HMMM...did Triche Look Good at PG |

HMMM...did Triche Look Good at PG

When Triche plays at this level, the team is almost unstoppable.

Dion continues to show he has elevated his game to the next level, both offensively and defensively.
Yeah but wow was MCW throwing that ball spot on and Triche was shooting nicely.
I thought that Brandon Dion back court was the best combination we have had out there this season. they looked for each other but also looked for their own and hit the open guys.
yea Triche is a point guard. Our stars really align when Triche has the ball and a whole shot clock to work. He can help his teammates make good decisions.

Big props to Scoop. His game last season drove me crazy, and I really don't want him to be our lead guard, be he must bleed orange to be reducing his role like this. Not a championship level lead guard, but maybe a championship level leader and player.
If he would just stop picking up his dribble in the backcourt...he'd be on to something.
...lets see if JB saw what we did...Triche and Waiters looked very good...and chemistry was good...who would have thought...

Triche was good with ball in hands...looked as if he knew what to do...i think regardless of if he starts or not...he should play PG.
MCW was throing the ball on the button today every pass. He made atleast a half dozen awesome not really good passes.
..i think regardless of if he starts or not...he should play PG.

good point. Scoop at pg and Triche at sg might well be our worst possible combination, out of the 12 different backcourt looks we could run. As much as I love Triche, if he cannot start at point, I'd rather have him backing up the starter at point, so Brandon can at least play his real position.
I like what I see in MCW too. He has bball IQ that you can't teach and is a good passer and very unselfish. only needs to get stronger, but he will.

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