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Mike Murphy resigns from Colgate

Aug 27, 2011
This report lists Van Arsdale from Loyola, Reppert from Maryland and Ross from Ohio State as being some of the finalists for the Colgate job (also lists Stimmel from Yale and Kirwan from UVA) -

Sources: Eric Seremet to join Rutgers’ lacrosse coaching staff; Colgate narrows down head coach candidates

Anyone know where Matt Abbott might end up? His brother left Colgate for Penn.
Matt Abbott has the foundation of a very solid career in Syracuse. Pretty sure he was a volunteer assistant at Colgate to keep himself close to the game, not to become a lacrosse coach.

The other mention in there, Seremet to Rutgers is a huge get. Seremet is a great coach who’s teams routinely gave highly ranked teams all they could handle and more. Glad to see him get another position, seems like he got the shaft at Air Force.

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