Question Does anyone else ever wonder about our pregame warmups?? |

Question Does anyone else ever wonder about our pregame warmups??


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Aug 31, 2011
I haven't watched our pregame warmups this year but i know in the past we run alot of rebounding and elbow jumpers with no hand up in front of you. Some threes usually up top on the three point line.

We saw Fair shooting jumpers from the baseline, Rak took a hook shot, Grant attacking from the sides, Cooney a floating 3 in the corner. Gbinije and Cooney haven't been able to drive without a screen. Things like that could be helpfull in warming up for the first half, and I doubt we warmed up from those spots. If Fair shoots even 15 floaters from the corner pregame it can help him get going 10 minutes in after a cold start in the fist half. Its muscle Memory.

I can understand10 years ago not giving away your shooting spots, but now adays you end up shooting to often from places on the floor defenses give you, instead of your favorite spots.

also: Keita needs to have his mind only on grabbing the ball when hes rebounding. Sometimes I think he is jumping ahead on what to do after it. His freshmen Sophmore year Keita seemed much less mental on rebounds.
No blame just gets me wondering.

As I was saying this is a different age of basketball you take shots the defense gives you more then 8 years ago.
And open jumpers are much rarer.

Fair took every jumper from the corners today As did Cooney did they take any from the corners pregame?
Ennis was the only one who took a jumper uptop outside Grants one and Cooneys last second sideways heave.

Also howbout working on some screens pregame for Ennis Cooney and Gbinije. None of our guards got into the midpost once all day outside of transition.

Things like that can screw the whole first half up for you and can ruin your second half confidence on top of it.

Its like First impressions.
You know the old saying" you play like you practice"

Trying to hide your offense is like saying opponents don't watch game tapes on you.
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I blame the Kenny G they must be playing in the locker room. Team looks half asleep when they come out.

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