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Orange Club Golf Outing


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Aug 15, 2011
I played in the Orange Club golf outing at Seneca Falls Country Club today.

The weather was overcast, pretty cold and windy. High was around 60. Winds in the 15 mph range. But no rain, which was a refreshing change from most years.

Coach Fran did not attend. I don’t think any of the full time assistants who also recruit attended. That was disappointing.

I guess they were busy recruiting. Don’t have an issue with that. They might need to move this tournament to late May or some other dead period for recruiting though.

Matt Park did attend. His new scruffy beard was a solid look for him. Did his usual good job emceeing the event.

Some of the staff did attend. Deon Maddox was front and center. But instead of introducing IMG himself as director of player development/alumni relations, he said he was an assistant WR coach. He asked the others on Fran’s staff to come to the front of the room and they all introduced themselves.

These are the ones I remember…

Deon Maddox
Austin Beehner (creative media director)
Will Coale (special teams assistant)
Manny Harris (QBs assistant)
Kendall Coleman (DL assistant)
Emmanuel Marc (recruiting asst)
Blake Yunker (video coordinator)
Cami Pasqualoni (recruiting specialiat)
Justy Carruthers (recruiting intern)

They didn’t talk about how any players were doing or give any inside info on the team. Just introduced themselves and said they liked the event and appreciated our support.

The course is an old one. Kind of short and boring but it is always in nice shape. It was wet but they have had a couple of inches of rain in the last few days and it was great given that. The staff at SFCC always does a good job hosting. The dinner was tasty and a good time was had by all.

I won a football autographed by Coach Fran. Lots of other gifts for the blind raffle. There was also a 50-50. The winning team was a powerhouse team from the Auburn area. Props and respect to them.

Great event. I think there were 24 teams. Hope we can get even more in the future.

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