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    I’ve added so many things to my post-game “Net Points” posts over the years that it’s become a very long post to read and a longer one to do. I’ve decided to have separate posts for the numbers for a particular game and for the cumulative season totals. It’s the later that takes most of the time and lengthens the post so much. There was too much verbiage and too many numbers.

    I’m still going to figure the season totals but I’ll post them at three different stages of the season: after the pre-conference schedule, after the conference schedule and after the post season. In the meantime, I’ll go with this stream-lined version of “Net Points, etc.” after each game, with numbers and commentary only for that game. That should make it both quicker to do and more digestible.

    Net Points
    (points + rebounds + assists + steals + blocks minus missed field goals and free throws, turnovers and personal fouls)

    Tyler Roberson 17 in 19 minutes
    Taurean Thompson 15 in 32 minutes
    Andrew White 13 in 40 minutes
    John Gillon 5 in 27 minutes
    Tyus Battle 5 in 40 minutes
    Tyler Lydon 4 in 29 minutes
    Franklin Howard -6 in 13 minutes

    DaJuan Coleman DNP- coach’s decision

    Paschal Chukwu injured


    Offensive Dude of the Game, (O-Dog)
    (Points plus assists)
    Taurean Thompson and Andrew White 18

    Scoring Efficiency
    (Points minus field goal and free throw attempts)
    Tyler Roberson 13

    Sat Us Down
    (Who scored the first SU basket of each half)
    1st Half- Tyus Battle with a trey 17:45
    2nd Half- Taurean Thompson with a lay-up at 19:13

    TACO Bell MVP
    (Who scored the point that got us to 70, which gets you free tacos with your ticket stub)
    Tyler Roberson with a dunk with 28 seconds left.

    My Man
    (Who played the most minutes?)
    Tyus Battle and Andrew White 40 minutes each

    Team Stats:


    (Add each team’s offensive rebounds to their opponent’s defensive rebounds. Then figure the offensive rebounds as a percentage of that)
    We rebounded 13 of our 37 misses = 35.1%
    They rebounded 7 of their 32 misses = 21.9%

    Effective Offensive Rebounding
    (Divide second chance points by the offensive rebounds)
    We got 13 points on 13 O-Rebs =1.00 points
    They got 3 points on 7 O-Rebs = 0.43 points

    (Total turnovers – the other team’s steals = unforced turnovers)
    We had 11 turnovers – 3 steals = 8 unforced
    They had 6 turnovers – 3 steals = 3 unforced

    Points per Takeaway
    (Points off turnovers divided by the number of turnovers the other team had)
    We had 9 points from 6 takeaways = 1.50 points
    They had 17 points from 11 takeaways =1.55 points

    Unsettled Situations
    (Effective offensive rebounding + Points per Takeaway: [Second Chance Point + Points off Turnovers] divided by [Offensive Rebounds + Opposition Turnovers)
    We had 22 points in 19 unsettled situations = 1.16
    They had 20 points in 18 unsettled situations = 1.11

    Manufactured Possessions
    (One teams rebounds + the other team’s turnovers)
    We had 38 + 6 = 44
    They had 31 + 11 = 42


    (shots made and attempted and the percentage for two point goal attempts, three point attempts and free throws)
    We were 23 for 48 on twos, (.479), 5 for 17 on threes (.294) and 12 for 16 on frees (.750)
    They were 20 for 37 on twos, (.541), 8 for 20 on threes (.400) and 19 for27 on frees (.704)

    (PIP= points in the paint, POP = points outside the paint, which is total points – PIP –free throws made, TREY: points from three point shots, TZ= Twilight Zone, which is POP – TREY, two point jumpers from outside the paint, FBP = fast break points POTO= points off turnovers)
    We had 42 PIP, 19 POP, 15 TREY, 4 TZ, 0 FBP, 9 POTO
    They had 36 PIP, 28 POP, 24 TREY, 4 TZ, 19 FBP, 17 POTO

    First Chance/Second Chance
    (FCP is First Chance Points, which is total points - second chance points – fast break points – free throws made, courtesy of Pat. SCP is second chance points.)
    We had 48 FCP and 13 SCP
    They had 42 FCP and 3 SCP

    (Total points – bench points = starters points)
    Our starters scored 57 points and our bench scored 16 points
    Their starters scored 70 points and their bench scored 13 points

    (The percentage of a team’s baskets that were assisted)
    We assisted 17 of our 28 field goals, 60.7%
    They assisted 11 of their 20 field goals 55.0%

    Team Offensive Efficiency
    (Possessions: Field goals attempted - offensive rebounds + turnovers + 47.5% of free throws attempted. Efficiency is total points divided by possessions)
    We scored 73 points in 70 possessions = 1.043 points/possession
    They scored 83 points in 69 possessions = 1.200 points/ possession
    It was a 139 possession game, the fastest paced game since the St. John’s game.

    Breakdown by Quarters
    (Points scored between the beginning of the game and the 10 minute mark of the first half, then halftime, then the 10 minute mark of the second half, the end of regulation and then overtime of there was one)
    16-18, 15-19, 17-14, 25-32


    (Two point shots, points in paint and free throws attempted per times fouled.)
    We attempted 48 two point shots, scored 42 points in the paint, attempted 16 free throws and were fouled 17 times = 2.82, 2.47, 0.94
    They attempted 37 two point shots, scored 36 points in the paint, attempted 27 free throws and were fouled 20 times = 1.85, 1.80, 1.35


    - Tyler Roberson had 17 net points in 19 minutes. Per 40 that’s 35.8 for a full game, including 29 points and 21 rebounds. (But JB still had trouble praising him in the post- game press conference.)

    - It was the first time Tyler Roberson had led the team in scoring efficiency since the opener against Colgate.

    - Battle and White led the team in minutes with 40 for the third straight game.

    - We lost to a team that almost ignored the offensive boards with only 7 rebounds and just 3 second chance points.

    - We had more unforced turnovers (8) than they had turnovers (6).

    - Our “POP” went form 52 against Pittsburgh to 19 in this game.

    - Fast break points: SU 0 VT 19. Sigh….

    - You can’t make a comeback when you give up 32 points in the last quarter of a game.

    - Tech was the first opponent since Colgate that was more likely than SU to get fouled on a two points shot and a score in the paint and that got more free throws per foul than we did.
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