It's currently 10 degrees in Winston-Salem... |

It's currently 10 degrees in Winston-Salem...

-4 degrees in the Burbs of Cuse this AM. It's down right nippy. This weather just sucks. It's too cold to make snowmen or take the kids sledding. Good thing I joined the Marsh Fan Club and now enjoy my couch and TV much more at night. ;)
Joyce, it's currently 11 in Fairfax. Will be a balmy 28 today. Definitely CNY weather here...Let's take care of Wake then home to get ready for Duke...LGO
15 right outside the greatest city in the world. Weekend has us in the 40s, though, and next week possibly 50. I wish this weather would just stay consistent.
First we take away the Super Bowl from the south and now we are bringing our weather with us...the takeover that they so feared is now happening. Remember this...SS once said we are going to take the ACC by storm, little did we know he actually was speaking literally.
We are 'crippled' this AM in SC. A whole inch, maybe two, of accumulation in the Charlotte area.

However, most people in my neighborhood appear to be smart enough to sit tight at home and avoid replicating the chaos that Atlanta brought upon themselves. Most southerners do recognize that snow and ice cause problems on the roads that aren't equipped for clearing like in other areas.

All in all it's a good day for a late start because it's going to be a long evening with a 9:00 tipoff.
Very Good. Add another reason to extend the SYRACUSE HOME COURT EMPIRE.
... and tomorrow night's forecast is 14 degrees.

Sounds like Syracuse weather to me.

CTO - do you know how the roads look in the area? I'll be coming from Raleigh later this afternoon.
Hopefully it will mean that half the place is empty like when they played Virginia Tech.
What's the over/under on a talk about the weather in NC being compared to the Syracuse -200 or whatever it is, in the broadcast tonight?
in case you didnt get the super secret payside memo-
the ottoman empire now has a second hand weather machine to help its war of northern aggression against acc teams and there fans -this freak weather has little to no effect on cusians
CTO - do you know how the roads look in the area? I'll be coming from Raleigh later this afternoon.
Can't help you. I'm in sunny Southport, CT., where the wind chill temperature is 8 degrees. But it is very sunny ... and the roads are totally clear.

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