How to get tickets for Duke game... |

How to get tickets for Duke game...

Clever advertising, and better than paying through the roof on Stubhub. Always be careful of the fine print (made larger below). There is NO game of equal value either!

If the game day tickets listed become unavailable, an alternate game in the 2018/2019 season of equal value will be substituted. Key is not responsible for and will not honor promotional offers that appear on third party websites that are not authorized by KeyBank. If a new account owner experiences technical difficulties to complete the direct deposit changes within the 30 day period and proof of good faith efforts are provided, tickets to an alternate game date may be substituted
where exactly would they put people ? there are a handful of non-resale tickets left in those price pts. the rest are people trying to recoup season ticket costs.
If Duke tickets weren’t available, I think Virginia would be close. Hey, if I lived in Syracuse I would probably open up an account for any game. It’s still a pretty nice offer.

Then again if I lived in Syracuse I’d be a season ticket holder so scratch that...
1. Be my nephew.

2. Call my mother (who takes custody of my tickets), and say, “Grandma, can I have the Duke tickets?”
I think this is brilliant. The world needs more of these cross promotions. Harks back to the days of opening a new account for a free toaster.
Here is an ad from 1980. Sign up and get all kinds of free stuff and also get 16% interest on a savings account. Right now I would buy everyone at key bank a toaster if they gave me 16% interest.
Advance historic page from December 14, 1980: Ad for Staten Island Savings Bank
Will probably have one ticket for sale as I can't find an affordable place to stay in the city. Will let the forum know soon.
I'm more partial to the 6 piece Corning Ware set.

Who can pass up the old Syracuse Savings Bank coin bank.


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