Low Blow


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
I'm a big Terrence Crawford fan and watched the fight tonight against Amir Khan. Crawford nearly kayoed him in the first round, then just tried to pick him apart after that. Crawford was trying to work the body to get Khan to lower his hands when in the 6th round, he nailed him in the groin and Khan collapsed into the ropes. The ref said he could have five minute to recover but he looked like he'd been gut-shot. His corner said he couldn't go on and the ref indicated a technical knock-out in favor of Crawford.

The commentators speculated that Khan's corner may have thought they could get Crawford disqualified but NYS rules require that the judge decide that the low blow was intentional. It's tough to require officials to read minds but Crawford was clearly dominating the fight and ahead on the scoring, (I had it 50-46). He wasn't frustrated and had no reason to hit Khan low. it's probably a good rule not to have a fighter or his corner tank to get a disqualification, especially when the ref hadn't previously warned the fighter about the foul or deducted points.

Now the fight everyone wants to see is Crawford vs. Spence but, in the grand tradition of boxing, Bob Arum said that it was all the other promoter's fault that it won't happen any time soon.

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