KY List for Madness: Grows Large |

KY List for Madness: Grows Large


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Aug 26, 2011
Quite a list of talent...KY board is quite pleased...

Can Cal really pull this off year after year...doesnt money run out eventually...and with NCAA on a tear for rule breakers...KY best be good!

Big Blue Madness Attendants:


  • Shabazz Muhammad
  • Archie Goodwin
  • DaJuan Coleman
  • T.J. Warren
  • Alex Poythress
  • Willie Cauley

  • Chris Walker
  • Aaron & Aaron Harrison (90% sure they will attend)

  • Dakari Johnson

Recruits attending other midnight madnesses:

Isaiah Lewis & Brannen Greene: Kansas
Julius Randle: Duke

Recruits yet to decide:

Robert Carter, Anthony Bennett, Mitch McGary, Nerlens Noel, Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Andrew Wiggins, Gary Harris, Torian Graham, Troy Williams, Devonta Pollard, Perry Ellis, Aquille Carr, Kasey Hill, Chris Thomas, Solomon Poole, Malik Price-Martin, and Jabari Parker
I see this in two ways. Either the pomp and circumstance plus the insane amount of talent forces DC to commit, or it scares him off as not being the prime focus of the weekend. Kids like to be coddled! He will not be the best player there, by a longshot! Hope that helps the analysis!

I am also concerned Dakari Johnson is attending. He is a big target for us as well!
Here is an ESPN column on just the above...even KY was/is worried to an extent:

By Eamonn Brennan
In Monday's chat, a worried Kentucky fan asked whether UK's dearth of 2012 commitments meant the Wildcats were set to suffer a down recruiting year in 2012. The answer: no. John Calipari recruits so unbelievably well. His past two classes were hands-down the best in the country, and his 2011 class could (on paper, at least) be one of the best of all-time. I'm hardly a recruiting expert, but it would seem Calipari deserves the benefit of the doubt -- and then some. If I'm a Kentucky fan, I'm hardly worried.

Besides, there are still a lot of talented players yet to announce their decisions, and it seems like all of them are at least considering Kentucky. Also, apparently all of them will be at Big Blue Madness.

Kentucky Sports Radio has been keeping tabs on the flurry of potential UK recruits that have announced their intention to visit for Kentucky's version of Midnight Madness, and the list is almost mind-bogglingly long. Among the planned attendees from the 2012 class are Shabazz Muhammad, DaJuan Coleman, Archie Goodwin, Alex Poythress, T.J. Warren and Willie Cauley. In case you're keeping track, that's the No. 1, No. 14, No. 13, No. 17, No. 23 and No. 32 recruits in the class of 2012. Kentucky also expects 2013 recruits Chris Walker and Aaron and Andrew Harrison -- all rated in the top 10 in that class -- and 2014 star Dakari Johnson.

You could field an entire 10-man basketball scrimmage with just those players, and it would look remarkably like a McDonald's All-American exhibition. Insane.

Of course, just because those players are visiting Big Blue Madness doesn't mean they'll automatically sign with Kentucky. Nothing's a given. But Midnight Madness has become a central part of most teams' recruiting pitches. Having all those players in place for that kind of event is a pretty good indicator that Kentucky fans need not be worried about life after 2011. As long as Calipari is on campus, the talent will be, too.

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