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Holy hell, does Craft get calls ...

How is that not a foul when he jumped on the Dayton player's back for the tie-up?
Just thank goodness he didn't get the last one.

I didn't want to face Dayton if we get by WMU, but it is pretty sweet to see Crafty go down.
In addition to the announcers sucking up to him all game...
Yeah, Verne and Raf had to catch themselves at the end talking more about Craft not making that shot than Dayton winning.
Respect Craft's ability. Whether you like him or not, I totally disrespect the Dayton fans mocking him as he went to the locker room. Gives me even more reason to hope we beat the living s--t out of them.
I'll say he makes me appreciate Ennis all the more -- as Craft never thinks he turns it over without being fouled, or commits a foul. Listening to Barkley say the Flagrant 1 outcome -- two shots and the ball -- needs to be revisited is the cherry on the top of this sundae. He specifically called out Ohio State pre-game as a team he thought would go deep.
He does get calls, but complaining about that play is a little like complaining about a WR pushing off. It's just hardly ever called. For some reason you're allowed to elbow drop guys on the floor and get a jump ball.
He took 3 steps on the last shot but oh well. Adios.
College basketball will be better when every OSt player, coach, and ref involved with the 42 foul game is out of college basketball.

College basketball is better for his career being over.

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