Jim Boeheim on with Anthony Donahue - 9PM | Syracusefan.com

Jim Boeheim on with Anthony Donahue - 9PM

I assume he is compensated for his appearances on all these shows. :cool:
I am sure he is not being compensated. He is considered a person in the news. Not an entertainer. Even though these talk shows sometimes seem more entertainment than news.
Definitely not compensated for this one. Anthony and Coach B met a few years back and for whatever reason Coach goes on with Anthony anytime he is asked. Anthony said that when he called this time to ask Coach to come on with him, Coach answered the phone by saying, "When do you need me?" For all the crap some people, even some fans in this board, give Coach for the way he treats the media, this shows the kind of person he really is! Upstate and I know Anthony from our childhood and so I may be biased, but I thought it was a pretty good interview and Coach seemed to be into it.
Great interview with JB. Surprisingly, he is very knowledgable about the Knicks while being one of the biggest college basketball junkies out there.

If I remember correctly, JB said he hasn't missed a Knicks game this year? Awesome!

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