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I can deal with a rebuilding season if


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Nov 16, 2022
A. I had confidence Coach Boeheim could turn it around.
B. It would actually lead to competing for conference and national championships.
C. Coach would stop acting like fans are stupid and can’t see thru comments he makes in the press like we can’t play man to man or make adjustments.

This program has very little reason for optimism as long as Coach is attached to the program. It’s hard to have confidence in John Wildhack when it’s said on this board he reports to the BOT wishes. If the BOT can’t see we need change and change like years ago what is the point spending time watching the program never mind spending money on the product.

It was mentioned on the broadcast Illinois lost 81% of its scoring from last year and they aren’t even rebuilding.
Coach is just lazy at this point and serving up excuses he should announce his retirement at the end of this season and get the love and appreciation he deserves.
rebuilding? more like lighting fire. Beavis style. FIRE FIRE
Rebuilding? More like drawn and quartered.
We really wasted weeks of practice time, 2 exhibitions, and a game playing mostly man to man only to bag it after one game?

There appears to be no plan here.
I understand that and it is frustrating, but we only scored 44 points.
I could deal with a “rebuilding” season if it came in the aftermath of a few great years and we were actually building something again.

Instead, we stunk last year, have been utterly mediocre for years, and I have no doubt that half (or more) of our young guys will bolt after this season anyway.
I understand that and it is frustrating, but we only scored 44 points.
Speaks more to the overall lack of direction with the program, not just the defensive schemes
This isn't pro sports. You don't "rebuild". Jim has buried this program, it's not "rebuilding".
This isn't a rebuilding season. There's no recruits in place for next year, no coaching being done to get the best out of the young players, no desire to hit the transfer portal for actual improvement and no set plan in place for the future.

This is just a team with a bunch of unheralded freshmen, mediocre talent, decent athleticism, bad coaching/schemes and little to no hope. We're just here waiting for it all to end, so it can hopefully rise from there.

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