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Playing at a snails pace


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Jan 15, 2014
Can't continue to have Frank walk the ball up the court. I say this because our half court offense of four guys standing around, while one guy pounds the ball and then forces up a shot, is not a good reliable offense. We might as well put a shell on Otto's back and become the Syracuse Turtle's at this point.

Early offense and more opportunities from playing at a faster pace is best for a team that struggles on offense in the half court with no knock down shooters or post game...Have to put pressure on the defense early and make multiple defenders react to our ball handler heading downhill. A lot of times it takes a second defender to step out/up and cut off someone who crossed over half court with a full head of steam , causing a chain reaction of slides and hard closeouts that can result in an open man or shot...The few times frank does semi push the ball, he seems to peel off at half court and let things settle, instead of dribbling around or through defenders and making multiple defenders react.

When Jalen is in there, he looks to push, but it seems like the others are so use to the turtle's pace that Frank runs the team with, that they are not looking to quickly get to the other end. He literally got the inbounds and beat the rest of his fellow orange down the court a few times tonight...I use to love a few years back when Robey would beat every man on the court to the other basket, even sometimes after he was the one who rebounded the ball. That kid knew how to hustle. Which is a category this team seems to lack in. No reason for it, not with all the available d1 athletes on the roster. Need to start utilizing bench in a more strategic manner. I understand JB wants his best players on the court as often as possible, but what's the sense, if guys are holding back and not exerting all their energy. Start subbing the whistle before a tv timeout, to give a guy an extended break. Turn up the heat and press more often before falling back into the zone, speeding up the game and opening up the floor more. Or put one guy up on the ball and make them push the ball up the court and past that defender before running into the rest of the zone. If one of the thoroughbreds gets fatigued, so be it, sub him out.


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