Jardine reflects on time spent at World University Games ... | Syracusefan.com

Jardine reflects on time spent at World University Games ...

Scoop = Never ran a offense at Syracuse without a high post threat 10 feet away from him on his side of the ball.

Sure he will protect the ball and pass to a isolation threat on the perimeter for a assist. But, will he drive, will he get the ball into the low post, and will we be overly efficient IF we find a high post threat on his side.

KJo taking over will be tougher then Scoop getting the ball to him. There is no doubt in my mind.
I think Scoop will be better than last season. (it was his first season as a starting pg after all) I think he wants to be a leader and says all the right things. I'm not sold on an offense with him as one of the main scorers being good enough over the long hall. I'm looking for Scoop to shoot a bit less and a bit more efficiantly. I am also looking for him to up his assists and drop his turn overs, not drastically but noticably. We'll see . . . . . . . . . .

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