Schedule wise Pitt is our biggest threat for the ACC regular season title |

Schedule wise Pitt is our biggest threat for the ACC regular season title


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Aug 28, 2011
I just looked at the schedule's of Syracuse, Duke, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Florida State, North Carolina

Looking at the schedules
Pitt's home/homes are with Syracuse, Clemson, NC State, Maryland
Duke-Syracuse, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech
Virginia- Maryland, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame
Florida State- Miami, Virginia, Clemson, Maryland
North Carolina-Wake Forest, Duke, NC State, Notre Dame
Syracuse- Boston College, Pittsburgh, Duke, Miami

IMO, really only 3 teams realistically can win the regular season title Duke, Pitt, Syracuse.
Pitt's road games are with NC State(W), Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina, Boston College, Notre Dame, Clemson
Duke's road games are with Notre Dame(L), Clemson, Miami, Pitt, Syracuse, Boston College, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest
Syracuse's road games are with Virginia Tech(W), Boston College, Miami, Wake Forest, Pitt, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, Florida State.

When I look at those schedules it becomes reasonable to stay we have the toughest road slate of the 3 teams with games @ Duke, Pitt, Virginia, Maryland, Florida State and we need to split with Pitt/Duke to really feel confident. Pitt's road schedule is really weak outside of Syracuse/Maryland/Notre Dame because UNC has struggled. Duke as well only has Pitt/Syracuse outside of UNC who again has struggled.

We really need to protect homecourt this season.
I'm reminded of that great gospel song:

"One game at a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, Sweet Jes-US..."

Let's win Saturday and then worry about the next one. We control our own destiny. We need to stay focused and play well. I fully expect us to lay an egg somewhere, probably @ Pitt, but we need to keep those types of games to a minimum.
Pitt may be good - but I doubt they are a top team. It is hard to tell by their schedule so far - one of the weakest SOS in the top 50.
Pitt has done nothing to merit being in that discussion.
Pitt's schedule and home court dominance is why they are in discussion IMO. I don't think they are a NC contender, but they got a real break in their ACC schedule this season. Syracuse plays road games against Duke, Pitt, Virginia, Florida State, Maryland whom are all upper level ACC teams I believe. I am not saying Pitt is better than Syracuse. Also, the team has to take it 1 game at a time us fans can be more analytical and look at the bigger picture. I am not saying take North Carolina for granted as they have the talent to beat us, I just didn't look at the ACC schedules or other top teams till just now, and thought i would share my opinion.
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Neither has duke

Duke has done a lot more than Pitt to date. Which is not nearly an endorsement of Duke today as it is utter condemnation of Pitts piss poor schedule.
You can only beat the teams you play. Pitt is good. After a slow start against NC State they were very impressive on the road. The game @Pitt would be my guess as to our first L.

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