Kris Jo #4 SF -- BIAH |

Kris Jo #4 SF -- BIAH


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Aug 15, 2011

4. Kris Joseph, Sr., Syracuse: Joseph is a bit of an enigma. He was the leading scorer last year for a team that lost just one rotation player heading into this year. He also averaged 5.2 rpg and 1.6 spg while shooting 36.6% from three point land. But he never really embraced the role of being a leader or even a go-to scorer. Joseph is a tremendous athlete and probably has as much ability as anyone on this list, save Barnes, but the question will be whether he ends up reaching that potential.
Never embraced the role; has "all the ability" but may not reach that potential . . .

This assessment is hedged, because we don't really know at this stage. But I really don't think it is a head issue -- whether Kris has "embraced" something, or has the determination to do his very best with his current set of skills.

For me, it comes down to skills, more than attitude. Kris hasn't been a deadly shooter. He can't get his shot on his own when closely guarded through a step back move (compare Wes Johnson), or a cross over (compare Kemba Walker), or curling off a pick (compare Demetris Nichols or Andy Rautins), or a quick drive and pull up (one of Butler's guards had that move down). When he drives, he relies almost entirely on a move to his right, with his right hand, trying to go all the way to the hoop. Doesn't mix it up by going left, finishing with his left hand. Doesn't have a pull-up 10 ft shot off the drive, so he tends to get out of control and commit offensive fouls.
Kris can do a lot of things on the offensive end (leading scorer after all), but the all league forwards in the Big East over the years have had a better array of offensive skills. I would like to be dead wrong about this -- hope Kris has improved and will show some a few more moves.
I'm a big KJo fan and hope he makes strides this season, but for whatever reason, his talent has been overstated by the national press. And that's not fair to him. He is very talented, of course, but not to the extent that sports journalists tend to claim. So far in his career he has learned to do a little bit of everything but not anything spectacularly well. Mostly he's been praised for having a clear lane to the basket when Wes Johnson, Andy Rautins, and Arinze Onuaku were all on the floor at the same time.
It's quite possible to be a good player while not being All American caliber. Based on what we've seen of Kris thru 3 years, I think this label fits him. A team with him as the 2nd or 3rd offensive option can be a national champion. As much hype as this team has, I wonder how far it can go with him as the #1 option. Though maybe he'll improve significantly this year and end up being an All American after all.

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