My Question for Tonight's Dino Babers Show - before Clemson |

My Question for Tonight's Dino Babers Show - before Clemson


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Aug 26, 2011

Coach Babers’s show this year show will be Thursday nights at 7PM except when the game is not on a Saturday. This year it will be 60 minutes, with the first 50 minutes being with Dino and the last 10 minutes being with a ‘special guest’, who in the past just got a couple minutes at the end of the show.

The show originates from Heritage Hill Brewery in Jamesville:
3149 Sweet Rd · 3149 Sweet Rd, Jamesville, NY 13078

You can also listen to the show live each week on the Syracuse IMG Sports Network and Wednesday's show will be on 99.1 FM and 97.7 FM, as well. The show will regularly air on 99.5FM (Syracuse) 99.1 FM (Utica) and 1200 AM.”
You can also get it on:

There hasn’t been any change in the phone numbers, which last year were 315-424-8599 (local) or 1-888-746-2873. You can call to ask questions or submit them via Twitter at: (Update: this account seems to have closed.)
#AskDino or through, (the SU Athletic website):
Submit a Question! - Syracuse University Athletics

You can (or could last year, anyway), listen to a podcast of the show, probably the next day, at: Search results for babers | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

My Question(s) or Comments (or theories)

Coach, I know you feel that an immediate score can hurt a team, but I hope you’ve seen how the 1987 Penn State game began, (at the 14 minute mark): The crowd cheering was a rock concert decibel level from then on that day and it helped the team to keep playing at a super-high level.

Could you explain the current substitution rule where the referee has a staring contest with the quarterback to prevent the play from getting off while a 12th defender runs off the field? Had we substituted in every one of those situations and did Army get off the field in a timely fashion?
Hopefully you have better luck with the substitution question than the media did on Monday.
Tim Leonard has been so much better hosting this than Matt Park. I hope it's permanent.
I had great luck with that question.
You really did! I was there in person and I was baffled that was the rule. My takeaway is if your going to go fast, play to the opponent sideline.
Definitely recommend going out to heritage hill for the show if you are local. First time out there tonight, beautiful venue. Shrader was leaving right as I arrived, and in addition to coach Achuff I may have also seen coach Farmer?

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