John Thompson (9/11/01) |

John Thompson (9/11/01)

Wow. Never knew that.
Man... Never been happier to still have the opportunity to hate someone.
non-hoops related but Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, was also booked for a flight (American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston)
...I could be antagonistic in those days...

There's an understatement
non 9/11 related, but rony seikleys beautiful ex wife elsa benietez was supposed to be on twa 800 - but supposedly started crying uncontrollably in the terminal before the flight and rony advised her to go to Paris? the following day.
Ian Thorpe (the Aussie Gold Medal swimmer) was in NYC on his way to the WTC for sightseeing, when he realized that he left his camera in his hotel room and had to walk back for it.
Wow, that's crazy. You absolutely never know how the most mundane thing can alter the course of your personal or even world history. If you think about it, there is an exact moment of time every day, that if you left for work, you'd be killed in an auto accident. You know, that guy running the red light or person texting while driving or whatever event that normally results in nothing, but if you are just in the wrong place at the wrong millisecond. Honestly, if you think about it, it will blow your mind.

What if Hitler's Dad got that loving feeling just a day before or a day after the day that little Adolf was conceived. How would the world be different today?
Semi-related. I was on campus at SU during the PanAm 103 tragedy. My college roommate from the year before was in London and was supposed to be on that flight. He didn't feel well the day before and morning of the flight and rescheduled. He still has the ticket for that fateful flight. I can't even imagine what he felt and still feels to this day.

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