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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to Squid and Cuttlefish Day!

Squid and Cuttlefish Day—which also goes by Squittle Day and Squidturday—celebrates squid and cuttlefish. It is part of Cephalopod Awareness Days, which sprang from a forum on the TONMO, The Octopus News Magazine Online.

Squid and cuttlefish have a number of similarities. They are invertebrates with eight short arms and two long tentacles. Both are cephalopods, types of mollusks—along with the nautilus and octopus—that do not have hard shells. They both have a body cavity called a mantle that covers their organs. They both use jet propulsion to move, and both have a beak.

There are over 300 species of squid, which are in the Teuthida order. They live in every ocean, alone or in schools. They range in size: The giant squid may grow as long as 59 feet, while the pygmy squid is about the size of a pinky fingernail. They have a sleek, torpedo-like body, and are much quicker than cuttlefish. They use jet propulsion to move: They fill their mantle with water from small openings in their head, then shoot it out a funnel called a siphon, which they can move to change the direction they want to go. Squids have a pen, a flexible, feather-like structure, and a type of internal shell that supports the mantle and allows it to keep its shape.
—which also goes by Squittle Day and Squidturday—celebrates squid and cuttlefish. It is part of Cephalopod Awareness Days, which sprang from a forum on the TONMO, The Octopus News Magazine Online.

Squid and cuttlefish have a number of similarities. They are invertebrates with eight short arms and two long tentacles. Both are cephalopods, types of mollusks—along with the nautilus and octopus—that do not have hard shells. They both have a body cavity called a mantle that covers their organs. They both use jet propulsion to move, and both have a beak.

SU News

2-4-7: A look at the Syracuse Orange (; Nee)

No. 4 Florida State will host Syracuse at Doak Campbell Stadium on Saturday at noon. The game between the Seminoles and Orange will be shown on ABC.

Syracuse is 4-2 on the season, including 0-2 in Atlantic Coast Conference play. They opened the season with four consecutive wins as they worked through their non-conference schedule. They defeated Colgate (65-0), Western Michigan (48-7) and Army (29-16) at home, while also earning a road victory at Purdue (35-20). Over the past two weekends they've opened ACC play with a loss at home to Clemson (31-14) and on the road at North Carolina (40-7).

The Orange are coached by head coach Dino Babers, who is in his 8th season guiding Syracuse. He is 77-67 all-time as a head coach, including a 40-51 mark at Syracuse. Babers is 1-5 in his six prior meetings with the Seminoles.

(youtube; video; FSU Football)

Florida State offensive coordinator Alex Atkins shares his thoughts on the Virginia Tech win and previews Syracuse

Football Sold Out Saturday vs. Syracuse - Florida State University (

Florida State's game Saturday against Syracuse has officially sold out. The game is Florida State's fourth home sell out of the season, joining last week's 39-17 win vs. Virginia Tech, the October 21 Homecoming game against Duke and the November 11 contest with Miami.

Limited tickets are available for the November 18 game vs. North Alabama and can be purchased at or by calling the FSU Ticket Office at 888-378-6653 between 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Also Monday, the ACC announced that the Duke game will be played at night, either on ABC at 7:30 p.m. or ACC Network at 8:00 p.m. The Seminoles are 5-0 overall and 3-0 in the ACC, its best start since 2015.

Takeaways from Syracuse football's 40-7 loss to North Carolina (; Hodges)

The first in-conference road game on the Syracuse football schedule was one that Orange fans will remember for a while, and for all of the wrong reasons. The North Carolina Tar Heels, coming off of their bye, heard the message from their head coach and in no way overlooked the Cuse. In fact they took the game to them and threw knockout punch after knockout punch.

There's not much else to say about that, so I'll hand it to the rest of our Orange Zone team who have their own takeaways from this weekend's action.

Tommy Sladek's Takeaways:

This past Saturday was a beatdown for SU. No other way to put it. The brutal 1st down call on the blocked punt in the first quarter no doubt altered the first half of the game, but it’s not an excuse for a 40-7 defeat. Another response like that against No. 4 FSU and there will be a sour feeling over this season heading into the bye week.


When Syracuse hired Nunzio Campanile, it brought in more than just a coach to revive its New Jersey recruiting, it brought a family man committed to his player's successes.

Nunzio Campanile's family-first, humble upbringing shaped his meticulous approach to coaching (DO; Alandt)

Fair Lawn, New Jersey, is a small, middle-class town 12 minutes from the George Washington bridge. The majority of houses in the area are Cape Cods, lined in rows. It’s where Nunzio Campanile and his four siblings grew up.

Campanile’s father, Mike, is the godfather of the family dubbed “The First Family of New Jersey Football.” He coached nearly everyone Campanile grew up with. There were struggles, but each member of their neighborhood helped foster an “extended family environment” his brother Vito, said.

There wasn’t a day where Campanile wasn’t playing outside. But he always made it home to sit at the dinner table with his entire family. Vito, though biased, said you couldn’t find a better upbringing than the Campaniles’.

“We had so many people try and help direct us that he was kind of destined to go the direction he went,” Vito said.

Campanile’s humble beginnings molded him into a rising star in college football coaching. He started coaching in his home state at 20 years old. He joined Syracuse as its tight ends coach in January, tasked to boost an under-utilized position group and solidify recruiting in New Jersey and New York. One of four heirs to Mike’s throne for “Jersey’s First Family of Football” is well on his way.

Mike never taught, despite coaching for the majority of his adult life at Bergen Catholic (N.J.). He was a mortgage salesman, taking an entrepreneurial path that afforded him family time. Campanile’s mother, Maura, was a legal secretary for 20 years before working in the dialysis unit of Hackensack University Medical Center for 30 years. She lived two miles down the street and helped raise all five children when the parents worked.

Maura’s specialty was her Sunday macaroni sauce. Campanile’s brother, Nick, remembered the dinners took 4-5 hours to prepare and were “to die for.” Growing up in a tight-knit environment taught Campanile how to approach work, family and — eventually — recruiting.

Newhouse After Noon 10-9-23 (ESPN; radio; Newhouse After Noon)

Shane Holcombe and Jacob Charnow start the show trying to figure out how Syracuse can bounce back from a crushing 40-7 defeat at North Carolina. Then, Jacob Kaye and Justin Wilson discuss what went wrong against the Tar Heels and who deserves what amount of blame.

Keeping Up With The 315 10-9-23 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Brian Higgins opens the show reacting to the loss at UNC on Saturday. Then, he discusses the befuddling block punt first down call and the even more befuddling decision to not kneel from Miami. Lastly, Brian vents about his Giants and reacts to the NFL weekend.

Adam Terry "The 315" 10-9-23 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

As he does every Monday, Adam Terry joins Brian Higgins to react to the last game for Syracuse football. The two go over the loss to UNC, what Adam heard about the questionable blocked punt call and where the Orange go from here. (SI; podcast; The Bleav)

Bleav in Syracuse podcast episode 82, presented by Bet Online, Hofmann Sausage Company and Purple Banana, is out! We discuss the issues for the Orange that have caused two straight lopsided losses and if they can be turned around for the rest of the season. You can subscribe and listen on your favorite podcasting platforms as linked below.

Babers: Syracuse doesn’t have depth ‘because it gets bought away’ (PS; $; Leiker)

Dino Babers didn’t mince words when asked in his weekly press conference to characterize Syracuse football’s depth in Week 7.

“It’s the same old thing: Depth is gone,” Babers said. “Our depth is in the transfer portal. You know how many guys we lost. You know what schools they play at. Schools like us, we’re not gonna have a lot of depth because it gets bought away.”

The question had been posed related to injuries, as SU lost a fourth player to a season-ending injury in Saturday’s loss at UNC.

Babers chose to take it in the direction of the transfer portal and name, image and likeness.

The Orange lost over 10 players in the transfer portal this cycle, including significant defensive contributors Duce Chestnut, Ja’Had Carter, Jatius Geer and Steve Linton.

Syracuse football: Game six grades vs North Carolina (TNIAAM; De Guzman)

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Syracuse felt like it would never end.

The Syracuse Orange didn’t look competitive against the North Carolina Tar Heels. UNC, led by its star quarterback, dominated from opening kick and controlled the game throughout in an easy 40-7 drubbing of Syracuse. The Orange drop their second straight game, and while the level of opponent has improved, Syracuse hasn’t quite played up to the level of competition.

Here’s our grades from another disappointing loss:

Quarterbacks: D-

Syracuse’s lone scoring drive to begin the second half is the only thing that is saving Garrett Shrader from receiving a F grade. That was the only time that the Orange offense looked somewhat like the Orange offense we saw to start the season. Shrader is falling back to old habits: inaccurate passes and happy feet that put himself in disadvantageous positions. The worrying part of this weekend’s performance was Shrader’s decision making in the option.

I know it’s easy with hindsight as the Monday Morning Quarterback to criticize these option decisions, but this is an area of the game that we haven’t seen Syracuse’s quarterback struggle with nearly as bad as he did against North Carolina. He seemingly kept on choosing the worst of the option reads to put out, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the Orange rushing attack.

Running Backs: B

When LeQuint Allen was given a natural designed run play, he seemed to pick up decent yards and generate decent momentum for Syracuse. When Allen was sent out in the option, it seemed like he had nowhere to go immediately. Part of that was because of Shrader’s decision-making on when to give Allen the ball. Part of that was because of the offensive line allowing UNC defenders into the backfield immediately. I don’t think Allen has been put in the best position to succeed and drive Syracuse forward with his natural abilities. While the stats aren’t there, my eye and gut test says that Allen is still playing good.

Wide Receivers: D+

Umari Hatcher started to show a little bit of separation from his defenders and improvisation to adjust to Shrader’s inaccurate throws. Donovan Brown showed a couple of those flashes as well. However, there were way too many instances where Shrader seemingly held on to the ball for a long time desperately looking for an option to throw to. The “coverage sack” has been a problem for Syracuse before and was a problem once again against the Tar Heels, even if sacks weren’t registered in the stats. The wide receivers need to do more to make themselves a more enticing option for Shrader to throw to.

Everything Mike Norvell had to say on Monday about win over VT, prep for Syracuse, injuries, and personnel (; Nevitt)

No. 4 Florida State is 5-0 to begin the 2023 season following a 39-17 victory over Virginia Tech this past weekend. The Seminoles will now turn the page to Syracuse for a noon matchup at Doak Campbell Stadium this upcoming Saturday. Head coach Mike Norvell met with the media on Monday morning for his weekly press conference. Norvell provided numerous injury updates, recapped the performance against Virginia Tech, and looked ahead to the challenges Syracuse may present. He also spoke on Winston Wright Jr.'s departure from the program. View the full presser below:


FSU football: Syracuse game week is finally upon us (; Devers)

FSU football is now turning its attention to the Syracuse Orange, who lost this past weekend to the No. 14 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels by a humiliating score of 40-7.

The Orange are attempting to find their footing after starting the season on a good note with a 4-0 record. However, head football coach Dino Babers and company received a slice of “humble pie” after two physical games against Clemson and North Carolina.

While the Orange are struggling to gain consistency with their on-field play, the Seminoles have managed to possess a 5-0 record. The offensive and defensive performances have not been ideal at times, but it is great to witness Florida State remain one of the undefeated teams in college football.

Disclaimer: I would like to point out that both of the Seminoles’ arch-rivals Miami and Florida cannot bring up the fact that they have an undefeated record in 2023.

Nonetheless, FSU needs to continue to showcase a level of focus as well as wanting to get better each and every day. Syracuse will do everything in its power to get back on the winning side of things. In this article, let’s take an early at what the Seminoles need to do to remain successful against the Orange.

Contain QB Garrett Shrader

In the 2022 matchup versus the Orange, the Florida State Seminoles made quick work of quarterback Garrett Shrader and this offense where he was only able to complete 6 of his 16 passes for 65 passing yards to go along with 10 carries for -2 yards. It was an absolutely dominating performance as FSU won the road contest by a score of 38-3. The Orange started the 2022 season with a 6-0 record, but were plummeting to end the season where they come into the matchup with the Seminoles where they lost three straight games.

However, the 2021 matchup with Syracuse was a bit more frightening for the Seminoles. FSU came into Doak Campbell Stadium with an 0-4 record, and they couldn’t seem to buy a win (they lost in embarrassing fashion to FCS opponent Jacksonville State earlier in the year).

While FSU beat Syracuse by a score of 33-30 (thanks to a game-winning 34-yard field goal by Ryan Fitzgerald), Shrader was able to showcase his dual-threat ability with having 16 carries for 137 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

The defensive unit has struggled to contain mobile quarterbacks this season with the likes of Jayden Daniels (LSU), Thomas Castellanos (BC), and Kyron Drones (VT).

FSU releases projected depth chart for matchup vs. Syracuse
(; Alumbaugh)

With a 39-17 win over the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday, Florida State moved to 5-0 (3-0) on the season, keeping an 11-game win streak alive.

The Seminoles are now 150-29 (.838) all-time when ranked in the top-5 and 101-6 against unranked opponents when ranked in the top-5.

After reaching No. 3 in both the AP Poll and USA Today Coaches Poll earlier this season, the Seminoles saw a small slide over the course of the past few weeks to find themselves at No. 5 heading into the matchup vs. the Hokies.

There was plenty of excitement across the board, with five ranked teams falling to lower-ranked or unranked opponents this week: No. 3 Texas (in a thriller to 34-30 to No. 12 Oklahoma), No. 10 Notre Dame (33-20 to No. 25 Louisville), No. 13 Washington State (25-17 to UCLA), No. 17 Miami (in a 23-20 last-second laugher vs. Georgia Tech) and No. 24 Fresno State (24-19 to Wyoming).

No. 8 USC also went to the wire (and then some) against Arizona, emerging with a 43-41 double-overtime victory, while No. 4 Ohio State kept things close against Maryland before exploding for a 17-point fourth quarter in a 37-17 win.

Top 25 scores (Rankings are from Week 6)
No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs 51, No. 20 Kentucky Wildcats 13
No. 2 Michigan Wolverines 52, Minnesota Golden Gophers 10
No. 12 Oklahoma Sooners 34, No. 3 Texas Longhorns 30
No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes 37, Maryland Terrapins 17
No. 5 Florida State Seminoles 39, Virginia Tech Hokies 17
No. 9 USC Trojans vs. Arizona Wildcats | 10:30 p.m. | ESPN
No. 25 Louisville Cardinals 33, No. 10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 20
No. 11 Alabama Crimson Tide 26, Texas A&M Aggies 20
UCLA Bruins 25, No. 13 Washington State Cougars 17
No. 14 North Carolina Tar Heels 40, Syracuse Orange 7
No. 15 Oregon State Beavers 52, Cal Golden Bears 40
No. 16 Ole Miss Rebels 27, Arkansas Razorbacks 20
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 23, No. 17 Miami Hurricanes 20
No. 23 LSU Tigers 49, No. 21 Missouri Tigers 39
FSU’s win was enough for voters in both polls to move the Seminoles up one spot to No. 4, 19 points behind the now-No. 3 Buckeyes in the AP Poll.

Syracuse football: what’s college football saying about the Orange after week 7? (TNIAAM; Wall)

Each week, we’ll take a look at what other college football media sites are saying about the Syracuse Orange as they prepare to face the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The local writers drop Syracuse to 9th in their ACC Power Rankings. Syracuse slides in between NC State and Wake Forest. Florida State is in the top spot this week.


In this week’s SP+ rankings Syracuse moves down three spots to 38th with the offense 54th while the defense ranks 34th. The Orange are ranked between Kansas and Arizona. SP+ has Florida State 15th this week (15th on offense and 21st on defense).

Syracuse drops six spots in the Football Power Index to 28th between Texas Tech and Auburn. FPI predicts the Orange for 7.9 wins now and gives them an 98% chance of making a bowl game. FSU ranks 10th in this week’s FPI.

Andrea Adelson and David Hale have Syracuse 8th this week while Eric MacLain puts the Orange 10th. All three have FSU 1st.

CBS Sports

In the CBS Sports power rankings Syracuse is down three to 42nd this week between Memphis and Auburn. Florida State is 3rd in the CBS rankings.

The Athletic

The Orange are down nine spots to 52nd in The Athletic’s Top 133 Power Rankings placing them in between TCU and Troy. FSU is 3rd this week.

USA Today

This week Syracuse is down ten spots to 54th (#BRAND) in the Re-Rank which puts them between Jacksonville State and Western Kentucky. FSU is ranked 6th in this one.

Syracuse Football Transfer Update (; Aitken)

Syracuse football lost three defensive starters to the transfer portal this offseason. In games like this weekend’s 40-7 blowout loss to North Carolina, the loss of talent on defense is evident. Let’s take a look at how the transfers are doing, and figure out where they’d fit in the Orange’s defense if they had stayed in the Salt City.

Duce Chestnut – Louisiana State University

Duce Chestnut was an All-ACC cornerback in both of his years at Syracuse. This offseason, he took the opportunity to play in the SEC, at LSU. This is understandable. Getting to play in the best conference in the nation is an opportunity that’s hard to turn down.

Playing for the Tigers started out great. Chestnut began the season as a first-teamer and grabbed an interception in the opening game against Florida State. After that, Chestnut didn’t play for two games. Then, he saw the field against Arkansas. But since then, Chestnut hasn’t been with the team, according to LSU head coach Brian Kelly.

There hasn’t been any more information on Chestnut’s status. An unannounced absence isn’t usually a good sign. Hopefully, he is doing okay and can rejoin the Tigers.

Now, if Chestnut was still on the Orange, he would absolutely be a starting cornerback. He’d push either Isaiah Johnson or Jeremiah WIlson to the bench, preferably Wilson.

Is One Bad Call Really The Reason Syracuse Football Lost By 33? (youtube; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Syracuse Football dropped its second straight game, this time to a top 15 North Carolina squad. What went into the loss? How impactful was the missed call? What else can go wrong? It's your Locked On Syracuse Monday episode.

Syracuse's Dino Babers compares UNC to Florida State, says Tar Heels aren't 'getting credit they deserve' (; Hughes)

Syracuse dropped to 4-2 on the season with a 40-7 blowout loss at North Carolina on Saturday. Head coach Dino Babers gushed over UNC during his postgame press conference and compared the Tar Heels to the Orange's Week 7 opponent, No. 4 Florida State.

"That is a really good football team," Babers said of UNC. "I am not sure they are getting the credit that they deserve. They're going to go a long way. We've got a heck of an opponent coming up (Florida State) that a lot of people would say is better. I'm not in a position to say anything about anybody's team right now. [Drake Maye] is a high-draftable quarterback. The guy next week (Jordan Travis) may be better. I don't know."

Babers praised UNC's "big" offensive line and "fantastic" defense, saying the Tar Heels "were something to see." He also touched on Garrett Shrader's lackluster outing, the blocked punt in the first quarter and how the Orange will respond after the blowout loss, among other things.

ACC News

Midseason 2023 All-ACC College Football Honors (CFN; Mellor)

The ACC has seen some of the top play across the country and has a handful of undefeated teams left in 2023. At the midway point, here are the best individual and team efforts we’ve seen in our Midseason All-ACC College Football Team Honors.

Midseason ACC Football Team Honors for 2023

  • Midseason Player of the Year
    Jawhar Jordan, RB, Louisville
  • Midseason Offensive Player of the Year
    Jawhar Jordan, RB, Louisville
  • Midseason Defensive Player of the Year
    Payton Wilson, LB, NC State
  • Midseason Newcomer of the Year
    Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville
  • Midseason Coach of the Year
    Jeff Brohm, Louisville

Midseason ACC Offense

  • Midseason Quarterback of the Year
    Drake Maye, North Carolina
  • Midseason Running Back of the Year
    Jawhar Jordan, Louisville
  • Midseason Wide Receiver of the Year
    Keon Coleman, Florida State
  • Midseason Tight End of the Year
    Bryson Nesbit, North Carolina
  • Midseason Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Willie Tyler, OT, Louisville
  • Midseason Offensive Line of the Year
    Louisville Cardinals
  • Midseason Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville

Midseason First-Team All-ACC Offense

QB: Drake Maye, North Carolina
RB: Jawhar Jordan, Louisville
RB: Will Shipley, Clemson
WR: Malik Washington, Virginia
WR: Jamari Thrash, Louisville
WR: Keon Coleman, Florida State
TE: Bryson Nesbit, North Carolina
FLEX: Xavier Restrepo, Miami (FL)
OT: Willie Tyler, Louisville
G: Christian Mahogany, Boston College
C: Matt Lee, Miami (FL)
G: Michael Jurgens, Wake Forest
OT: DeVonte Gordon, Wake Forest

Midseason Second-Team All-ACC Offense

QB: Jordan Travis, Florida State
RB: Omarion Hampton, North Carolina
RB: LeQuint Allen, Syracuse
WR: Johnny Wilson, Florida State
WR: Malachi Fields, Virginia
WR: Eric Singleton Jr., Georgia Tech
TE: Gavin Bartholomew, Pittsburgh
FLEX: Bhayshul Tuten, Virginia Tech
OT: Eric Miller, Louisville
G: Kyle Hergel, Boston College
C: Bryan Hudson, Louisville
G: Michael Gonzalez, Louisville
OT: Jalen Rivers, Miami (FL)

Midseason Third-Team All-ACC Offense

QB: Jack Plummer, Louisville
RB: Trey Benson, Florida State
RB: Jordan Waters, Duke
WR: Lewis Bond, Boston College
WR: Nate McCollum, North Carolina
WR: Kevin Concepcion, NC State
TE: Jaheim Bell, Florida State
FLEX: Kobe Pace, Virginia
OT: Jake Hornibrook, Duke
G: Renato Brown, Louisville
C: Weston Franklin, Georgia Tech
G: Joe Fusile, Georgia Tech
OT: Anthony Belton, NC State

Midseason Honorable Mention All-ACC Offense

QB: Haynes King, Georgia Tech
QB: Tyler Van Dyke, Miami (FL)
RB: Phil Mafah, Clemson
RB: Henry Parrish Jr., Miami (FL)
RB: Jamal Haynes, Georgia Tech
RB: Demond Claiborne, Wake Forest
WR: Tyler Brown, Clemson
WR: Colbie Young, Miami (FL)
WR: Jacolby George, Miami (FL)
WR: Beaux Collins, Clemson
WR: Kobe Paysour, North Carolina
WR: Jordan Moore, Duke
TE: John Copenhaver, North Carolina
TE: Trent Pennix, NC State
FLEX: Isaac Guerendo, Louisville
FLEX: Lawrance Toafili, Florida State
OT: Logan Taylor, Boston College
OT: Francis Mauigoa, Miami (FL)
G: Casey Roddick, Florida State
G: Marcus Tate, Clemson
C: Brian Stevens, Virginia
C: Corey Gaynor, North Carolina
G: Javion Cohen, Miami (FL)
G: Ed Montilus, North Carolina
OT: Timothy McKay, NC State
OT: Ethan Mackenny, Georgia Tech

Midseason ACC Defense

  • Midseason Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Ashton Gillotte, EDGE, Louisville
  • Midseason Linebacker of the Year
    Payton Wilson, NC State
  • Midseason Cornerback of the Year
    Alijah Huzzie, North Carolina
  • Midseason Safety of the Year
    Devin Neal, Louisville
  • Midseason Defensive Line of the Year
    Florida State Seminoles
  • Midseason Secondary of the Year
    NC State Wolfpack
  • Midseason Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    Francisco Mauigoa, LB, Miami

Midseason First-Team All-ACC Defense

EDGE: Ashton Gillotte, Louisville
EDGE: Kaimon Rucker, North Carolina
DT: Pheldarius Payne, Virginia Tech
DT: Leonard Taylor III, Miami (FL)
LB: Payton Wilson, NC State
LB: Cedric Gray, North Carolina
LB: Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Clemson
CB: Alijah Huzzie, North Carolina
CB: Renardo Green, Florida State
CB: Quincy RIley, Louisville
S: Devin Neal, Louisville
S: Jaylon King, Georgia Tech
FLEX: Jarrian Jones, Florida State

Midseason Second-Team All-ACC Defense

EDGE: Jared Verse, Florida State
EDGE: Kyle Kennard, Georgia Tech
DT: Ramon Puryear, Louisville
DT: DeWayne Carter, Duke
LB: Francisco Mauigoa, Miami (FL)
LB: Power Echols, North Carolina
LB: TJ Quinn, Louisville
CB: DaShawn Jones, Wake Forest
CB: Te’Cory Couch, Miami (FL)
CB: Jeremiah Wilson, Syracuse
S: Jonas Sanker, Virginia
S: LaMiles Brooks, Georgia Tech
FLEX: Alijah Clark, Syracuse

Midseason Third-Team All-ACC Defense

EDGE: Antwaun Powell-Ryland, Virginia Tech
EDGE: Jasheen Davis, Wake Forest
DT: Joshua Farmer, Florida State
DT: Braden Fiske, Florida State
LB: Marlowe Wax, Syracuse
LB: Kam Robinson, Virginia
LB: Kalen DeLoach, Florida State
CB: Dorian Strong, Virginia Tech
CB: Aydan White, NC State
CB: Shyheim Battle, NC State
S: Robert Kennedy, NC State
S: James Williams, Miami (FL)
FLEX: Jaylen Stinson, Duke

ACC power rankings: Louisville victory against Notre Dame has Cardinals on the rise (; Keepfer)

It’s still a bit crowded atop the ACC football standings.

Clemson and Florida State were the preseason favorites to advance to the 2023 ACC Championship Game, but the Seminoles are the only ones living up to their preseason billing.

Now Louisville and North Carolina have joined the fray, with Louisville flashing its mettle by virtue of a 33-20 victory against Notre Dame on Saturday that halted the Fighting Irish’s 30-game regular-season winning streak against ACC opponents.

The Cardinals, who were tabbed for an eighth-place finish in the ACC’s preseason poll, are one of three remaining undefeated teams in the league and one of four ACC programs in the latest US LBM Coaches Poll.

Here’s a look at how they stack up in our ACC power rankings:

1. Florida State (5-0, 3-0 ACC)

Last week: 1

This week: vs. Syracuse

What to know: Trey Benson averaged 18 yards per carry Saturday vs. Virginia Tech; he may best that figure this week against a Syracuse run defense that allowed 202 yards rushing vs. pass-happy North Carolina.

2. North Carolina (5-0, 2-0)

Last week: 2

This week: vs. Miami

What to know: Behind QB Drake Maye, the Tar Heels are 5-0 for the first time in 26 years.

3. Louisville (6-0, 3-0)

Last week: 5

This week: at Pitt

What to know: Early leader in the clubhouse for ACC Coach of the Year? How about the Cardinals’ Jeff Brohm.

4. Duke (4-1, 1-0)

Last week: 3

This week: vs. N.C. State

What to know: Duke QB Riley Leonard is out because of a high ankle sprain at a tough time for the Blue Devils, who face N.C. State, Florida State and Louisville the next three weeks.

5. Clemson (4-2, 2-2)

Last week: 6

This week: Open

What to know: Clemson coach Dabo Swinney says the Tigers are “three plays away from being 5-0.” They’re also one play away from being 3-3.

6. Miami (4-1, 1-1)

Last week: 4

This week: at North Carolina

What to know: The Hurricanes on Saturday debuted their all-black “Miami Nights” uniforms, which may be renamed “Miami Nightmares” after losing to Georgia Tech on the game’s final play.

7. N.C. State (4-2, 1-1)

Last week: 8

This week: at Duke

What to know: QB MJ Morris looks like he’ll be the new man in Raleigh after tossing four TDs in his first start of the season.

8. Georgia Tech (3-3, 2-1)

Last week: 12

This week: Open

What to know: One week after being humiliated at home by Bowling Green, the Yellow Jackets stroll into Miami and knock out the Hurricanes. Please explain.

9. Wake Forest (3-2, 0-2)

Last week: 10

This week: at Virginia Tech

What to know: Moving up a spot despite a loss? The improvement is warranted after pushing Clemson to the brink in Death Valley.

10. Syracuse (4-2, 0-2)

Last week: 7

This week: at Florida State

What to know: The Orange’s annual midseason collapse swoon is set to continue Saturday at Florida State.

2023 Oct 10 - Will it happen today? (RX; HM)

2023 Oct 10 - Will it happen today?

Well, today is the day (according to the rumors)...

Personally, I think this was just more Big Ten propaganda designed to destabilize other conferences (the ACC in this case) so that they can then pluck whichever plums they want and leave the rest...

My gut feeling: nothing happens today, or this year, and Clemson will still be in the ACC on July 1st, 2024...

...but I've been wrong before.

2023 Path to the ACC CCG (Week 7) (RX; HM)

2023 Path to the ACC CCG (Week 7)

There are still three undefeated teams in the ACC. Can the conference get two of them into the Championship Game without a loss? Here are the remaining schedules for the top ACC contenders...

Undefeated Teams

Florida State remaining schedule:
  • Syracuse
  • Duke
  • at Wake
  • at Pitt
  • Miami
  • N. Alabama
  • at Florida
That's not a ridiculously hard schedule at all. Only three of those teams look capable of beating the Seminoles; two of them (Duke, Miami) have to come to Tallahassee, and the third (Florida) is a non-confererence game.

Louisville remaining schedule:

  • at Pitt
  • Duke
  • Virginia Tech
  • Virginia
  • at Miami
  • Kentucky
The Cardinals have a situation very similar to the Seminoles: only 3 scary-looking games, and two of those are at home.
N. Carolina remaining schedule:

  • Miami
  • Virginia
  • at Georgia Tech
  • Campbell
  • Duke
  • at Clemson
  • at NC State
The Tar Heels may be the best team in this bunch, but must play three of the ACC contenders, plus a pair of traditional rivals (UVa and NC State) who would like nothing better than to knock the Heels out of ACC Title contention!

Looking Ahead to 2023 Oct 21st (RX; HM)

Looking Ahead to 2023 Oct 21st

From the official ACC release of Monday, Oct. 9, 2023...

Football Game Times & Networks Announced for Oct. 21
CHARLOTTE, N.C. ( – The Atlantic Coast Conference and its television partners announced the following football game times and networks for Oct. 21.

Saturday, October 21st

  • Boston College at Georgia Tech, Noon ET on ACC Network
  • Pitt at Wake Forest, 3:30 p.m. ET on ACC Network
  • Virginia at North Carolina, 6:30 p.m. ET on The CW Network
One of the following will be on ABC at 7:30 pm ET, the other at 8:00 pm ET on ACC Network – time and network designation after the games of 10/14:
  • Duke at Florida State
  • Clemson at Miami

Football Game Times & Networks Announced for Oct. 21 (

The Atlantic Coast Conference and its television partners announced the following football game times and networks for Oct. 21.

Saturday, Oct. 21

  • Boston College at Georgia Tech, Noon ET on ACC Network
  • Pitt at Wake Forest, 3:30 p.m. ET on ACC Network
  • Virginia at North Carolina, 6:30 p.m. ET on The CW Network
  • Duke at Florida State, 7:30 p.m. ET on ABC or 8 p.m. ET on ACC Network – time and network designation after the games of 10/14
  • Clemson at Miami, 7:30 p.m. ET on ABC or 8 p.m. ET on ACC Network – time and network designation after the games of 10/14
ACC Notes
  • The ACC has three undefeated teams in Florida State (5-0), Louisville (6-0), and North Carolina (5-0) – tied for the most among any FBS conference. Three of the 13 undefeated teams in the FBS are in the ACC.
  • The ACC had six teams start the season at 4-0, which tied the SEC in 2012 for the most teams in a Power 5 conference to start 4-0 in a single season in the AP Poll Era (since 1936).
  • With another game announced for ABC for Week 8 (Oct. 21), the ACC will have six games on ABC’s “Saturday Night Football" – the most of any FBS conference – as well as 25 appearances on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2 over the first eight weeks of the season.
    • To date, 18 ACC contests are scheduled for national ABC broadcasts, while the ACC Network will also feature 26 games.
    • Of the 18 full national ABC telecasts, 12 different league programs will be featured.
  • ACC football led the Power 5 in windows and average viewership on ABC through the first four weeks of the season.
    • In Week 1 of the 2023 season, the ACC captivated the national audience, averaging 5.1 million viewers – more than double all other conferences in the highest average per game viewership for the week.
    • Overall, the ACC was part of three of the top seven most-watched games for Week 1.
    • Through Week 2, the ACC had three home broadcasts with 4M+ viewers – no other conference had more than one.

College Football Power Rankings: Oklahoma soars to No. 3, Louisville stars among ACC unbeatens (; Dodd)

Despite what you may have heard, it was a pretty good week for the ACC. As we near the halfway point, there are 14 remaining undefeated teams. Eleven are in the Power Five, and three are in the ACC (Florida State, Louisville, North Carolina). That's the same number as the Big Ten (Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State) and Pac-12 (Oregon, USC, Washington).

However, there's a big difference. None of the ACC unbeatens play one another in the regular season. That sets up an interesting possibility: an undefeated ACC team could be left out of the College Football Playoff. That has never happened in the CFP era (since 2014) because there has never been a Power Five undefeated that didn't play in its conference championship game since its existence.

Blame realignment and the consolidation of conferences. Blame the elimination of divisions. In the age of super conferences, teams don't even come close to playing all the other opponents. In the 15-team ACC, there are seven "misses" each season.

You have been warned. Beginning in 2024, there is the real possibility 10 of the 25 teams in this week's Power Rankings could be from one league.

We have a preview in the ACC. All three could win out, each finishing 12-0. The league champion could finish 13-0; the loser of the championship game, 12-1. Ah, but that 12-0 golden child? It wouldn't even be eligible for the ACC Championship Game.

Again, it's never happened in the CFP era. But according to ACC rules, it would come to the fifth tiebreaker to sort out the championship game participants: "combined win percentage of conference opponents." We don't know that yet, of course.
... (SI; Caudell)

The ACC is coming off of a wild week six and the conference race is starting to get clearer.

Louisville scored its biggest win in years by beating Notre Dame at home and they showed they have what it takes to be a contender in the ACC. The Cardinals have a favorable schedule the rest of the way and could find themselves in Charlotte in December.

Miami just lost in one of the most shocking fashions in college football history, but now must bounce back in a big road game against North Carolina, who just won in a blowout over Syracuse. The Tar Heels are also vying for a spot in the ACC Championship and a win over the Hurricanes would be a huge boost for their chances.

I am 47-9 on picks this year and went 6-1 last week, with the only loss being picking Notre Dame to beat Louisville.

Who will be the winners in the ACC this week?

Syracuse at Florida State (-17.5) (12:00 p.m. ABC)

Florida State just secured a home win over Virginia Tech and remains the favorite to win the ACC, while Syracuse is reeling a little bit after getting blown out in back-to-back games against Clemson and North Carolina. The Orange started the season 4-0 but could be looking at their third straight loss. I think with the injuries that Syracuse has sustained on the offensive side of the ball, it is going to be tough to keep up with a team like Florida State. The Seminoles offense is electric and Trey Benson had a great day running the ball against the Hokies. FSU will cruise at home this weekend.

Final Score: Florida State 41, Syracuse 14

Wake Forest at Virginia Tech (-1) (3;30 p.m. ACC Network).


OTB: No Knees, ACC Officiating, and another W (; podcast; Sonnone)

Florida State
wasn't perfect in its win over Virginia Tech, but there were some really good moments to build on. A look at those positives -- in addition to some of the parts that need to be cleaned up -- standout performances, and an airing of grievances about ACC officiating are on the docket for this episode.

Plus we give you the recap on the LJ McCray official visit in addition to other recruiting tidbits.

But first, we laugh at Miami.

How the ACC just Made a HORRIBLE MISTAKE (This is Bad!) | FSU Football | Louisville | UNC (youtube; podcast; No Slaw)

Leave it to the ACC to completely screw up the schedules in the ACC. We're chatting about a doomsday scenario for Florida State Football


Now it’s officially autumn in Central NY: Rudy’s closed for the season today (PS; Miller)

Autumn arrived 17 days ago, but today is Central New York’s official start to the season.

It’s become local tradition over the past 77 years that spring unofficially starts with the opening of Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In, the popular restaurant on the shore of Lake Ontario. That was March 29, nine days after the real spring equinox.

All good things must come to an end. Rudy’s served its final fried haddock dinners and hot dogs with meat sauce this afternoon.

“It has been a great summer with great food and beautiful sunsets,” said Jason Livesey, Rudy’s general manager.

At lunch today, kitchen workers yelled from the back as supply ran low on certain items.

“Almost out of (onion) rings,” one cook shouted.

A customer grabbed the last order of those rings 10 minutes later.

Rudy’s was scheduled to be open until 8 p.m., but it finally ran out of food at 2 p.m. and locked up for the winter.


Steve Featherstone |

End of an era on the Salmon River as a 50-year-old family fishing shop cuts bait (PS; $; Featherstone)

A young fly fisherman from Connecticut named Zach Daugherty recently walked into the Salmon River Sports Shop in Pulaski. He glanced around at racks bristling with fishing rods and green pegboards studded with bags of fishing gear.

“Can I grab something for ya?” said Zana Gervaise, the shop’s 31-year-old owner.

“I see salmon out there,” Zach said, pointing the tip of his fly rod toward the window in the back of the shop that overlooked the most popular stretch of the Salmon River.

“How do I rig my stuff up for them?” he said.

Gervaise practically grew up in the shop, counting hooks, working the counter. Most importantly she learned the delicate art of teaching anglers how to fish the Salmon River from her father and grandfather. She had a sharp instinct for sizing up a customer’s skill level and temperament.
Last edited:
Wasn't expecting this, especially after last week. Good for him.

View attachment 232087View attachment 232087
That was surprising. Bellamy had a rough day last week but FSU has some big WRs. It will be interesting to see who plays Saturday.

Willie Tyler of UL made the first team offense. We almost got him a couple of times. We have to get better recruiting OL to get to the next level.

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