Is Ayers doing our game tonight? |

Is Ayers doing our game tonight?

Cassell was part of the crew who hosed Lville last night. 40FT to 11.
Ayers, TV Teddy and oh my gawwd King, that's Tim Higgins's music, what in the hell is he doing here?!

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Did we win a game this year that Ayer’s reffed? He seems to hate this group.
Roger Ayers is a complete jackass. In person, on court, and all together. There really needs to be better checks and balances with officials. There are none. All of the old officials become assignors, and stick up for them at all costs. It’s pretty pathetic.
Yes, THIS is the reason we lost.
Yes, we lost for a variety of reasons. And likely would have lost regardless.

Yes, the officials are atrocious and were a part of it.

Both can be true. And I would argue, when calls aren’t made it makes a HUGE impact on what the complex of the game is.
Did we win a game this year that Ayer’s reffed? He seems to hate this group.
this team got on the bad side of ACC reffs somehow...(well, I know how...all the complaining and whining...them southern boyz dont like that!)

the worst part is that this team is VERY RELIANT on FTs and getting calls on penetration

but this was a total hit job.

only 9 fouls all game on NC State??? they made contact on almost every SU shot!

...if I knew that beforehand, I wouldnt even have bothered watching.

all year this was a team that was reliant on refs calling the game fairly and not allowing contact on drives...which the refs didnt care about in this game...for whatever reason

they let them play...which was good for keeping a player like brown in the game...

the offense was based on dribble drive and getting to the line...a style that leaves a team very vulnerable to whatever side they are on with the defense of the players, its gotta be so aggravating to realize that you are fighting the opponent and the refs and cant really beat both.

this was always a team that any reffing crew could beat. and it happened a few times this year.

its games like this that make me hate being in the ACC

Syracuse will always be a northern school...a big east outsider

the roster was flawed and not trying to say it wasnt...

but ...for example judah gets eye gouged...legit...and no he barks at the ref off camera in the commercial...

why didnt the refs review it?????

like...your 2nd all acc player blew up...maaaaaybe he had a reason?? maybe...he still has to be in control of his emotions but I get it. and sympathize.

its this kind of attitude from the refs that reveals their bias.

the ref was literally staring right at the play where judah got finger stabbd in the call.
You cannot rely on FTs in the college game. Refs let them play way too much.

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