NY Daily News slashes half of newsroom staff



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Aug 14, 2011
It's amazing any newspapers can stay in business. Hopefully Mike Waters is able to keep his job until he is ready to retire. It's scary. Most people read online.

Advertising is way down, which is amazing that there was as much advertising to start with. Take car dealers out of the mix and the printed press would be gone. It's not like Macy's and other department stores are taking out full page ads. Remember the Sunday travel section. It was full of ads for Liberty Travel, etc advertising trips. Who still goes through a travel agency.

It's sad as I was of the generation that lived for the newspaper. Studying the box scores, reading all of the ads, reading the comics, reading the TV listings. Even the classified. Who looks for a job in the paper anymore.

I'm not really one to embrace Bleacher Report and all of the other click bait news outlets. Twitter is ok. Google is ok. Fortunately my thirst for "all the news that's fit to print" has somewhat dried up.

Best of luck to all remaining newsmen. Hopefully you are able to salvage your career somewhat to your liking.


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Dec 21, 2011
We used to get 6-8 newspapers a day at my parents house when I was growing up.

Now my dad who is 77 even reads everything on his Ipad.

My brother still gets the Post, Daily News and the Times in print.
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