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Playoffs! (updated)


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011

This year’s tournament field:
(The team’s won-lost record, points for and against and the number of Section III titles won in their history regardless of class is listed with each team.)

West Genesee 7-0, 332-143 (2 titles) vs. Central Square 4-3, 192-115 (1 title)
CBA 6-1, 275-138 (8 titles) vs. Corcoran 4-3, 205-137 (5 titles)
Fayetteville-Manlius 5-2, 348-190 (2 titles) vs. Liverpool 4-3, 235-184 (6 titles)
Baldwinsville 5-2, 257-146 (4 titles) vs. Utica Proctor 4-3, 215-109 (0 titles)
Comment: We’ve been waiting for West Genny vs. CBA all season. F-M with their potent offense and B’ville with their running game could cause some trouble but both have lost one-sided games to the favorites.

Whitesboro 7-0, 324-143 (7 titles) vs. Fowler 1-6, 85-160 (1 title)
ESM 7-0, 330-59 (1 title) vs. Carthage 2-5, 131-235 (2 titles)
Indian River 6-1, 292-99 (1 title) vs. Cortland 3-4, 221-136 (0 titles)
Jamesville-Dewitt 5-2, 198-152 (3 titles) vs. Watertown 5-2, 214-133 (0 titles)
Comment: These match-ups illustrate the folly of splitting Class A into A and AA. Fowler and Carthage clearly don’t belong in any playoff. Carthage has already lost to ESM, 6-27 and Cortland has lost to Indian River 0-48. Did we really need a rematch of that? How about an 8 team field of West Genesee, CBA, F-M, B’ville, Whitesboro, ESM, Indian River and J-D? Five of those team used to be rivals in the old County League North.
In the meantime we can look forward to ESM vs. Indian River in the semis. Indian River has only one sectional title because they left the section for a number of years before recently returning to it. They lost to Whitesboro in their opener and has steam-rolled everyone since. ESM has their best ever team. The winner will take on perennial power Whitesboro.

Cazenovia 7-0, 243-60 (5 titles) vs. Marcellus 5-2, 180-123 (0 titles)
Chittenango 6-1, 232-68 (2 titles) vs. South Jefferson 4-3, 173-149 (0 titles)
Camden 4-3, 140-143 (1 title) vs. Homer 4-3, 159-116 (3 titles)
Mexico 5-2, 175-123 (0 titles) vs. Oneida 4-3, 134-105 (1 title)
Comment: This seems all set up for a rematch of Cazenovia and Chittenango, who just played a 13-10 game. They are easily the best teams in the division. It’s the only division in which no Section III team has ever won the state title. Cazenovia was going through it like a hot knife through butter but some close games at the end suggest that even they won’t be the first SIII team to break through, at least not this year.

Skaneateles 7-0, 390-121, (1 title) vs. Watertown IHC 5-2, 169-51, (1 title)
Herkimer 6-0, 275-84, (3 titles) vs. Canastota 5-2, 109-88, (0 titles)
General Brown 5-2, 205-148 (5 titles) vs. Tully 6-1, 235-112 (0 titles)
Mt. Markham 5-2, 109-104 (2 titles) vs. Utica Notre Dame 6-1, 258-108 (3 titles)
Comment: Tim Green’s team started out by blowing away defending sectional champion General brown and 2007 state champion Bishop Ludden in their first two games and have never looked back, averaging 56 points a game. They look like maybe the best Class C team we’ve ever had, (and the section has won the state title twice). But their first round match-up is interesting. WIHC is giving up only 7 points a game, has two shut outs and their two losses were 2-6 and 0-6. They may be over matched but maybe not. Herkimer has been an impressive team in their own right, as has Utica Notre Dame.

Westmoreland 7-0, 263-61 (5 titles) vs. Cato-Meridian 4-3, 163-137 (1 titles)
Weedsport 6-1, 281-151 (5 titles) vs. Waterville 4-3, 120-152 (0 titles)
Dolgeville 6-1, 211-78 (5 titles) vs. Beaver River 5-2, 174-117 (0 titles)
Onondaga 6-1, 192-96 (6 titles) vs. West Canada 5-2 266-78 (1 title)
Comment: We waited all year for the Westmoreland Dolgeville confrontation and it turned out to be a 33-0 shocker, making the Bulldogs the clear favorite here, although Dolgeville, Weedsport and Onondaga are all 6-1 and have won 26 sectional titles and 5 state championships between them. Again, if we had the old Big School/Small School set up, (with a third division for schools that couldn’t compete as well), we could have had a playoff bracket with, say Cazenovia, Skaneateles, Herkimer, Westmoreland, Chittenango, Weedsport, Dolgeville, Onondaga. Wouldn’t that be fun?


CLASS AA: West Genny easily handled upset-minded Central Square 48-20, breaking a 14-14 tie with 34 unanswered points. They will play Uitca Proctor who impressively blew out Baldwinsville, who was hoping for a rematch with the Wildcats after the 5th down game. Down 6-21 at halftime, Proctor had a 33-0 second half. They are peaking at the right time and should give West Genesee all they can handle. CBA easily handled Corcoran, 34-6 and should be heavy favorites over high-scoring but defense challenges Fayetteville-Manlius, who won a wild one, 40-35 over Liverpool. The Brother’s only loss is to the two time Massachusetts state champs and it remains to be seen if a Section III team can beat them.

CLASS A: Whitesboro had a 50-8 walkover against 1-7 Fowler and East Syracuse-Minoa had the same, 40-6 over 2-6 Carthage. Again, the fact that Fowler and Carthage made the playoffs means we don’t have enough teams to justify splitting Classes AA and A but we have to to conform to the state classifications. In the more competitive games, Indian River used a 100 yard interception return to down a feisty Cortland team, 43-22 and Watertown who lost their last two to Whitesboro and Indian River, downed Jamesville-Dewitt 22-14. Behind 154 yards and two scores from their star back, Diamond Williams. They will get Whitesboro, who beat them 40-14 two weeks ago, again while Indian River should give ESM some stiff completion.

CLASS B: Cazenovia, the only unbeaten Class B team, continues to have trouble scoring but won another defensive duel, 14-6 over Marcellus. The Lakers are 8-0 but have been held to 14 points or less in three of their last four games. Chittenango, whom they beat 13-10 last week handled South Jefferson, 35-21 and will have to get by Camden, who beat Homer 7-0, to get a rematch. Homer wore orange on their uniforms to honor the Phoenix player who died in last week’s game but it didn’t help. Cazenovia will face Oneida, who looked impressive beating Mexico 30-6.

CLASS C: Skaneateles’ Lakers had had no trouble scoring, averaging 56 points a game during the regular season, until they ran into Watertown Immaculate Heart, who had only given up 7 points a game, best in the section. IHC won the battle of the type of game it would be but still lost the game itself on a field goal with 1:34 left, 7-10. Having survived that scare the Lakers must face Utica Notre Dame who won it’s 6th in a row over Mt. Markham 37-0. The Jugglers have outscored their opponents by an average of 30 points per game over that span, with nobody getting closer than 19 points. Herkimer, the last team to beat them, (by 48-33) remained unbeaten by crushing Canastota 43-12, including a 29-0 second half. General Brown, the perennial power in this Class, went down hard to Tully, 6-24. The Black Knights are 7-1, having lost only to Skaneateles. This might be the most interesting classification this year.

CLASS D: Unless it’s this one. Westmoreland continued their strong run to 8-0 with a 42-22 whipping of Cato-Meridian. They will face perennial power Onondaga, who spanked West Canada 32-12 and has lost only to Weedsport, who crushed Waterville 56-26. Weedsport lost only to Beaver River, who had lost only to Onondaga until Dolgeville, (who lost only to Westmoreland), beat them yesterday, 19-18. Next week Weedsport will play Dolgeville. But I don’t think anyone will stop Westmoreland in their march to the states.


CLASS AA: West Genesee won a wild one with Utica Proctor, 33-28 to move to 9-0, (403-191). CBA handled high-scoring Fayetteville Manlius, 34-14 and are 8-1, (343-158). Their only loss is to the two time defending Massachusetts state champion. They haven’t lost to a new York State team, much less a Section 3 team. CBA won the state title in 2004, West Genny in 2007. This is the same we’ve waited all year for in Class AA and now it‘s going to happen.

CLASS A: Whitesboro again whipped Watertown, 49-22. They are 9-0, (373-165). ESM had a surprisingly easy time with Indian River, taking a 33-0 halftime lead and coasting to a 52-29 win. They are a very impressive 9-0 (422-94). But Whitesboro is the perennial power here, with 7 sectional titles to the Spartan’s 1.

CLASS B: Cazenovia has had trouble scoring down the stretch and it finally bit them, Oneida (6-3, 176-121) triumphing 12-10. Chittenango who lost only to the Lakers, brushed aside Camden 42-14 and will now be favored to win the section. They are 8-1, (309-103)

CLASS C: Skaneateles was allowed to play by the judge, despite the controversy over the recruiting scandal and beat off a challenge by Utica Notre Dame, 46-27. They are now 9-0, (446-155). But will they get to play next week? And is Utica Notre Dame’s season really over? Stay tuned. Waiting in the wings is Herkimer, who ahs quietly compiled an impressive resume of their own. They’ve played one few games than the other teams and are 8-0, (361-110), after winning by almost identical scores over Canastota, (43-12) and Tully, (43-14).

CLASS D: Westmoreland, (9-0, 350-111) continued to roll with a 45-28 win over Onondaga. Their finals opponent is perennial power Dolgeville, (8-1, 258-116), who they already took care of 33-0 a couple of weeks ago. But the Bulldogs need to avoid being complacent.


CLASS AA: When I saw CBA shut out Baldwinsville in the season opener, 27-0 they looked not only unbeatable but immovable. They had so much quickness on defense that Tyler Rouse had to fight his way back to the line of scrimmage the whole night. CBA then lost to the Massachusetts state champs, Mansfield 26-31 thanks to a botched snap when they were trying to run the clock out at the end of the first half. But I felt this was the best CBA team since the 2004 state champs. Then West Genny started to chew everybody up and it seemed obvious that the only team in the section who might have aq chance to stop them was CBA. Well the Brothers got 300 yards passing and 5 TD passes from Cameron McPherson but didn’t come close as the Howard brothers Sean and Naesean, scored 6TDs against that super-quick defense and the Wildcats piled up 57 points to win their third sectional title. Their last titlist in 2007 went on to win the state as well. That team had two losses and this team, (10-0, 460-226) is better.

CLASS A: We got the big confrontation between perennial power Whitesboro, going for their 8th title and ESM with 1 title but who had dominated all their opponents all year. The Warriors had also been dominant, running for more than 400 yards per game but they didn’t have much of a passing attack and the Spartans used their team speed to contain the run and force them to pass. They got some key interceptions and scored on a remarkable play when a pass that seemed destined to be picked off and returned for a score was instead tipped into the hands of a Spartan receiver for the first score. The yardage in the game was close to equal but ESM made all the big plays and came away with a 27-0 win. The Spartans are an impressive 10-0, (449-94) and will be a load for anybody in the state playoffs due to their team speed, but Section III has never won the Class A title.

CLASS B: Chittenango couldn’t get a rematch with Cazenovia, the only team to beat them so they pounded the team that beat Cazenovia, Oneida, instead, 35-14. The Bears are 9-1, (344-117) but no Section III team has ever won a state title so they have their work cut out for them.

CLASS C: I only got a few glimpses of this game during time-outs in the SU game but Herkimer overcame an early deficit to beat Utica Notre Dame, 28-14. Both te4ams had to overcome the confusion created by the Skaeanteles situation, UND not knowing if they would be playing and Herkimer not knowing who they would be playing. We’ll never know who they would have done vs. Skaneateles, who had beaten UND 46-29 but the Magicians, (9-0, 389-124) will give us a strong representative in this class. It was their fourth sectional title but their first since 1984.

CLASS D: Westmoreland (10-0, 370-117) won their sixth sectional title and fourth in six years by again dominating Dolgeville 20-7. The game was closer than the 33-0 regular season massacre but the Bulldogs were up 20-0 at the half and the Blue Devils never really got back in the game. They run their triple option attack with great efficiency and this is the classification in which Section III has produced the most state champions, so watch out for this team.

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