Keep Getting "Page Can't Be Loaded"

Jan 11, 2017
Oh man, I thought it was work finally cracking down on me.

Tom, I get it when just simply clicking on a thread title from the "new posts" page.

Or, when I go to the next page on a thread I'll get it.

Not every time, but prolly 40% of the time

Edit - Using Chrome
Ha - I thought the same thing. I thought my work's firewall was finally blocking

I am also on Chrome and this happens randomly. It is not happening now but has happened a few times in the last 2 weeks clicking on any option


All American
Nov 14, 2011
Im on a Chromium based broswer that doesnt **** you like google does with actual Chrome, so maybe it's anything chromium based.

It happens on about anything I click on, sometimes I have to try 4 or 5 times.

What's the deal with the new look. Did xenforo just come out with a new version? Also, once you buy it, do you get the new versions for free? I'm thinking of doing one myself(non sports), but may stick to something free from wordpress until I see if it gets traction. Im just trying to get an idea, if anyone knows. But at least lemme know what the new look is about, thanks.

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