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Aug 27, 2011
Was last night the proverbial nail in the coffin or not. My two cents says not quite. Im hearing from people that i respect very much that the decision to move in a new direction is close but not final. Here is what I believe it comes down to.

Number one. Dino has to win next week. Second does JW have who he wants lined up. I don't believe that JW is going to terminate Dino without a solid indication that he has who he wants as a replacement. Simply put he isn't going to cut Dino loose if he wins next week unless he is solid on his replacement. This last week I reached out to two people that might know something and neither of them had any clue as to the direction that the admin is going. Personally, and this is just my two cents, I believe they have been hoping for him to finish strong. At this point we are limping to a third-tier bowl at best. Granted that is the bar that JW set but how we achieve that goal is also important. Bottom line. I don't have a clue as to the direction the admin will go if we win next week. Lose and he's gone. Win and who knows.

As to the game. Obviously Dinos decision to attempt the field goal is another head scratcher. Why give up field position for three points on a long field goal attempt with a kid who doesn't make long field goals in game. But why should we be surprised. Part of me says Dino makes decisions based on past poor decisions in order to justify his decisions. Follow that:) I know its convoluted but so is his thinking. Seriously if he had made it, I could almost hear a Nenner Nenner coming out of Dinos mouth. Next was the fumble on the second half kickoff. Unreal but expected given our poor special teams play this year. This was followed up by the worst missed extra point of the last few years. That one botched kick probably lost the game. And finally, how many penalties can a team have over eight years of this head coach that cost us big time. The offsides and others are game changing mistakes that rest completely on the lack of discipline his team have consistently shown. So, chock another loss up to injuries, Yes Injuries because we are really thin and to bone headed calls decisions and mistakes.

I'm sick of this guy and hope that we make a change, but I have a sick feeling that if he wins, he is back. Granted any extension will be in the admins favor, which is good, but my two cents are that if JW has his next coach lined up Dino is gone. If he wins next week and JW is struggling to get traction with his top two choices Dino will be extended.

Let's beat Wake and make JWs call an interesting one. Go Cuse!!
Those people you respect either won’t tell you the truth or aren’t that close to the smoking gun.
IMO, win or lose next week shouldn’t determine HCDB’s status. He has been given Ample time to produce here and hasn’t done so. As far as the new HC, let’s hope the next choice can produce better results in less time. I’m not expecting perfection, but noticeable improvement year by year in recruiting and on field play. It’s now up to our ADJW to demonstrate he’s up to this important task and that the university provides the necessary support to hire such a coach!
Even if we'd gone 7-5, Babers was likely gone at the end of the season. The loss to BC sealed his fate. The loss to GT made it happen now. The win at Pitt bought him a week.

He's been around long enough to where we should've been more competitive within the conference.
But YOU, SWC75, are a treasure. A phenomenal historian. Excellent play-by-pay radio show capabilities. And most importantly, you don’t pretend to be an insider or have connections.

You keep being you, brother…
As they say dont shoot the messenger:) i did see Martin made one of the potential list and his name came from one of the guys. Anyway im glad JW pulled the trigger. Feel badly for the assistants and their families as they take the hit when the HC fails.

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