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Sure. But like Billy this is a player we will wish we gave another chance.

Hoops alone fills the hole Mintz and Taylor leave with both being the guys who took his minutes and likely the reason he acted up not starting. Less pressure on the freshmen.

Again noone cheered their teammates on harder than him this year.
Billy was a whole different set of circumstances.
Not for anything but without concrete examples of what actually IS happening, the best we have are assumptions. The insiders have their information but when it’s being held from those of us who do not, we are left to assume whichever way we would like. Your matter of fact statement is more akin to telling a kid they just dont get it then actually dispelling rumors and stopping someone from holding their own opinion based on publicly available information.
If you have been here long enough, you get a sense of who has the goods with inside info. Are they always 100% on everything? No. But they are right 9/10. Not much has changed for those folks with the “new” staff. I know I will forget a few, but off the top of my head, Dasher, Bees, Bulldog, and Jake are to be counted on.

In fact, Jake broke the Fab Melo to ‘Cuse story on this board. I was so confident in it I leaked it to Matt McClusky, who broke the news ahead of any news outlet. (I am referred to as his source as “Southy”. He lives in Watertown area.)

How the FB guys on the board do it with a totally new staff befuddles me.
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NO!!!!! From youth sports up until the pros. Ask Dion Waiters.
(My son’s HS soccer team had 3 keepers who wound up on D-1 rosters. A kid whose mom was friends with the goalie coach started over them for 2 years. The kid never even played D-3.)
Based on what we (those without insider knowledge) are now hearing about Q, it get's me thinking... who was the last player who was a fan favorite that this board seemed to love and see as a leader but was quite different in reality? Essentially, who was the last player we really got wrong? I'm really disappointed by the news concerning Q.
Deshaun Williams obviously
Q would have been our best player next year.

Staff knew lots of guys were leaving just a joke they couldn’t keep him and hype him up for a bigger role.

Super enthusiast huge smile scored more per 40 than starling. Tons of steals and assists. Sucks.
You forgot tons of turnovers and bricks from outside three feet. Also a pain with officials.
We all liked Q a lot. He seemed like a good teammate and his enthusiasm was infectious. He was flashy, although "flashy" doesn't always equal "good" and his 1.4:1 assist to turnover ratio attests to that.

He may not have started, but he got a lot of playing time and was generally on the court during crunch time.

Red was in a bit of a bind with his starting lineup. He wanted to play man, but once Benny imploded and Maliq played exclusively in the middle, he had to have someone who could guard opposing power forwards. Justin wasn't a perfect solution, but better than Q in that setting, and Red probably hoped Taylor could provide better offense than he did.

I will say that Copeland's mouthing off to the refs got worse as the season progressed and on more than one occasion, the ball went the other way while he was preoccupied with complaining.

Who knows what his 1 on 1 conversation with Red was like this week. Some things have been mentioned about his off the court issues by posters whose info is generally rock-solid. I mean, if dasher posted that Maliq was leaving SU to star as Dumbledore in a Harry Potter remake, I might think "Gee, that's an odd career choice for Maliq." But I'd give dasher the benefit of the doubt on his info.

As with all guys who leave, my attention span on their careers will border on milliseconds. Joe and Jesse are alums, so I paid a little more attention to them. So I will wish Q good luck unless he plays against SU or other teams that I care about, thanks for the highlight film memories, and I'll move on to whomever else will probably be here for an equally short time. Between NIL and the portal, it is hard to get too attached anymore.
Ahhh shiiiite we fudged it guys! He has a big huge smile, how could we miss that??? That’s the basketball skill we need for this team.
His style of play was ridiculous at this level. His around the world on his leg before he dribbled, his behind the back crossover in the lane in traffic for examples. And he took and missed some of the worst shots I’ve seen at SU

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