My comments for tomorrow night's Jim Boeheim Show

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    Jim Boeheim’s radio show is on Thursdays from 7-8 or 9PM on ESPN Radio in Syracuse, which is AM1200 or FM 97.7 on the dial. The show originates from the Cavalier Room at the Marriott in Downtown Syracuse. The first hour, hosted by Matt Park, the Voice of the Orange, is on their general network. The second hour, which begins with the conference season, is hosted by Gomez, a local radio personality.

    You can call into the show locally at 315-424-8599 or nationally at 1-888-746-2873. For Gomez’s portion, use 315-424-8599. Or you can submit questions from this page:
    Submit a Question!
    Or on Twitter at mattpark1 or “askBoeheim”.

    The show can be heard in Syracuse on FM 99.5. It’s sometime simulcast on AM 1200 or FM 97.7. You can also get it on: WGVA

    I will be posting my rough transcript the night of the broadcast focusing on my questions, the team and their last and next games and then a second post the next day on other things that were discussed.


    “Coach, I listened to you exchange with Bud Poliquin after the Pittsburgh game and I have several comments.

    - You do hear people say that the NCAA tournament is all that matters. I don’t believe that. I think each season at Syracuse features good teams, good players and good performances. Seasons can be made special by regular conference championships, conference tournament wins, #1 rankings and 30 win seasons. Basing one’s reaction to a season entirely on a single elimination tournament reduces a fan’s enjoyment to only a few seasons.

    - Bud made several mistakes: You can cut a season in half and say that a 25-0 start doesn’t count and only a 3-6 finish is part of the current era. We didn’t get a whole different team for the Boston College game, (in 2014). You also can’t use the negatives in a season to negate the positives. If a team has a great regular season, a great conference tournament or a great NCAA tournament that will make the season memorable, even if the whole season wasn’t great. Finally, each team is a different team. You have to put together each year’s team from whoever is left from last year’s team and whoever you can recruit form high school or get in the transfer market. The 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 teams are four entirely different teams and next year’s team will be different than this one. They can’t be linked together to create an “era”. They have to be evaluated individually.”
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    I really think Grant's back injury hurt that 25-0 team. I think we beat uva with a healthy Grant. Duke too.