Murry's message to all that feel the officiating was not the issue |

Murry's message to all that feel the officiating was not the issue


Walk On
Feb 16, 2014
It would seem that everyone has forgotten what goes on behind closed doors by conference officials regarding officiating. Exhibit A would be Pac12 Director of Officiating Ed Rush getting exposed in his attempt to offer financial incentives to his refs to toss Sean Miller from tournament games last year. If it happens there, it happens in every other conference. If it happens over things like that it happens over the calling of fouls on certain teams or players. For every roach you see there's 25 others hiding that you don't see, and when you turn on the lights and see them scatter, you know you have a problem.

I would say that at least 10 games or more that I have watched this season, Syracuse fought against the refs as well as the teams and still persevered. While I am certain all fan bases complain about officiating games called against Syracuse in the ACC have been lopsidedly called for the other teams.

Ennis and Cooney absolutely could have hit their open shots, but they also should not have had to deal with 40 minutes of hand checking and space violation. The bottom line is that college officiating is ruining the game and I am not sure what can or will be done. As far as I am concerned win or lose JB needed to fire that salvo last night to make a statement. You can call it an agenda, North/South bias, or not wanting Syracuse to rule the roost in its freshman season in the ACC. The one thing you cannot call it is fair and even officiating.

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