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Louisville in some trouble loses to Kentucky and now dismisses Behanan


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Aug 28, 2011
Louisville F Chane Behanan has been dismissed from the Cardinals' basketball team for a violation of university policy.

Louisville isn't going to be a high seed I just hope they finish high enough to avoid the 8-9 game. I want don't want any part of a Michigan/Louisville team in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament.
Louisville looked like junk against Kentucky. Russ Smith was doing his best Ginobli impression by dribbling very fast into traffic and throwing himself into bodies looking for a foul. Behanan looked like he would rather be somewhere else (and now he gets the chance). I didn't see a top-ten team there.
Dieng and Siva were huge losses for them and now with Behanan gone they're a shell of what they were last year
While I am not a Pitino fan I respect Louisville's program and honestly have never seen a home crowd affect officials like they do at Rupp Arena. Kentucky gets SO MANY MORE calls at home its laughable. I thought Pitino should have pulled a Bobby Knight with a chair after a couple of calls. To beat Kentucky at home you have to be 15 points better because the refs CALL everything in UK's favor. Julius Randle is Zack Randolph 2.0 and get atleast 10 fouls called on whomever is defending him. Now I agree most of them are fouls, not all of them are and its mind boggling crazy to watch a game from Rupp because its not fairly officiated.

With that said Kentucky played better than Louisville on Saturday and is a good team. Louisville has no resume wins out of conference and I just hope they win enough to stay out of the 8-9 game that is all.
I would never underestimate Louisville, but that makes it more difficult for them to compete for that #1 seed in the East. Bad for them = good for us.

That being said, I hope Behanan gets his act together. He likely isn't NBA material, but he could make a nice living playing ball overseas.
Louisville traditionally is weak in terms of OOC wins. But they seem to turn it up a notch in conference, particularly late in conference. But they haven't come close to replacing Dieng yet and the Behanan loss only hurts that frontcourt even more. Not sure they can even pull a Nova since three of their 4 guards are 6-0/6-1.

“I don’t panic too much,” Pitino said. “It’s early.”

But I was wondering if perhaps the new rules would impact them. And according to Russdiculous it apparently has.

“With these new rules, we’re not able to do anything,” Smith told me following Louisville’s loss to Kentucky at Rupp. “Now when we use our hands, it’s a foul."


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