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NC St Trip Report


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Aug 15, 2011
I wanted to share a few thoughts about my experience at NCSt. Edit: forgot to pat myself on the back for picking this game over GaTech. Nice to see a road win again...

I bought 18 tickets on the visiting side corner. I guesstimate 10000 finally showed up. Cuse nation did show up but we were pretty dispersed throughout the arena. I'd guess about 400 fans. We had enough that a NCSt fan remarked to me how well we traveled. However, it was nothing like what we did there back around 2012.

The PNC Arena is home for the NHL Hurricane's team. The arena was built to major league standards. Food and drink selections were numerous (some of the best I've seen). Pricing was high though...NHL pricing. I did see a Bully Hill Wine Kiosk which was nice to see some 315 reppin. I paid $6.25 plus tax for a 20 ounce Lipton Pure Leaf Ice Tea...I think Cuse charges about $5.

We like to biotch about curious Cuse policies...but PNC had one so ludicrous it baffled the mind. My wife brought her clear bag (the one that SU gave out for free about 4-5 years ago). The lady rejected it and said it was too big...yet you could see the 4 or 5 items clearly. You need a smaller clear bag now. Yet when we went in the arena BMW was giving out free clear bags as a promotion that were the same side. Strange. Apparently PNC just changed the size of clear bags. The lady at least told use we could go to the next gate and get it x-rayed for entry so I didn't have to walk back to parking.

Parking: you can buy parking through the ParkWhiz app for $15 but I found a better deal. We all met up at Backyard Bistro and pregamed there. We could park for free for the game. It wasn't that much further than where you would park for $15 through ParkWhiz. For Football they'll (Backyard Bistro) charge though but it is a good option. Time for SU to get a parking app company like ParkWhiz or ParkMobile.

Backyard Bistro | Sports Bar and Restaurant | Raleigh, NC

The Wolfpack fans were pretty tame for the game. Many were late arriving due to 7pm weeknight tip. They only got loud a few times in the 2nd half but Cuse usually answered to quiet them down. The foul calls were ridiculous in NCSt's favor but Cuse also got a few not called (travels).

Overall, if you live within a few hours of Raleigh this is your best venue as a Cuse fan to visit in NC. Wake Forest is good too but there is more to do around The Triangle.

Finally, is there anyone interested in leading a group buy of 20-30 tickets to our football game in October? I'm too busy with UNLV and hope a local fan in the NC can get it set up. I'll be glad to mentor.
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I’d do it for NC State but I’m spending a week in Utah after the UNLV game - will fly in to RDU on Saturday and hopefully go directly to the NC State game. So I’d like to be a part of the ticket buy but likely can’t help. There IS an off chance I can contribute a couple kegs but I won’t know for a month or two yet. Depends on the # of off site events that day at the brewery
you had me @beer


BL: we'll get something organized. I hope someone steps up. The UNLV game is taking a ton of tailgate oxygen from the room in early October.

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