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I kind of feel bad for Jay Wright.

That man would look good in Orange...

If JB retired and Jay Wright were interested, I'd take him in a heartbeat... no offense to Mike, but if we can leave the Big East to protect the future of SU athletics, we can pay Mike off and go with the proven guy, to protect the future of the program.
I don't think Wright had any interest in going anywhere as long as Nova was going to be in a big time conference. He may have to re-assess his wishes now. And it's correct that he could basically have almost any job he wanted assuming the school wanted a new coach. I do hope SU can continue to play them frequently in non-con play along with Gtown and John's.
How long does Lavin stay at St. John's?
What is Duke's post-K plan? I assume they would want a Duke man, but Wright could be an option for that job.
Five years? He turned down Maryland a few months ago. He's ready and able to go soon.

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