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Kudos to Coach Autry and staff

Capt. Tuttle

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Aug 22, 2011
the in season growth for Judah and Bell is mind-boggling. A formerly reluctant passing PG playing under control and finding teammates.
A less than enthusiastic defender and rebounder, with occasional hot shooting streaks has become a highlight shot blocker, a mix it up rebounder, and one of the most dangerous shooters in the ACC.
(Edit: Add to the above keeping Taylor mentally involved and finding a way for him to contribute despite his shooting woes.)
Incredible coaching job, especially in his first season.
It was probably mentioned in other threads, but the play design at the end of the first half was top shelf.
Looks like JW hit a home run here. If HCFB can coach, JW will be 3 for his last 3 coaching hires.
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I just texted a buddy a paragraph about how well I think Red and his staff has managed the personalities on this team and the Benny turbulence. Sooooo many college basketball teams would have folded this season and we never did. Wildly impressive stuff form the staff.
Rewatching the game right now and the magic happening between Judah and Maliq is an amazing turnaround. As General so rightly pointed out, great things happen when Maliq touches the ball at the foul line. Even Taylor is now more involved. Kudos to Red for getting that play installed. It’s wonderful to watch and really really tough to guard since Judah is so slippery and Maliq so intelligent a player.

And with Bell shooting so well they can’t sag off him in the least leaving a lot of space to operate.
So happy to see actual offensive players for the first time in what seems like 10 years.
Taylor is still the biggest head scratcher with completely losing his shot. Credit Red installing something where he can get cuts and layups which he has appeared very confident on. It is still nuts to see how much space they give him on the wing. He shot 39% from 3 last year and ville was giving him 12 feet of space over there! If he finds his shot again it will be a major surprise attack one game.

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