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Aug 22, 2011
If he places their name into the draft, but the date to withdraw has not passed, is that scholarship open, or does the school have to hold it for the player to decide if he is coming back or not?


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Aug 26, 2011
Right, but bad plublicity aside do you have to leave it open until the NBA decision is made?
I don't think its tied to an individual like you are suggesting. You have 13 scholarships each year that you can allocate however you wish. I don't think they are truly allocated until they are, but there is always roster uncertainty. If we take on two additional scholarship players and then OB comes back putting us at 14, JB can always cut another scholarship player loose or take Buddy off scholarship. Unless JB knows someone else isn't coming back, my guess is that the most we'll pick up is one additional player and likely a Center not a guard.

But right now, if everyone including OB came back, we still have an open slot. As long as we're at 13 by next fall all is good.

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