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hey general

pre boston college thoughts???? stop laying down on the job!! :D

Not going to happen. Sorry. These two games in three days swings are tough on me.

I have not had the chance to see them play, and I don't have time to watch a game and write something before we play.

I can give you some glaring stats though.

Syracuse's offensive rebounding percentage is 40%

Boston College's offensive rebounding percentage is 27.9%

Syracuse's steal percentage is 15%

Boston College's steal percentage is 4.7%

Syracuse's block percentage is 10.3%

Boston College's block percentage is 4.7%

Not very pretty if your a BC fan.

To make matters worse, BC plays at about the exact pace Syracuse is comfortable with, 66.2 possessions per game compared to 62.9 for SU.

Their defense is terrible, averaging 1.14 points per possession, compared to 0.93 for Syracuse.

I never like these two games in three days things, especially not when the second is on the road, but on the plus side Syracuse is always good on the road, and Syracuse is really difficult to prepare for in only a day (BC is playing 2 in 3 as well).

Basicalky, what Jordoo said, BC will lose.
I liked your pregame writeup before the NC game General. Glad your rebounding thoughts did not come true though as we killed them on the boards :) Look forward to your thoughts on the Pitt game to come. Let's Go Orange!

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