Interesting take on expansion from Pitino |

Interesting take on expansion from Pitino

How is that blog bitter in any way?

Rick should get a ghost writer, or at least an editor.

Got to hand it to him, his solution to the Big East Football problem is genius, pure genius. Court an ex in Temple, force Nova to upgrade to Div. 1A (or whatever its called) and add three service academies as part time participants. Now that is a formidable league. It is solutions like that that will definitely keep UConn and Rutgers from heading for the door at the first opportunity. Just proves that its not only University Presidents that should stay out of the conference building gambit, it's head basketball coaches too.
Funny that the Louisville to big 12 are everywhere and he's going on about saving the big east.

Seems odd to me he has a blog and he's as open as he is about this kinda stuff too.
Pitino thinks that what's best for Louisville Basketball should be good for Louisville Football too. :rolling:
Well if they are headed to the Big 12, he definitely isn't in the decision loop. I wonder what he will write about tomorrow. Actually, I don't care.
It may seem irrelevant to some, but Pitino does have a point about the hardship that far-flung schools impose on their lesser sports. Basketball and football teams can charter their own planes (at least he says they can); so flying an extra 800 miles or whatever isn't as big a deal for them.

But if the ladies soccer team has to go that extra 800 miles, they may have to wait an extra 3, 4, 5 hours to make an extra connection or two to get to, say Florida State from Syracuse. It's something I hadn't thought about.
Without looking up the distance, I'm guessing it's no farther than Fort Worth (TCU). And remaining in the Big East would likely have meant another Florida school (UCF?) to go along with South Florida (already in the Big East), possibly another Texas school (Houston, SMU?) and now Air Force (being mentioned).

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