Skinner has been working on the project at the school building at Nichols Avenue and James Street for more than a year. He plans to create 28 market-rate apartments in a project with an estimated price tag of $5 million to $6 million.

In a Facebook post following the announcement, Skinner said the project will be coming online in the next one to two years. The Legion is planning to move to a different nearby property that better fits its current needs.


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we find out how good the syracuse D is this weekend.

In reality 1 play vs WMU and 1 play vs army from 30 pts allowed in 3 games.

But Clemson will be the first team that can pound the run and also throw.. Big uptick in talent.
It will be a big test for their young QB. The 3-3-5 is unique and the atmosphere in the dome will be special.

I think a big key is whether Wiggins, their excellent cover CB, is available to play. If he isn't, we can hurt Clemson passing the ball.

I expect a low scoring defensive battle.
we find out how good the syracuse D is this weekend.

In reality 1 play vs WMU and 1 play vs army from 30 pts allowed in 3 games.

But Clemson will be the first team that can pound the run and also throw.. Big uptick in talent.

And what If Clemson gets those two plays?

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