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LAX TV/Streaming Action for Apr 30 - May 5

Tale as old as time. If I were an Army fan, I’d be furious at Alberici for that schedule. From #1 in the country to out of the tournament completely.

It's a tale as old as time, save for last year when the Patriot was a dumpster fire beyond Army this is their MO. Play a below average OOC, play like a top 3 team vs Syacuse, lose multiple conference games and then lose at some point in the Patriot tourney. No shame in losing to a good BU team but to lose twice and with your best offensive squad in years can't even get to the finals of the Patriot tourney or score more then 10 goals?? Brutal.

Alberici did add UNC this season but he needed to look ahead when scheduling. It was clear Rutgers was gonna be down again and UNC was gonna struggle as well. They needed an IVY or a Maryland/PSU type of game. Give him credit for again giving SU all they can handle and I think winning like 3 straight against Cuse but he can't translate that performance to the rest of the season for some reason.
Penn doing its best to imitate SU and try to give this game away.

Penn 12-9, 1:55 left Cornell ball
Hoyas were up 8-1, Nova scores 7 straight.

Tied at half 8-8.
So pathetic and disgusting Providence and Nova both blew late leads and choked against Georgetown ML'd both of them.
Hoyas 11-10

Nova got screwed on a phantom clock reset.
sort of. I went back and looked at it. the ball went out of bounds and the shot clock was reset when it was 19 seconds. The announcers were wrong saying it was at 12 seconds. [bush broadcast that the truck didn't look at it and show it.] The winning shot was taken with 44 seconds left on the reset clock so only 16 seconds had gone off the clock. So technically Nova didn't get screwed. But who knows how Gtown would have played it had the clock not incorrectly been reset. But . . . Villanova had plenty of chances to win the game.
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