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Potential DC's ...

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According to this link, Robinson is currently making $1.1M.

SU is going to have to add a big chunk to that amount to get him up to central NY.

He's got a good thing right now. But maybe he doesn't want to share the DC job with somebody else anymore. Right now, he shares the job with Durkin.
Maybe he wants to get back to the Northeast.
I’d take a pay cut to not work with Durkin
I seem to remember that one of our failed head coaches, (G-Rob?) made a serious attempt to go after top recruits an actually did fairly well, sort of- we finished 2nd or 3rd for a lot of top guys. Unfortunately, that's no better than finishing ninth or tenth and they didn't spend enough time recruiting the best of the kind of guys we normally get.

Brown says that the key to any recruitment is the "personal relationship between the coach and the recruit". E-Rob probably feels the same way. They both figure they can sell refrigerators to Eskimos and so they can get Georgia/Texas A&M type recruits to come here, regardless of facilities, fannies in the seats or NIL. It would be interesting to see what kind of success they'd have.

What we are really lacking is not 5 star guys so much as depth. We want to be able to alternate and replace guys without losing too much. The big question is: can Brown and, (maybe) Robinson, get us the guys we need to do that?
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