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LAX TV/Streaming Action for Apr 9-14

Another typical UVA-Duke result. Glad I didn't watch it.
Wild sequence in the final minute sees the Irish win 18-17.

I honestly thought the Irish were gonna dominate face offs and just score at will. Psyllos held his own and Knust made some great saves. Irish probably could have ran away with it in the fourth but they couldn’t put shots on cage after getting great looks.
ND's primary faceoff man Will Lynch was only 7 of 17. Don't know if he was hurt, ill, or just had a bad day.
Ohio St started hot but hasn’t done much in the second half. Hopkins offense has struggled at times to get looks/shots, some of that due to Ohios defense.
Nobody can convincingly separate from the pack this year. A lot of teams scare me but I also think we can beat anyone. ND UVA and Duke have had their problems and setbacks as well. MD and Hop looking the best out of the big 10 but not by a wide margin at all with their various losses and close ones. Cornell making a splash in this part of the season but that defense is still rough. We have a real shot right now. Not two years away or anything like that.

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