Nassib 20-28 178 yds 3 td's |

Nassib 20-28 178 yds 3 td's

I think he was 11-20 at halftime [at least, that's what the statistics showed], so not sure how he could have gotten to 20-28.

But regardless, he had a much better second half.
he needs to throw the ball down the field more, give him a chance. Also, sometimes he scrambles... when he doesn't need to
Just looked at the espn box score and it read Joe nassib threw threw the first touchdown. The other two were rayn. Lol
To me, the most impressive throw (and there were many) was the TD to Harris, as he was getting slammed by a blitzer.
I think he made some throws and decisions today that he wouldn't have made last season.
What impressed me the most with Ryan was that the Happy feet were almost non existent. The line broke down fast a lot of times, yet Ryan stayed poised.
For all the times Ryan was pressured, he played a nearly flawless game. No picks? That was impressive. I couldn't go to the Dome because my dad, who's going to have knee surgery next week, couldn't walk up. Wish I could've been there to see the post game celebrations. We went to Tully's instead and had a blast. Much like the Dome, the place cleared out at 29 - 14, but we stuck it out. A guy who left the Dome came running in to catch the last 5 minutes and OT. I bet he's kicking himself. ;)

You have to be impressed with the mindset of this team not to hang their heads. Wake came out and punched them in the mouth, but the Orange kept coming. I watched the post game presser and was totally impressed with the players and how they handled themselves during questioning. They were complimenting their teammates every chance they could. And Ryan made a real key statement when he compared this season's team to the team two seasons ago. He stressed the comradery this team has and the respect and support for one another.

Yes this team looked both awful and grand on the same evening, but if they can play the rest of the season with the character they showed tonight, we could be bowling again...and then some.
Great job by Ryan tonight... flat out great. His receivers were not helping him in the beginning, his running game was sputtering, and he wasn't getting much time, and yet ends up LEADING them back. Imagine how he can look when some of those outside factors are actually clicking from the time the ball is first snapped.
A very good talent. I remember when this community was debating which kid would supplant him!

If the line gave him more time I think we would have seen better numbers in the first half, you could see he wasn't really planted on his early throws. The receivers dropped a few early and much like the O-line, improved as the game went on.
Yeah, once that Oline came around he started to play well. He could of added some more yards but still a solid outing.

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