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Aug 26, 2011
I know, I know, I've been fixated on NC State for three weeks, but watching them claw their way through two tournaments as underdogs has been pure joy for the sports fan in me. I had them beating Marquette in our bracket pool on Friday, but stupidly did not pick them to beat Duke today. They are the definition of a team... and so much fun to watch, especially DJ Burns. They don't even get much respect in their own state where basketball seems to be all about Duke and UNC. Amazingly, both NC State teams are in the two Final Fours next weekend.
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Always have a soft spot for NCS when it comes to hoop. Everett Case was a family friend back in the day and he went from Indiana to NCS and was one of the pioneers of the ACC. Wonderful man and wanted to bring my father in law from Indiana to Raleigh to be his manager but instead he stayed and went to Purdue instead.

Interesting fact about Coach Case. He left all his money in his will to his former players when he died so they could "Have a nice meal". Wonderful man and makes it hard for me to root against the Wolfpack.
I will always remember their rubber court with Chris Corchiani and Rodney Monroe ..
Yeah or Nove v. Georgetown, but I think it will take that kind of an upset
That got me thinking I wonder what the spread was in that famous Nova upset?
Yeah or Nove v. Georgetown, but I think it will take that kind of an upset
It will be UConn -3 against Purdue. 3 point dogs win all the time.
Okay Duke has always been a team I “must” root for because of all the friends connections. I often wish them well. But I can get as sick of them as the next person. Last night I purposefully didn’t go to my Duke friends’ house to watch the game because I was in my heart of hearts rooting for NC State. Their improbable run has been them irresistible. I cannot imagine them beating Purdue let alone UConn, but I am so happy they made the FF.

My Duke friends all gave NC State credit. One of them said that on the DBR board one person wrote: “Hey, you can’t seriously expect the Blue Devils to win on Easter Sunday!”
IMO, NCS can beat Purdue. Burns can neutralize Edey and NCS probably has the better supporting cast. They are only 3 pt dogs. My neighbor has a state of the art home theater and is a Purdue engineer, aren't they all, but I won't watch the game with him because, like Beadle, I'll be secretly rooting for NCS.
what kills me is we swept them this year, but we had zero chance of doing what they have done. They have 3 accomplished big men and guys who can shoot the 3. We have 1 big man and nobody that excels at shooting the 3.


Chris Bell has a sadz. Dude shot FORTY TWO PERCENT from 3 this past season.
That was 2nd OA of all ACC players (by literally a 100th of a % - .420 vs .421 to Hinson from Pitt)
Bell was also 2nd OA in the ACC in conference-only play, shooting .433.
5th OA in # of made 3's / game.

That all kinda seems like excelling at shooting the 3.

And while JJ "only" shot 32%, that average was dragged waaaay down by his abyssmal overall shooting in the early part of the season.
He shot 36% vs the ACC.

Maliq didn't take many, but shot 37% from 3 for the season.

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