Rak projected 8th pick in 2013 NBA draft. | Syracusefan.com

Rak projected 8th pick in 2013 NBA draft.

What was Fab Melo projected at in the draft coming in last year?

Guy might not even get 10 mins a game. Starting at SU isn't easy.
melo was projected top 5 early last yr..then mid first..then late first..and now fringe 2nd rounder in the 2015 mock :)
Such stupid lists. How about let him play a game or two before they make such strong claims.
I strongly disagree with this. The stronger and sooner the claims, the better.
"the stronger and sooner the claims, the better" how so? how about he plays like fab melo did his first year with all the hype.
Because at this time of year it's way more fun to think we've got lottery picks up the wazoo.

Geez, we've got people sweating over recruiting. The fact that someone wants to hype the guys on our roster should be a very welcome distraction.
just out of curiosity... are we sure fab is going to be able to play full season? 7 game suspension? season suspension? kicked out of school? nothing at all?

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