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So... I just watched the press conference and I have an observation.

I personally liked it. We need to get our swagger back.

Swagger needs to be backed up, otherwise it's just someone with a big mouth.
I agree that we need to get our swagger back, it's been a long time.
It tuned in expecting the team to acknowledge the team that just beat you and be a little bit humble, but I came away getting the feeling that both mintz and Bell had an arrogant approach to this press conference. I was honestly shocked when Judah basically said no it was no trouble their defense I just missed shots. Not to be outdone Bell double down with basically the same sentiment.

I could be wrong but these are issues for me. You certainly want players to be confident but this just came off wrong.I feel like if you lose by 17, maybe respect your opponent?

I'd be curious to anyone else's thoughts on what they saw in the press conference.
That's what I was sort of expecting as well. My take on it was that Judah came across arrogant. To not give Tennessee any credit was a bit much. Bell on the other hand, I guess he was also arrogant in what he said, but I actually liked it. From what I remember, he was focusing more on the team than himself. I like the fact that they believe they should win games against teams like Tennessee.
Just listened to it, Bell actually said that he didn’t think that Tennessee was a better rebounding team than us.

Kind of a relief, I didn’t think he knew what a rebound was.

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