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in all honesty I don't think you know how it worked or works at all
okay. I'll just stare at my SU Alumni Board plaque and not agree with you.
Giving $25 a month doesn't enable talking heads to mouth off. Sorry, bro. I voted against staying in the family.
I guess money talks louder than...
In the 2000s and the early 2010s Boeheim always had the final say on who they were recruiting. The assistants would scout the major camps during the first few days, then JB would fly in for the last few days to do his assessments and decide on who he wanted the assistants to focus on. He always had the final say, at least according to the assistants I knew. There were some real head scratchers in there, like when Boeheim told them to back off Joachim Noah because we had already signed Terrance Roberts and he was going to be better than Noah (LOL), but also some good catches on guys like Rick Jackson who looked mediocre at the time but ended up being a lot better than the guy that the assistants wanted to focus on (can't remember his name, went to MSU and averaged like 4 ppg).

No idea if the strategies changed after I stopped going to the recruiting events, but that's how it was back in the day.
Thanks for injecting some facts.
I guess I'm confused about recruiting. A lot of posters blame this yrs roster on Red (and the rest of the coaching staff) because they recruited the players with Red as the lead recruiter. I would like to know who CHOOSE which kids to go after, Red or JB? And even if Red actually chose which ones didn't he have to keep in mind JB's preferences and style of play? Or did JB tell red 'I want this guy or that guy' or just that he preferred long and lanky front court players to be able to react on the back of the zone. And long armed guards for top of the zone. Playing 90% m2m means you need more bulk in the 5/4 positions, so using JB preferred players would definitely hinder the team. To me, watching Red's approach to the portal will show us a lot.
I'll respond to your post since you were the original OP and everything else is revisionist history. The extra Covid year plus open transfers plus NIL has totally changed the landscape of college basketball.

The extra year hurt us with Jesse and Joe. But they were 5th year players. In a normal career they wouldn't have even been on the roster. We had four years to find Jesse's backup and the results were not good.

But, that said, those guys among others left because they could transfer without sitting. 2000 kids or so entered the portal. We have gotten our share of transfers but also lost kids. The net/net is definitely not even if you factor Kadary/Joe/Jesse. You could argue that this ruined college basketball more than anything.

Then tie NIL into the equation. The poster children would be Zach Edey and Armando Bacot. Those schools were able to hold onto their "stars" while our school's effort was very slow in starting. But our school wasn't the only one. Michigan lost a big star and hasn't recovered. Plus, the Weitsman mess, was just a mess. But, even if Syracuse could have held onto Cole Swider for one more, it could have had a big impact along with Jesse (and Joe depending on which side of the fence you are on, but he is a 2000 point scorer).

So to tie in your question, the answers are all of the above. JAB wanted to coach his kids, recruits didn't want to play for an old man in what they perceived to be an outdated system, the program was late backfilling the roster with adequate recruits/transfers and no matter what others may argue, not jumping on NIL from day one cost us as well.

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