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JW " I think we are close" Me too.

I'm sure our Strength and Conditioning program can be improved on. But the top programs are dealing with a different level athlete than the ones who have been on campus at Syracuse.

Look at the roster for the Under Armour High School All-American game. These young men are already MEN when they step on campus which is why they look like monsters when you see them on TV.

The top programs in the country have dozens of players like this on their rosters while SU might get one or two a year.

Improved on is subjective. The old school, power lifting(only) approach has certainly been surpassed.

Nutrition goes hand and hand. This, we all know could use improvement.
SU's strength & conditioning was abysmal. Team was not lifting in any manner that would aid their ability to compete.. Why do you think coach Brown said you will be lifting at his presser?. The players need it and want it.
Curious how you know this.
Maybe not JWs exact quote but the point he is making is that SU is very close to being a top 3 ACC team. Just think about this year. 8 wins was pretty much in the bag this year. 9 10 or more possible. We got derailed by a lack of depth not going to discuss coaching as this post is about players. So, with a team comprised of players/recruits that are rated at the bottom of the ACC we legitimately had a solid chance at 8 or more wins. 3 game difference and we have 9.
Is it possible or even probable that Fran and his staff can recruit well enough to have those extra 4 to 6 players that get us those extra three wins? I personally think so. Is it also possible that after 2 3 or 4 years that Fran and his staff can get us to a level that we can legitimately compete for an ACC title? I think so.
My two cents is that i agree with JW. Syracuse is close. We are getting much better facilities and a staff that can recruit better than Dinos. Can they coach better than Dinos staff? Again, I think so. So, ask yourself. Is it possible that between better recruiting and better coaching we can win 3 more games than we did this year.
I think so.
I think that's what made the firing of Babers at lease a bit difficult. 2021 we lost three consecutive games on the final play and finished 5 - 7. 2022 we won 7 in the regular season and 2023 we won 6. And if Shrader were healthy we would have definitely beaten Pitt last year and BC and Georgia Tech this year for 8 win seasons.

No revisionist history here, and the move was definitely warranted but agree that we are not far away from where we had aspired to be. Of course those aspirations are now at a much higher level!
Heck…I’m close

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