Nerlens Noel Won't Reclassify to 2012 |

Nerlens Noel Won't Reclassify to 2012

Ok... Not sure if this is good or bad. The rule for the NBA is one year removed from college right? It is has no bearing if you are in HS an extra year, except potentially if you go to prep school... Is Tilton a prep school? Also, gives coaches like Calhoun and Calipari an extra year to get their finances in order!
JB and Co. gotta stay on this guy for an extra year! crap!
Mixed bag. Not sure it isn't better from our perspective to have him in 2013, but now all the big boys get a chance to catch up.

NBA lockout resolution could alter the ‘X years removed from high school class’ rule, so that may or may not factor in here.
Really hate to say I told you so ... but. Noel has been tweeting that he is not going to reclassify for a while. I think that the reclassification was wishful thinking on the part of many. I'm not sure how this will impact SU except it adds a year for more schools to jump in. I think we had a lean from him and still do ... he will have been here 3 times after MM. But Calamari is really hot after him and this will give him an additional year. Or... my guess would be that he opts to the NBA directly from Tilton ... he would be a 5th year student 1 year from hiis graduating class making him eligible for the draft. The Zagoria article confirms this (seemingly) and indicates that Noel would easily be an early lottery pick.
What if the NBA agreement is the same as baseball? Won't change a thing for Noel but talk about putting a stick in the old hornets nest.

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