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Aug 26, 2011
I've really enjoyed watching them in the ACCT (except for the game when they beat us), and that crazy end to regulation last night (all the UVA missed free throws and O'Connell's desperation 3) was the most exciting non-SU game I've seen this year. Interestingly, O'Connell and Burns (the monster post player who looks like an offensive lineman but is much quicker and more athletic) both came to the Wolfpack via the portal.

Does anyone think they can beat UNC tonight in a game where the Tarheels are 10.5-point favorites ... and when they will be playing their 5th game in five days, while UNC will be playing only its 3rd?
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If DJ Horn is OK then State has a chance. UNC will not be able to bully State in the paint which negates a lot of their game. Should be interesting.
Not a chance they beat UNC tonight imo. 5th game in 5 days, one of which went to OT, burns won't be able to push around bancot like he has other centers this tournament and I question what he'll have left in the tank. UNC likes to run which will further wear down NCST who's legs which will likely be gone by the start of the second half, if not sooner. UNC is probably the worst team for NCST to run into at this point in time.
I'm interested to see how Burns performs and how much fatigue will be a factor for NCSU.
i'm team butterbean. amazing run . and UNC has enuf titles. butterbean /bacot. it's on !
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NC State has played very physical basketball through this tourney and gotten away with few fouls. Will be interesting to see if the refs swallow their whistles again tonight.
If I'm rooting hard for UNC, you know I can't stand their opponent
5th game in 5 days. They’ll fade in 2nd half the way we did against Louisville in the Big East tournament final game with MCW.
DJ Burns 3 pointer as clock expires.
Never would have imagined. And super smart.
Go. State. Go.
If NC state wins today, it will take Pitt's place. I think we would have been bump out of NCAA tournament if we reached ACC tournament final but did not win the championship. Too many teams steal bubble teams' place this year.

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