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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to International Beer and Pizza Day!

International Beer and Pizza Day celebrates the food combination of beer and pizza. Both of these foods are enjoyed all around the world, and there are many varieties of each. Beer is made at small craft breweries and big corporate ones. It is drunk at bars, at get-togethers, at breweries, and at sporting events. Pizza is made at small family pizzerias and big national chains and can be purchased frozen in grocery stores. It is enjoyed at parties, by the slice while on the go, and as a simple meal at home.

SU News

The Next Day: Garrett Shrader is still searching for next step to boost Syracuse's offense (DO; Alandt)

It’s not just on Garrett Shrader. Head coach Dino Babers said he didn’t want anyone to pin the last two performances on one person, even though Shrader’s production has slipped from his impressive start.

Shrader’s decision making had been crisp throughout the first four games of the season. But the opposing coverage has gotten tighter, the players faster and more dynamic.

Going up against Clemson and No. 14 North Carolina in back-to-back weeks, Shrader has been less effective. Against the Tigers, Shrader completed just 51.7% of his passes and rushed for just 24 yards. In Chapel Hill, Shrader went 15-for-21 with an interception and 28 rushing yards. He was unable to take over in the first half and sputtered out in the second during the Orange’s worst loss of the season.

After Drake Maye and North Carolina executed a quick, 77-yard drive to create a commanding 37-7 UNC advantage, Shrader handed off to Juwan Price. Then, he completed a short swing pass to Dan Villari. The two plays didn’t go far, setting up a 3rd and 5. Syracuse had finally put together a competent offensive plan, totaling 116 yards in the third quarter. But it didn’t matter and Shrader knew it.

The Orange would get the first down. Shrader found Umari Hatcher on the left hash across the first down marker. Searching for Hatcher again to prolong the drive, his next throw was low and off the mark. North Carolina’s Alijah Huzzie dove forward, past Hatcher’s extended reach. The ball never touched the ground and Huzzie came up with the interception. Once again, another SU drive ended without any points.

“I thought I played fine for the most part,” Shrader said. “We just have to get back to the drawing board and figure out who we are as an offense and our identity.”

Shrader has grown exponentially since transferring to Syracuse in 2021. He primed himself this offseason for a record-breaking year, fixing his elbow with a surgery in the spring. He returned with more experience and more weapons. Through four games, he’s looked as good as any quarterback Syracuse has had in recent years.

Shrader calls out the offense: ‘We didn’t have guys ready to play’ (PFF grades) (PS; $; Mink)

Garrett Shrader briefly caught up with North Carolina’s most recent NFL quarterback after the next one torched Syracuse in a 40-7 victory.

Shrader, a Charlotte native who works with the same private QB trainer as Sam Howell and Drake Maye, offered a snippet of his post-game chat with Howell, now a quarterback for the Washington Commanders.

“He said it was a blessing to play here with all the talent and the scheme and the skill players that they had,” Shrader said.

Shrader’s answer came in response to a question about his impressions of Maye’s stellar play. It was part of an honest, and, at times, frosty discourse after a lopsided loss in an attempt to contextualize the state of the Syracuse offense at the midway point of the season.

Shrader, a team co-captain, couldn’t hold it all back in a defeat like that in a venue about two hours from his hometown.

“It’s frustrating to go out when you want to be the best on the field, but you just have to play with the cards that you’re dealt and go out and execute to the best of your ability.

“We had some guys step up [Saturday] that wanted to make some plays. Next week you best believe we’re going to be riding and trying to get them the ball more.”

FSU football: 3 takeaways from Noles’ noon kickoff against Syracuse (; Devers)

FSU football defeated the Virginia Tech Hokies by a score of 39-17 on Saturday afternoon in the friendly confines of Doak Campbell Stadium. This marks the first of a three-game home stand against the likes of Virginia Tech, Syracuse, and Duke.

Doak Campbell Stadium was announced as a sell out for Saturday’s contest against the Hokies.

•Disclaimer: The arch-rival Miami Hurricanes can never understand that feeling of witnessing a pack-out stadium, especially not after they were defeated in an embarrassing last-second fashion at home to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (who lost to Bowling Green the week prior- yes, that Bowling Green) by a score by 23-20.

While the Hokies’ contest was played at 3:30 p.m., Florida State announced that their next home game against the Syracuse Orange on Saturday, October 14th will be televised on ABC at 12:00 p.m. The Orange were throttled by quarterback Drake Maye and the North Carolina Tar Heels by a score of 40-7.

In this article, I want to highlight my thoughts on the noon kickoff for the Seminoles’ contest against the Orange.

Schoett & Vipp: Complete Team Win (; podcast; Inside Carolina)

Inside Carolina's Taylor Vippolis and fellow Carolina football letterman Jeff Schoettmer break down UNC's win against Syracuse, that moved the team to 5-0, and preview Saturday night's showdown with Miami.

The show rundown (timestamps are from the YouTube version)
0:00 - Impressive victory and team performance
4:44 - Tez Walker's influence on UNC's offense
9:43 - Offensive performance and standouts
20:27 - Defense stacking success
28:13 - The Alijah Huzzie factor
33:38 - Limiting explosives
38:02 - Next Saturday's opportunity
40:44 - Pick of the weekend

Dino Babers rules Denis Jaquez Jr. out for season (DO; Alandt)

Syracuse head coach Dino Babers said after its 40-7 loss to No. 14 North Carolina that the team had lost defensive end Denis Jaquez Jr. for the season. He did not reveal specifics of the injury. Jaquez Jr., a sophomore in his second season with Syracuse, went down in the fourth quarter and had to be helped off the field after being tended to on the turf for a few minutes.

Jaquez appeared in six games last season as a depth piece for the Orange, recording three total tackles. Amidst a crowded room of defensive linemen, helmed by Kevon Darton and Caleb Okechukwu, that saw additions through the transfer portal to help with depth, Jaquez Jr. won the starting job over Terry Lockett. He typically lined up opposite Darton and Okechukwu and was mostly a down lineman.

The loss marks Syracuse’s fourth player lost to an injury, with Oronde Gadsden II also falling for the season. Wide receivers Isaiah Jones and Trebor Pena have also played sparingly, though Jones was seen suited up before the game and got in for a few snaps against the Tar Heels.

Jaquez was a three-star recruit out of St. Augustine Prep (N.J.) High School that was recruited by former defensive coordinator Tony White and defensive line coach Chris Achuff. He chose Syracuse over 25 different offers, including from 20 different Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

UNC Football: Paysour Claims Top Spot on SportsCenter Top 10 (; Falls)

UNC Football wide receiver Kobe Paysour had a highlight reel play in the 40-7 win over Syracuse that was certain to gain attention, and it did just that.

When we saw it happen live in Kenan Stadium on Saturday, everyone watching in person and at home immediately had the same reaction… how did he do that?

Of course, we’re talking about UNC Football wide receiver Kobe Paysour’s insane athletic catch and run in the third quarter against Syracuse.

Drake Maye had a rare errant throw behind Paysour on a crossing pattern, and Kobe bailed him out by tipping the ball to himself, making the catch, and then running away from the defense. Honestly, you just have to see it for yourself.

When life throws you a curveball, just tip it up and turn it into a TD!
Kobe Paysour answers the call with a 77-yard touchdown run! @UNCFootball | @kobepaysour8
— ACC Digital Network (@theACCDN) October 7, 2023
Kobe Paysour
— chris (@dadgumboxscores) October 7, 2023

Of course, this type of play lands you in the ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 Plays of the Day, but for Paysour, it not only was in the Top 10, it was the No. 1 play of the day.

The Day After: Orange Crushed -UNC 40 Syracuse 7 | Inside Carolina Analysis (youtube; podcast; Inside Carolina)

Orange Crushed

It's Time to Move on From Dino Babers (; Gotkin)

It seems like every year there are calls for Dino Babers to be fired. Last year, they came after SU lost five straight games following a 6-0 start. Now they’re coming after back-to-back losses following a 4-0 start. Now more than ever, these calls for the Orange to move on from their head coach are sustained.

Once again, the Orange came out the gates slow. This struggled at the very start against Colgate. They trailed against Western Michigan. Were down at halftime against Army. The Orange were dominted by Clemson in the first half and trailed 27-0 at halftime yesterday against North Carolina. It doesn’t matter what kind of adjustments you can make when you trail by four touchdowns at halftime. Babers team just hasn’t been ready to play football at the start of games this season.

Then, you get to the penalties. Last year, SU was the most penalized team in the country. This year, the Orange are in the bottom 15 in the country in penalties committed. These issues have been around since Babers got to Syracuse. It is the same thing every single week with this team.

Then to actual in game coaching decisions. It’s been well documented how Babers struggles with time management. Every week it seems like the head man makes some sort of mistake with his time outs. But yesterday, it was the decisions to punt that really made no sense. When you’re trailing by 23 points in the second half. It’s 4th and medium in the oppositions territory. Why in the world would you ever punt. It is simpily giving up and theres no other way to put it.

Syracuse football: Three takeaways from 40-7 loss to North Carolina (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

The Syracuse Orange went down early, were shutout in the first half and had little answer after that to the UNC onslaught, as the Tar Heels rammed through them in a 40-7 beatdown. It was an ugly game all around, but still one with a few different levels of takeaways:

‘Cuse Couldn't Catch a Break Early

There’s no doubt that the entire sequence of Denis Jaquez blocking a punt, which was then recovered by UNC’s punter and ran towards the first down marker, was mishandled. Not only was the runner clearly a full yard short of the line to gain, Dino Babers had to burn a timeout to challenge the play - which it turns out didn’t even help.

Please take a sec to read his full statement:

This was Dino Babers' response to how he felt about that blocked punt and subsequent run back being called a first down. @DOsports
— Henry O'Brien (@realhenryobrien) October 7, 2023

It’s very rare that I’ll speak out against officiating... but allegedly not having the camera angle that the ESPN broadcast kept replaying... that CLEARLY showed a different result than what was called... is completely unacceptable. And it gives some (appropriate) ammo to all the folks who want out of the ACC and back to a true Northeast conference.

Congrats, Jim Phillips. You've got an entire fan base that is convinced your officials are biased against Syracuse and there's really nothing I can or will say to convince them otherwise. If they aren't biased, they are incompetent. So well done there, pal. #GoACC
— Brent Axe (@BrentAxeMedia) October 7, 2023

Syracuse football: it’s too soon to say it’s Déjà vu (TNIAAM; Wall)

The Syracuse Orange fell to 4-2 as we expected. What no one expected was watching Drake Maye and the North Carolina Tar Heels shred the Syracuse defense for 644 yards yesterday.

With UNC holding a 27-0 halftime lead, the second half of the broadcast was spent talking about the similarities with the 2022 Syracuse season. Thankfully Dusty Dvoracek was the voice of reason as he pointed out that the Orange were likely to fall to 4-3 next week when they face the Florida State Seminoles. Dvoracek said that Syracuse would then enter the bye on an expected losing streak, but we’d learn about the team (and coaching staff) when they came back from the bye.

Syracuse football lost at No. 14 UNC, and the ACC officiating helped aid it (itlh; Fiello)

Syracuse football lost to the No. 14 North Carolina Tar Heels on Saturday, 40-7. And before I explain that headline, I’d like to say that Carolina was the better team on that field and earned the win.

BUT while I’m not a big conspiracy theorist or a guy who regularly likes to call out officiating, today I am. There was a call in this game so egregious and wrong that it did impact at least somewhat the outcome of the game.

It’s 4th down and Carolina is punting. Syracuse defensive end Denis Jaquez Jr. blocks the punt. The Carolina punter grabs the blocked punt and runs and almost gets to the line marker but is stopped short…or is he?

Yes, he was but officials reviewed the play and said he got the first down. In Syracuse football Head Coach Dino Babers’ post-game press conference, Coach Babers said officials told him at one point they reviewed it and he got it but when forced to review it, they told him they didn’t have a camera view to overturn it.

I watched the play. Coach Babers said he had a great view and he saw it. The ball did not cross the line and it should have been Syracuse’s ball.

Syracuse football didn’t play well at North Carolina, but the officiating was poor, too.

Why is this such a big deal? It’s the 1st quarter and still time, right? Well yes, but it’s a 3-0 Carolina game, Syracuse football potentially had the ball with good field position and momentum and maybe we are talking 3-3 or even 7-3 if something goes our way. Instead, Carolina gets the ball back and scores and it’s 10-0.

Axe: If SU football is a “brand on the rise” as its AD claims, we’ll find out soon (PS; $; Axe)

“Syracuse football is an ascendant brand. A brand on the rise.”

Syracuse athletic director John Wildhack made that claim at the groundbreaking of the John A. Lally Athletic Complex Football Operations Center back on Sept. 22.

Only one game remains on the 2023 schedule that can validate Wildhack’s words, and it comes Saturday when Syracuse visits No. 4 Florida State.

It’s only been a few weeks since Wildhack pointed Syracuse’s stock up, but the Orange has done nothing in the last two games against top-shelf ACC programs to suggest it is ascending anywhere past its ho-hum status in the league.

ACC News

Friedlander: What we learned about every ACC football team in Week 6 - Saturday Road (; Friedlander)

Duke came close, but couldn’t finish the job last week. It’s a lesson Louisville used to its advantage.

The Cardinals weren’t about to put themselves in a position to let Notre Dame pull a lucky shamrock out of its hat at the end the way it did against the Blue Devils. They put the hammer down in the 2nd half and never let up on the way to an emphatic 33-20 victory.

Louisville delivered the 1st regular-season win against the Irish by an ACC team since 2017, ending a frustrating 30-game losing streak. It also solidified the Cardinals as a legitimate Top 25 team and conference championship contender, along with Florida State and North Carolina.

The same can’t be said for Miami.

The Hurricanes reverted to some familiar old tendencies in a loss to Georgia Tech that was as much their own doing as it was the Yellow Jackets’. The result knocked them from the ranks of the unbeaten and was the only major blemish in an otherwise successful Week 6 for the conference.

Now that it’s done, let’s take a look back to see what we learned about each of the 12 ACC teams that were in action.

Boston College

The Eagles reminded us that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Trailing by 4 with just over 5 minutes remaining, Jeff Hafley’s team appeared to give up what would have been a backbreaking touchdown on a 3rd-and-1 option play from midfield. But the play was nullified and the points taken off the board upon review when it was ruled that Army quarterback Bryson Dailey’s pitch was a forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage.

Given a reprieve after a short punt, Thomas Castellanos drove BC 62 yards on 12 plays for the winning touchdown. Castellanos carried the ball 7 times for 49 yards on the final possession, scoring from 1 yard out with 25 seconds remaining to salvage the victory.

It was Castellanos’ 4th rushing touchdown of the day. He ran for 142 yards on 31 carries.


We learned that the Tigers still have Wake Forest’s number. It’s now 15, as in 15 straight wins in the series between the former Atlantic Division rivals.

The other number we learned is 165. That’s how many wins Dabo Swinney now has as Clemson’s coach. That ties him with the legendary Frank Howard for the most in school history. But while Howard has a rock, which is rubbed by each player as they enter Death Valley and run down the hill before every home game, Swinney’s team nearly laid an egg.

The Tigers’ 338 yards were their fewest in a game this season. And their 17 points were the 2nd fewest. While the Deacons’ defense has something to do with those anemic numbers, Clemson’s offense shares an equal portion of the blame thanks to 2 lost fumbles and yet another missed field goal.

Clemson’s penchant for shooting itself in the foot isn’t something we’re just learning now. It has been a recurring problem for 6 weeks now and is part of the Tigers’ personality.

Florida State

We learned that there’s nothing wrong with Trey Benson or Johnny Wilson, after all. Even though their team is undefeated and ranked No. 5 nationally, both of the Seminoles’ offensive stars have been less than impressive through the 1st third of the schedule.

Benson, who came within 10 yards of a 1,000-yard season in 2022, had only run for 189 over the first 4 weeks this year. But energized by last week’s open date, he broke in a big way to lead a 39-17 win against Virginia Tech. The junior had touchdown runs of 85 and 62 yards on his way to a 200-yard effort on only 11 carries to become the first FSU back to reach the 200-yard mark in a game since Dalvin Cook in 2016.

Wilson, meanwhile, finally caught his first 2 touchdown passes of the season. They came on 1st quarter receptions of 7 and 18 yards from Jordan Travis to help stake the Seminoles to an early lead they never gave up.

With their 37 points, the Seminoles have now scored 30 or more in each of their past 11 games dating back to last season. It’s the 2nd-longest active streak in the FBS.

Georgia Tech

What first might have appeared to be a knee jerk, desperation move on the part of a rookie head coach turned out to be a stroke of genius. We learned that Brent Key knew what he was doing when he demoted defensive coordinator Andrew Thacker to safeties coach and elevated linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer to the coordinator’s role.

The results were stunning. After getting torched for 450 yards and 38 unanswered points in an embarrassing home loss to Bowling Green last week, Tech’s new-and-improved defense frustrated a previously high-scoring Miami to a season-low 20 points in Sherrer’s 1st game in charge.

More important, the Yellow Jackets forced 4 turnovers, including what turned out to be a decisive fumble recovery with 26 seconds that set up a dramatic, game-winning 44-yard touchdown pass from Haynes King to Christian Leary with 10 seconds remaining.

While it’s too soon to know if Tech is the team that looked so terrible last week or the one that looked so good on Saturday, we did learn at least 2 things from Saturday’s resilient effort. No. 1 is that the Yellow Jackets are back in bowl contention at 3-3. No. 2 is that they’re a better team on the road.

Their win at Miami improves their record to 5-3 on foreign soil under Key with victories at Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech and North Carolina in 2022, and Wake Forest and Miami this year. They’re only 2-4 in games played in Atlanta, at either Bobby Dodd Stadium or Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


The 25th-ranked Cardinals showed us that it’s actually possible for an ACC team to beat Notre Dame in a regular-season game. Their 33-20 win, before the largest home crowd in program history at L&N Stadium, ends a 30-game losing streak for the conference against the Irish dating to 2017.

And oh yeah, we also learned that Louisville really is as good as its record. The win improves it to 6-0 in Jeff Brohm’s 1st year as coach and firmly establishes the Cardinals as a serious contender for a spot in the ACC Championship Game on Dec. 2.

With or without a schedule that avoids fellow frontrunners Florida State, North Carolina and Clemson.

While running back Jawhar Jordan (21 carries, 143 yards and a 45-yard touchdown run) and quarterback Jack Plummer (17-of-24, 145 yards, 1 touchdown) will get most of the glory for the program-defining victory, it was Louisville’s defense that did most of the heavy lifting.

Looking eerily similar to the unit that was among the nation’s leaders in both takeaways and sacks last year, the Cardinals forced 5 Notre Dame turnovers and sacked Sam Hartman 4 times in a dominating performance. Devin Neal had 2 of the picks and Mason Reiger had 2 of the sacks to go along with a forced fumble to key a performance that was even more impressive than last week’s effort at NC State.


Coaching staffs change. So do the rosters, especially under the current transfer rules. But Saturday night at Hard Rock Stadium, we learned that the more things change, the more they stay the same when it comes to the Hurricanes.

They’re going to tease us and make us think that the old swagger is back, only to fall flat on their face at the most inopportune time. And in the most dramatic of ways.

Miami’s 23-20 loss to Georgia Tech might not have been as bad a look as last year’s debacle against Middle Tennessee State, even though the Yellow Jackets were coming off a drubbing at the hands of Bowling Green the previous week.

But it was far more damaging.

It knocked Mario Cristobal’s team out of the ranks of the unbeaten and likely the national rankings. It also raised some serious questions.

Specifically, why didn’t Cristobal have quarterback Tyler Van Dyke take a knee to run out the clock with a 3-point lead and just 26 seconds left? It’s a decision that came back to haunt him when Don Chaney fumbled, setting up Tech’s winning touchdown.

Was Miami’s RB down on the critical fumble in the final minute?
— CFB Kings (@CFBKings) October 8, 2023

How did Miami’s secondary let Christian Leary get so wide open what far downfield with the game on the line? And why did the Hurricanes look so unprepared despite having an extra week to get ready?

That last question is the real stumper. Although Cristobal deserves to take heat for the flat performance following an open date, it’s not a problem exclusive to his staff. Miami is now 2-7 since 2017 following a week off, a stretch that covers 3 head coaches.

North Carolina

Tez Walker has been “freed” and Drake Maye can sling it with the best of them.

But then we already knew both of those things.

What we learned from Saturday’s 40-7 demolition of Syracuse – other than punter Ben Kiernan is a hurting pup after getting clobbered while running with a blocked kick for a 1st down – is that defensive coordinator Gene Chizik hasn’t lost his touch.

Any resemblance to the defense that ranked dead last in the ACC in virtually every statistical category last season is little more than a coincidence. There are still some familiar faces. The 4 leading tacklers in Saturday’s win – linebacker Cedric Gray, safety Don Chapman, tackle Myles Murphy and linebacker Power Echols are all holdovers. But transfer cornerback Alijah Huzzie continued to shine with his 2nd interception in as many games.

Together, they combined to keep Syracuse’s dual-threat quarterback Garrett Shrader under wraps while limiting the Orange to season-low totals of 221 yards and 7 points. Combined with an offense that has scored at least 30 points in every game this season, the 14th-ranked Tar Heels improved to 5-0 for the 1st time since 1997.

NC State

MJ Morris reminded us that it’s not how you start that matters most. It’s how you finish. The bottom line Saturday is that the sophomore quarterback got the job done, lighting the offensive spark coach Dave Doeren was hoping for by leading State wild 48-41 win against Marshall in his 2023 debut.

But man, did he get off to an awful start.

The sophomore quarterback, who started in place of a struggling Brennan Armstrong, threw an interception on his 1st pass. He then threw a pick-6 later in an opening quarter that saw him complete just 1-of-7 attempts for just 17 yards.

The 1 completion was a touchdown to freshman KC Concepcion. He and Concepcion later hooked up on another scoring pass. Morris also threw for a pair of scores to tight end Trent Pennix while going 17-of-23 for 265 yards and 4 TDs in a win that gets the Wolfpack back on the right track after last week’s loss to Louisville.


For the 2nd straight year, we learned that the Orange’s early success is a mirage. After averaging 44.2 points per game and going 4-0 in their nonconference schedule, their lack of offensive firepower outside of the do-it-all Garrett Shrader has been exposed over the past 2 weeks by ACC rivals Clemson and North Carolina.

After being held to 14 points in last week’s loss to Clemson, Dino Babers’ team could muster only 7 against the Tar Heels. Things were so bad in the 1st half that UNC’s Maye had more completions (23) than Syracuse had offensive plays (22).

Shrader finished with 124 yards passing and an interception to go along with 28 rushing yards on 10 carries. As a team, the Orange mustered only 221 yards of total offense, 75 of which came on their only scoring drive on the opening possession of the 2nd half. Things weren’t any better on the other side of the ball, where their defense was torched for 644 yards and 40 points.

And it’s not going to get any easier from here. Next week, Syracuse has to travel to No. 5 Florida State.
... (; Carter)

This was perhaps the first Saturday in North Carolina that really felt like fall. Crisp temperatures in the morning. A cool breeze even as the day warmed. And, at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, and Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill, those long autumn shadows covering the field in the afternoon. A sign as much as any other that fall has arrived and, with it, the heart of college football season.

It’s half over now for N.C. State, which has played six games. And it’s close enough to half over for Duke and North Carolina, both of which have played five. The season is no longer young. It has some wisdom to it now (some of which Mario Cristobal could’ve used in the final minute at Miami Saturday night, but that’s neither here nor there). Teams have created identities.

We have a pretty good idea (we think) of where this is all headed, and what’s possible and not. In the Triangle, many an October has arrived with locals ready to fast forward to basketball season. But not this October. Hope abounds in Chapel Hill and Durham, where UNC and Duke are in the midst of the kind of starts (5-0 for the Tar Heels; 4-1 for the Blue Devils) they’ve rarely had.
... (; Alexander)

Miami’s Hurricanes were a half-minute away Saturday from beating Georgia Tech and setting up an enticing game of ACC unbeatens. Take a knee in the “victory formation” and the game would end.

But the Hurricanes didn’t take a knee, and unbeaten North Carolina won’t be facing a 5-0 Miami team this week at Kenan Stadium.

Strange things happen in college football. Add the Miami ending to it.

With Georgia Tech out of timeouts, Miami’s Don Chaney took a handoff up the middle, fought for extra yards, had the ball stripped and fumbled. Tech recovered at its 26 with 26 seconds left, Haynes King soon gunned a 44-yard touchdown pass to Christian Leary with two seconds on the clock and that was that: Georgia Tech 23, Miami 20.

Miami coach Mario Cristobal took the blame, saying he should have said, “Just take a knee.”

Miami tried six laterals on the final kickoff – surely spooking some Duke fans who remember another crazy ending a few years back – but the Canes were stopped at midfield.

So what should the No. 12 Tar Heels (5-0, 2-0 ACC), who ripped Syracuse 40-7, expect this week from the No. 25 Canes? It was a crushing loss for Miami, no way around it, and Cristobal could be hard-pressed to get his guys’ mindset back on task for the road game.
... (C-J; Cubit)

Having passed its toughest test to date against No. 21 Notre Dame, No. 15 Louisville's projected record for this season is now 10.4-2.1 in ESPN’s Football Power Index.

The Cardinals (6-0, 3-0 ACC) moved up six spots to No. 21 in the FPI rankings following their win over the Fighting Irish. U of L's projections in several categories — including overall record, chance to win the ACC (16%) and make the College Football Playoff (3.3%) — trail only Florida State and North Carolina among those in the league.

With the end of divisions in the conference, the two teams with the best winning percentage will face off in the ACC championship game on Dec. 2 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

FSU is currently projected to go 11.3-1.5 with a 52.4% chance of winning ACC and a 26% chance of making the CFP. The FPI has UNC's record at 10.4-2 with a 21.6% chance of winning the league and a 7.3% chance of making the playoff.

The Seminoles and Tar Heels are the only other unbeaten teams in the conference.

Still, four ACC teams are ahead of Louisville in the FPI rankings: FSU (10), UNC (16), Clemson (18) and Miami (19).

U of L's current strength of record ranks fifth nationally behind only Oklahoma, FSU, Ohio State and Texas. But the Cardinals rank 58th in remaining strength of schedule and 72nd in overall schedule.
... (video; GT Yellow Jackets)

GT Football: Brent Key, Haynes King, Christian Leary on ACC Huddle - post-Miami (; Bynum)

Should North Carolina need to win a tiebreaker with Louisville to make the league championship game, the Cardinals’ easy ACC schedule could be helpful for the Tar Heels.

In the first ACC football season without divisions since 2004, the teams finishing first and second in the ACC standings will play in the ACC championship game.

No. 25 Louisville, which moved to 6–0 overall Saturday with a 30–20 home victory over No. 10 Notre Dame, has a relatively easy remaining league schedule.

While that might help the Cardinals — who don’t meet UNC — build a good league record, it probably hurts them in a tiebreaker.

The Cardinals are 3–0 in the league and will be heavily favored at Pittsburgh (Oct. 14) and in home games against Virginia Tech (Nov. 4) and Virginia (Nov. 9); all three have losing records. Louisville will likely not have to face quarterback Riley Leonard when it plays Duke at home on Oct. 28, and finishes its league schedule at Miami on Nov. 18.

The No. 1 ACC tiebreaker is head-to-head, which would be moot in a Carolina-Louisville tiebreaker.

Neither No. 2 (winning percentage against common opponents) nor No. 3 (winning percentage against common opponents, starting with the top of the league standings and going down) would settle it if they were both undefeated.

If they both have one loss, it would depend on who the losses came against.
... (; Pryor)

What’s next for Notre Dame football?

There’s no rest for the weary. Notre Dame has to get up once more as they host #10 USC in another prime-time game. Head coach Marcus Freeman has to be concerned that his offense did not have any creative counter-punch for what Louisville did defensively. The offensive line got dominated and gave Hartman no time to throw.

This was also the third game Notre Dame struggled to get the football to its perimeter receivers. Some of that was due to Louisville’s pressure, but they struggled to escape man pressure. USC’s leaky defense could be the salve the Irish offense needs.

What’s next for Louisville?

The Cardinals will move up in the polls. They legitimized its undefeated record after a lackluster performance against North Carolina State. Because of its schedule, the Cardinals were a dark horse contender for the ACC title. After what happened to Kentucky and Miami, the back half of their schedule looks significantly more manageable.

NEXT: Notre Dame, Miami are biggest losers from Week 6
Louisville travels to a struggling Pitt squad next weekend. (CFN; Fiutak)

Beating Notre Dame matters. It always matters.

Louisville’s 33-20 win was far more impressive than what Ohio State was able to do to the Irish - even though that was in South Bend - and now Jeff Brohm’s team is 6-0 with a win over Murray State and five Power Five programs.

Granted, Georgia Tech, Indiana, and Boston College aren’t anything special, but those are real wins over real teams. Winning at NC State helps, and again, if you beat Notre Dame when people are watching, the world will like you more.

Is this Cardinal team a threat to win the national title? Not even close, but all of a sudden there’s a shot that this could be this year’s TCU, and here’s why …

At Pitt, Duke, Virginia Tech, Virginia, at Miami, Kentucky.It’s an easy enough slate to run through unscathed - the game at Miami will be a fight, but Duke and Kentucky are home games, and Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Pitt are all blah.

Or, it’s possible to go 11-1, get to the ACC Championship, pull it off, and get in.

Or, go 12-0, lose the ACC Championship, and again, maybe be TCU and potentially get in without winning a conference title.

No matter what it’s going to take a little help - in an insane ACC quirk, Louisville, Florida State, and North Carolina don’t play each other, meaning it’s possible all three go 12-0 to create a whopper of a college football crisis.

Of course, all three won’t go unbeaten, and almost certainly won’t in conference play - UNC has a slew of nasty games including road dates at Clemson, NC State, and Georgia Tech, and Florida State still has to get through Duke and Miami - but at the very least, Louisville is a player now.
... (; Madia)

No longer does Notre Dame hold an embarrassingly long winning streak against ACC opponents.

Louisville snapped that at 30 straight Irish regular-season victories versus the league, and in doing so, the Cardinals earned national relevancy and became the first ACC team to become bowl eligible this season. They pounded Notre Dame on the line of scrimmage, too, tallying 185 rushing yards while holding the Irish to 44 yards on the ground and sacking quarterback Sam Hartman five times.

For that, Louisville climbs to No. 3 in the Lee Enterprises ACC Power Poll.

This season’s voters are: Mike Barber and David Teel (Richmond Times-Dispatch), Greg Madia and John Shifflett (Charlottesville Daily Progress), Damien Sordelett (Roanoke Times) and John Dell (Winston-Salem Journal).

1. Florida State (5-0, No. 1 last week): When Virginia Tech tightened the score in the third quarter, Seminoles running back Trey Benson had a big-play answer. His 62-yard TD run in the third period extended FSU’s lead to 29-17 and then his 85-yard TD run in the fourth provided more cushion and gave the Seminoles the 39-17 score they won by. FSU is 5-0 for the first time since 2015. This week: vs. Syracuse, Saturday.

2. North Carolina (5-0, No. 2 last week): Quarterback Drake Maye looked like the first-round NFL Draft pick many are projecting him to be come spring this past Saturday when he threw for 442 yards and three touchdowns and rushed for 55 yards and another touchdown in the Tar Heels’ 40-7 romp of Syracuse. This week: vs. Miami, Saturday

3. Louisville (6-0, No. 4 last week): Defensive end Ashton Gillotte’s 6.5 sacks pace the ACC and are tied for the third most nationally, while running back Jawhar Jordan’s 653 rushing yards lead the league and are tied for the ninth most in the country. Gillotte and Jordan are difference-makers and Notre Dame couldn’t slow either of them. Gillotte racked up 1.5 sacks and Jordan had 143 rushing yards and two touchdowns in the Cardinals’ victory. This week: at Pittsburgh, Saturday

4. Duke (4-1, No. 5 last week): While Duke signal-caller Riley Leonard recovers from the ankle injury he suffered against Notre Dame, at least the Blue Devils had their bye week to allocate extra time to prepare backup Henry Belin IV to be ready to step in for Leonard. This week: vs. N.C. State, Saturday

5. Clemson (4-2, No. 6 last week): It wasn’t the cleanest victory, but the Tigers’ 17-12 decision over Wake Forest tied coach Dabo Swinney with College Football Hall of Famer Frank Howard as the winningest coach (165 wins) in Clemson history. Clemson did it with defense on Saturday, and the Tigers are first in the ACC for total defense and second for rushing defense. This week: Idle

6. Miami (4-1, No. 3 last week): All Miami needed to do was take a knee and the Hurricanes would’ve survived against Georgia Tech on Saturday night. Instead, running back Don Chaney Jr. fumbled with 26 seconds left, giving the Yellow Jackets the time they needed to pull off a miraculous comeback. This week: at North Carolina, Saturday

7. N.C. State (4-2, No. 8 last week): The Wolfpack’s quarterback change paid dividends on Saturday as MJ Morris threw for 265 yards and four touchdowns in their win over Marshall. Morris replaced Virginia transfer Brennan Armstrong, who was benched after underperforming through the five games. This week: at Duke, Saturday

8. Georgia Tech (3-3, No. 12 last week): It’s been such an up-and-down, rollercoaster-like season for coach Brent Key’s Yellow Jackets, and Saturday night’s final-minute win at Miami fits into that category along with Georgia Tech’s upset win over Wake Forest last month and its surprising loss to Bowling Green the previous week. But quarterback Haynes King connected with wide receiver Christian Leary for a 44-yard game-winning touchdown with one second left to earn the victory over Miami. This week: Idle

9. Wake Forest (3-2, No. 9 last week): Wake Forest struggled with Clemson’s defensive front, managing only 2.6 yards per carry on the ground and getting quarterback Mitch Griffis sacked four times. In total, Clemson had eight tackles for loss against the Demon Deacons. This week: at Virginia Tech, Saturday

10. Syracuse (4-2, No. 7 last week): All of a sudden Syracuse’s season is beginning to feel a lot like its 2022 campaign, when the Orange won their first six games before the competition stiffened and they lost five in a row. This season, Syracuse won its first four contests, but have dropped consecutive contests to Clemson and North Carolina with the schedule not letting up this Saturday. This week: at Florida State, Saturday

... (SI; Caudell)

What a wild week in the ACC.

Through the mid-day games, it looked like a relatively normal Saturday in the conference, but that went sideways once the sun went down.

Miami did not play well against Georgia Tech but appeared to have avoided a big upset. Instead of taking a knee, Miami elected to try and run the ball and a fumble occurred. Georgia Tech scored with one-second remaining and pulled off one of the wildest wins you will ever see.

Up north, Louisville got its biggest win in years by defeating Notre Dame and announcing themselves as a serious contender in the ACC.

So how did yesterday's results shape the ACC power rankings ahead of week seven?

14. Virginia (1-5). Last week's ranking: 14

Yes, Virginia is no longer winless, but I still think they are the worst team in the ACC. The Cavaliers had to scratch and claw their way to a win over William and Mary and after a slow start, the offense was able to get going and get UVA its first win of the year.

Next week, Virginia is off, and then will have a big challenge against North Carolina.

13. Pitt (1-4). Last week's ranking: 12

Pitt was off this week and returns to the field this week against Louisville.

12. Virginia Tech (2-4). Last week's ranking: 10

The Hokies fought hard and hung tight for a period of time against Florida State yesterday, but were unable to make a serious push at an upset and are now 2-4. The defense allowed FSU running back Trey Benson to run for 200 yards and quarterback Kyron Drones could not replicate what he did against Pitt the week before. The Hokies have a winnable game next week against Wake Forest.

11. Boston College (3-3). Last week's ranking: 11

Boston College survived a test from Army yesterday and the Eagles are now 3-3 heading into their bye week before they head to Atlanta to face Georgia Tech. It was a great day running the football for quarterback Thomas Castellanos, who has given this offense a shot in the arm and he seems to be getting better each week.

10. Wake Forest (3-2). Last week's ranking: 8

Wake Forest came close to beating Clemson yesterday, but Dave Clawson's team came up short against the Tigers. The offense managed to only score 12 points yesterday, but it was a really solid effort from the Demon Deacons on the other side of the football, holding Clemson to only 17. Wake is 0-2 in ACC play heading into their game against Virginia Tech.

9. Syracuse (4-2). Last week's ranking: 7

It is not all their fault, but I think the 4-0 start for Syracuse was more due to their schedule and not because Syracuse is a good team. The Orange have a lot of injuries on the offensive side of the ball, but their defense just got picked apart by Drake Maye and North Carolina. It is not going to get any easier for Dino Babers's team this week against Florida State.
... (RX; HM)

AP Poll 2023 Oct 8th

Here's the latest Associated Press sports writers poll results after the games of September 30th, 2023...

AP Top 25
3Ohio State5-0up 1
4Florida State5-0up 1
5Oklahoma6-0up 7
6Penn State5-0-
9Texas5-1dn 6
10USC6-0dn 1
12North Carolina5-0up 2
13Ole Miss5-1up 3
14Louisville6-0up 11
15Oregon State5-1-
16Utah4-1up 2
17Duke4-1up 2
T19Washington St4-1dn 6
T19Tennessee4-1up 3
21Notre Dame5-2dn 11
22LSU4-2up 1
23Kansas5-1up 7
24Kentucky5-1dn 4
25Miami4-1dn 8
Others receiving votes:
26Missouridn 5
T28Air Forceup 3
T28Wisconsinup 4
31West VirginiaNR
32Clemsonup 3
33Marylanddn 7
T34James Madisonup 2
36Texas A&Mdn 8


Florida State is in the top 4 now. Nice.
North Carolina is up to #12.
The biggest riser is undefeated Louisville, jumping up 11 spots!
The biggest drop belongs to Notre Dame, who fell the same 11 spots.
... (RX; HM)

Football RPI 2023 Oct 8

Here is an updated ranking of the top 135 teams by Relative Power Index, with current and future ACC teams highlighted:

T1Ohio St.5-050.30B1G
4Penn St.4-048.63B1G
6Florida St.5-047.57ACC
12N. Carolina5-044.73ACC
13Notre Dame5-243.92Indp
15Oregon St.5-142.00Pac12
16Washington St.4-141.81Pac12
19Miami (FL)4-139.69ACC
27Air Force5-036.21MWC
28Fresno St.5-136.2MWC
30James Madison5-035.31SBC
32Kansas St.3-234.98XII
33Texas A&M4-234.8SEC
37West Virginia4-132.51XII
46South Carolina2-222.06SEC
47Georgia St.4-121.38Sbelt
50N.C. State4-221.19ACC
52Georgia Southern4-120.7SBC
53Iowa St.3-320.51XII
54W. Kentucky3-220.32USA
58Georgia Tech3-320.05ACC
59Appalachian St.3-219.98SBC
60Bowling Green2-319.64MAC
61Miami (OH)4-119.6MAC
62Texas Tech3-319.59XII
63Wake Forest3-219.58ACC
66Oklahoma St.3-219.38XII
67Michigan St.2-319.15B1G
68Boise St.3-319.07MWC
70Utah St.3-318.95MWC
71La Lafayet.4-218.88SBC
73Boston Coll.3-318.75ACC
74Mississippi St.3-318.69SEC
75Texas St.4-218.65SBC
77Coastal Car.2-318.44SBC
78S. Dakota St.4-018.44FCS
80South Florida3-318.31AAC
81South Alabama3-318.25SBC

... (RX; HM)

Still Unbeaten 2023 Oct 8

It's getting kind of thin after 6 weeks, but there are still a few left...

Which teams still have zero losses?

American: none
ACC: (3) Florida State, Louisville, North Carolina
Big XII: (1) Oklahoma
Big Ten: (3) Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State
C-USA: (1) Liberty
Independents: none
MAC: none
Mtn West: (1) Air Force
Pac-12: (3) USC, Oregon, Washington
SEC: (1) Georgia
Sun Belt: (1) James Madison

Big Three:

There are still 3 Power Fiv Conferences with a trio of undefeated teams: The ACC, the Big Ten, and the Pac-12. And this is not due to Big XII and SEC teams beating up each other, either - most of them lost a non-conference game.

Big Irony:

There are two undefeated teams in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but neither of them is one of the ACC teams.

Battles of Unbeatens, Week 7:

  • Oregon at Washington (RX; HM)

Rx: When to run and when to kneel

Let's say your team is winning by less than 9 points, it's not 4th down yet so you don't have to worry about a turnover on downs, there are less than 40 seconds left in the game, and your opponent doesn't have any timeouts.

Should you:
(a) run a play to show them how tough you are, or
(b) kneel down and let the clock run out.
The Miami Hurricanes found themselves in that exact situation Saturday night...

All Miami had to do was take a knee and the game was over.

They instead handed it off to their RB. He fumbled.

Georgia Tech scored 32 seconds later with just 1 second left.

Just absolutely brutal.
— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) October 8, 2023


... (RX; HM)

Biggest Losers 2023 Oct 7

Take heart: your team is not the biggest loser after all...

Ranked Losers

#3 Texas lost a close one to #12 Oklahoma, 30-34

They could meet again in the Big XII CCG.

#10 Notre Dame lost at #25 Louisville, 20-33

Any thoughts of making the playoffs this year are done for the Irish.

#13 Wazzu lost at UCLA, 17-25

Washington State can probably kiss the playoffs goodbye, too.

#17 Miami lost at home on a last-second bomb to Georgia Tech

The Canes are almost back, but not yet. Also, for the coaching staff, if you're winning with less than 40 seconds to play and the other team has no timeouts, should you (a) run a play and risk a fumble, or (b) kneel down?

#20 Kentucky was destroyed by #1 Georgia, 13-51

The Wildcats can probably say goodbye to the Top 25. Don't worry, there's still one team repping the Bluegrass State!

#21 Mizzou lost at home to #23 LSU, 39-49

The undefeated party is over in Missouri...

Other (PS; $; Moriarty)

The new owner of a digital marketing agency that was founded in Syracuse nine years ago and grew rapidly plans to close its Syracuse office in a move to streamline operations.

Digital Hyve’s office at 126 N. Salina St. will close on Tuesday, Oct. 10, a spokesperson for Butler/Till, the Rochester marketing firm that bought Digital Hyve in 2021, said Thursday.

Following the closing, Digital Hyve’s employees will work under the Butler/Till brand and will work remotely and from the Rochester headquarters of Butler/Till, according to an emailed statement from Chelsea Salitan, director of marketing, in response to an inquiry from | The Post-Standard.

“This business decision was made to provide a broader set of services to all clients more seamlessly and provide additional opportunities for the Digital Hyve employees who have now become Butler/Till employees,” she said. “We will be transitioning through the balance of 2023 and will officially merge service offerings and operations in 2024.”


Spirit Halloween has release several "Barbie movie costumes for adults and kids, including these neon skating Barbie and Ken ones. (PS; Herbert)

What are the most popular Halloween costumes? Everyone loves to get wrapped up in a trendy costume idea, while others may want to avoid it or put a unique spin on the spooky holiday.

According to research conducted by QforQuinn for, the three most popular Halloween costumes of 2023 are “Barbie” (especially the Cowgirl Barbie outfit worn by Margot Robbie in the “Barbie” movie), the Joker (Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, not Batman’s “The Dark Knight” villain) and Wednesday Addams (thanks to Jenna Ortega’s hit Netflix series based on “The Addams Family”). “Super Mario Bros. Movie” characters, Syracuse native Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” pilot and Disney princess Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” are also in the top 10.

As you might expect, pop culture drives a lot of Halloween costumes ideas, so you might see a lot of “Oppenheimer” outfits, or even Barbenheimer couples for 2023. Other potential favorites include Taylor Swift’s Eras, Elvis and Priscilla Presley, “nepo babies,” the cast of “White Lotus” or “Succession,” the creepy robot doll from “M3GAN,” and “Ted Lasso.”


The former Pier One store is now home to a retail sports shop. (Elizabeth Doran| (PS; Doran)

The Ski Company, a retail store specializing in winter clothing and ski and snowboarding equipment, is now open at its new location.

The Rochester-based chain had operated a seasonal business in Marshall’s Plaza in DeWitt. The owners, Gary and Vicki Profetta, closed that location and relocated to the former Pier 1 Imports building at 5788 Bridge Street in DeWitt.

The new store is larger and has triple the inventory, according to store officials.

The store will be open seven days a week.

Pier1 in DeWitt closed in 2020 after the chain filed for bankruptcy protection and closed all its 500-plus stores.

The Ski Company has l
ocations in Buffalo, Rochester and the Canandaigua area.


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