Notice/Reminder Marrone's radio show 8pm tonight |

Notice/Reminder Marrone's radio show 8pm tonight

Two for two in live fail.

Sat. PC, and now this.


Notes: Plan on playing 4 backs, not coming off of that. Rotation 4 to 5 deep at DT. Strenghts 4 DE's and Safety.

Freshman - Crume first guy mentioned, Simmonds - RS, Cam - will play, OV - RS, DB - JG, SM - RS, Estridge "unbelievable", Reddish will be playing.

Offense - Nick and Kristof, playing really well but hurt, Hunt - doing great, big potential at the position. Kobena - excited to see, AAM - will contribute.

Overall, "that class is longer, can all run, instinctive, communicate well". Relates them to Moose and Moore in the number of offers and profile.

When he took over the team didn't know that there was a trophy at stake between SU v WVU, nobody told them.
I guess they didn't realize that there was a Schwartzwalder Trophy since Coach Robinson's teams never beat WVU?
Any word on Desir? Sounds like Reddish is making a statement, not a surprise at all... but assuming that Keon is healthy, and stays that way, do we see two of the athletic young CBs redshirted, or just George.
Caught a piece of it while driving

DM was asked about the linebackers, said Spruill and Davis were the fastest we've had in a while. Next mentioned Vaughan, and said Lynch would back him up. Had a lot of good things to say about Lynch, he will definitely play Thursday. Then mentioned Diabate backing up the middle. Next was Dom Amene, who he said really has played well in practice. No mention of anyone else by name but said something to the effect of other guys still working to put it together. Have to think that's Coker

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