Seat Selection Process Announced for 2024 |

Seat Selection Process Announced for 2024


The Mayor of Dewitt
Aug 15, 2011

The JMA Wireless Dome transformation project has reached the reseating stage. The installation of the new chairback seating will decrease the capacity of the JMA Dome for Syracuse University football, basketball and lacrosse which will require the first reseating of the building since it opened in 1980. Syracuse Athletics and the 'Cuse Athletics Fund ('CAF) is committed to guiding all season ticket holders through this process to ensure a fair and seamless transition.

"Orange fans are among the best in the nation. The loyalty and generosity they have shown by supporting the Orange inside the JMA Dome for more than 43 years is not something we take for granted," said Director of Athletics, John Wildhack. "Our goal, today and into the future, is to continue to provide an unmatched experience to all season ticket holders, donors, students and fans. This includes a first-rate customer service experience as we navigate the seat selection process."

The new seats in the 100 and 200 levels will be two inches wider than the current seats and will feature arm rests, while the 300 level seats will have chair backs. To accommodate the improved seating throughout the venue, the capacity in each level and section will decrease to approximately 42,000 for football and 31,000 for men's basketball. This reflects a loss of approximately 7,000 seats and 5,000 seats for each sport respectively. The majority of seats lost will occur in the 100 level, which will decrease by roughly 4,000 seats.

Sport Specific Details
The JMA Dome reseating process will allow for every football and men's basketball season ticket holder to choose their new seats through a seat selection process, which will begin in June 2024. Every season ticket account holder will receive personalized outreach to discuss seating options.

Women's basketball and men's and women's lacrosse season ticket account holders will participate in a separate process as the majority of tickets for those events are general admission. Account holders with reserved seating for these sports will be contacted at a later date to discuss the next steps for their seat selection.

The Seat Selection Process
'Cuse Athletics Fund Donor Rank will be used for the seat selection process. All season ticket holders are 'CAF members and therefore have a Donor Rank, which is calculated based on Annual Membership Level and Priority Points. During the next several weeks, season ticket holders, 'CAF members and registered Project Insiders will receive email communications outlining how Donor Rank is calculated, unveiling new Priority Point bonuses recognizing season ticket holder loyalty and additional information on opportunities to improve a Donor Rank.

"In preparation of this process, we have met with fans, alumni, and season ticket holders to ensure a thoughtful approach," said 'CAF Executive Director and Senior Associate Athletic Director Michael Paulus. "As part of the process, we have reviewed the Donor Rank System and are preparing to adjust the calculation to recognize our season ticket holders who have shown loyalty and longevity by consistently purchasing season tickets for many years. All season ticket holders are 'CAF members and their direct impact on Syracuse Athletics is invaluable. Their experience is at the forefront of our plans for 2024 and beyond."

Pricing, new seat maps and payment plan information for 2024-25 will be available in January 2024. Season ticket account holders will have until May 1, 2024 to place their deposits for 2024 season tickets and improve their Donor Rank. Seat selection, which will begin in early June 2024, will be based on Donor Rank as of May 1, 2024.

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