remove ORANGE |

remove ORANGE

Would look awful
i think the cleveland browns jerseys look good with cleveland on them and most of all speaks of PRIDE in their history and their city---nothing at all wrong with that? we could use some
My preference would be a cleaner look with no school name or nickname, or just leave the block S (or even an otto) right at the v in the neck line.

If names are used though, my understanding has always been that home unis use nicknames, and away unis use school names, but i am not sure there are really any hard rules or conventions.
Make the jerseys like premier league jerseys with the sponsors all over them. I kid because I think that looks ugly and would the NCAA allow it anyway?
I would just roll with "ARANCIA" in place of Syracuse with a Campari logo underneath a la soccer jerseys.

It’s right here, it’s not hard. Let’s not rethink this!!!
Remove the S on the helmet. It made us unique.

The "S" is so...pedestrian.
One thing, maybe the only thing I've ever liked about Penn State is their uniform. White helmets, no name on the back, minimal trim. We've gone through uniforms like it's gone out of style, yet the bare helmets with the Blue tops is my all-time fav.
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I’d go with a modernized version of the McNabb/Freeney Era 3D numbers. This stuff is cyclical & those will be back en vogue eventually. Everything ‘90s/early ‘00s is coming back. That’s why our recruiting graphics/videos were based around VHS. Let’s be ahead of the fashion curve for once.

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